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Cilicon® FLARE BOX2: Embrace the Future of Vaping with Cutting-Edge Smart Screen Innovation

Updated on November 25, 2023


On October 26, 2023, cilicon, a top cannabis vape solution provider, launched a new disposable vape device – FLARE Box2. As an extension of D8 product technology, FLARE Box2 brings a different variety to the regular type of product list, becoming the first choice to impress original customers to enhance the use of products. FLARE Box2

Elevate Your Vaping Game with Cutting-Edge Smart Screen Technology

The standout feature of FLARE BOX2 is its screen display, which enables users can easily control the device with a simple touch. This intuitive interface provides instant access to key information, including battery level, consumption, pre-heat time, and voltage settings. With unparalleled monitoring capabilities, FLARE BOX2 puts users in complete control of their vaping experience.

Vaping with Cutting-Edge Smart Screen Technology

A Masterpiece of Elegance and Sophistication

In addition to its smart screen, FLARE BOX2 boasts an elegant case design that seamlessly combines form and function. The glossy smart screen beautifully complements the sophisticated matte body, exuding a touch of refinement. The oval shape of the device perfectly conforms to the curve of your palm, ensuring a comfortable grip. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the FLARE BOX2 not only enhances longevity but also offers expanded customization possibilities, showcasing an elevated level of sophistication.

Unlock Terpenes, Indulge Yourself with Flavorful Clouds

FLARE BOX2 takes flavor to new heights, thanks to its innovative Reoregin® Ceramic Heating Coil. This cutting-edge technology unlocks terpenes at lower temperatures, ensuring precise heat distribution. The ceramic porosity of the coil captures scent molecules, preserving the authentic taste and enabling rapid vaporization. With FLARE BOX2’s button operation, users can indulge in flavorful clouds that elevate their vaping journey with superior vapor production.

FLARE BOX2 Specification

FLARE Box2’s appeal isn’t limited to a deep experience for players, it also represents the cutting-edge trend at the forefront. It combines unparalleled technology and stunning design to not only bring users a display that exceeds expectations but also become a symbol of personal taste and social communication. Owning a FLARE Box2 is undoubtedly a way to showcase fashion and progress, both in the vaper community and in personal social circles. No matter when and where, this product can arouse people’s interest and admiration, and become the focus of fashion trends.While it allows deep players to explore the game world, it is also a symbol of identity and social status, and its presence cannot be ignored.

FLARE BOX2 Options

To learn more about FLARE Box2 and other innovative products from Cilicon®, please visit FLARE Box2. For media inquiries or further information, please contact us.

About Cilicon®:

Cilicon® is one of the pioneering companies in the cannabis industry, focused on delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that elevate the cannabis consumption experience. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cilicon® aims to redefine the boundaries of the industry through unique and compelling products.

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