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E-Cigarettes vs. Cannabis Vaporizers: What’s the Difference?

Updated on December 27, 2023

E-Cigarettes vs. Cannabis Vaporizers What’s the Difference

Vape popularity has sky-rocketed in many countries and becoming more inclusive for young and even older adult audiences. Among different varieties of vaping devices, which are commonly differentiated into e-cigarettes and Cannabis Vaporizers.

Those devices are both used by inhaling them just like the conventional cigarette that people use to enjoy. E-cigarettes function by vaporizing the solution that can be inhaled to simulate the traditional cigarette mechanism. Though, the vaporized solution still contains nicotine, albeit not as strong as the traditional one. Initially, most e-cigarettes are manufactured for single use only, which means you must throw them away after taking your marijuana dose. Today, E-cigarettes have been continuously refined and improved to become their 4th iteration and dubbed Pod Mods. Essentially, Pod Mods are e-cigarettes with prefilled or refillable pod cartridges with a modifiable system. On the other hand, cannabis vaporizers are devices that vaporize active substances in marijuana in the form of aerosol through non-combusting heat before inhaling.

Before we dive in further, we must also understand the differences between CBD and THC. CBD (Cannabidiol) is the second most common chemical compound found in cannabis. CBD has been known for its natural properties for treating a range of health conditions. Meanwhile, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that stimulate the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine itself is a brain chemical that is responsible for controlling the mood and pleasure of people. THC is mainly used by people for its euphoric influence. Vaping devices are one of many ways to consume CBD and THC, but not all of them are compatible to effectively process them. Furthermore, there are differences between regular e-cigarettes and cannabis vaporizers, and this article will go through several points you should consider carefully before purchasing your choice of devices.

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E-Cigarettes and Cannabis Vaporizers’ Differences

#1 Different Boiling points

The most fundamental aspect that we should look for before blindly purchasing an ordinary e-juice or cannabis oil is the boiling points of those substances. First, Propylene glycol, with a boiling point of 188 °C, and glycerin, with a boiling point of 290 °C, are the main components of regular e-juice. A working e-cigarette’s standard temperature ranges between 190 °C and 235 °C (374°F to 455°F). Meanwhile, the standard boiling point for THC is 157°C, and CBD ranges from around 160° to 180°C. This difference in boiling points determines which setting and atomizer is able to give the best vaping moment. If you are using an incompatible device for CBD or THC, the result may interfere with your overall experience in getting a heavenly sensation. For example, if you are using an e-cigarette due to its higher voltage and maximum temperature, it may burn the CBD or THC as they have a lower boiling point. Hence, it is important to carefully match your device and the type of oil that you will use.

#2 Corrosion problem

Due to its creation process by using solvent, cannabis oil has a more corrosive behavior compared to the usual e-juice. At the same time, it can be harmful if not used with the complementary device and equipment. Most vaping devices are made and standardized for e-juices and not for THC or CBD. The standard vaping devices are not as resistant as cannabis vaporizers. When you inhale cannabis oil aerosol without proper equipment, there are risks such as melted tanks and even oxidation around the metal-based heating element. This may tremendously interrupt your vaping experience and possibly become harmful to your body because of the toxic substances produced.

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#3 The Importance of Preservation

Preserving e-juices is a crucial thing to do for most vapers. This does not exclude cannabis enjoyers to preserve their cannabis concentrate or oil. Cannabis oil mainly comes from terpenes, which are responsible for its smell and flavor. But terpene is a volatile compound, and more factors can influence them compared to regular e-juices when not handled correctly. Similar to e-juices, some aspects that we need to look at when storing cannabis oil may include sunlight, heat, and time. These factors may cause the quality of the cannabis oil to degrade if not stored properly. There are also many ways to store terpenes to retain their quality; Storing them in a sealed, airtight container within an ambient temperature (22°C/72°F), or in a darker area to avoid direct heat and excessive light. Glass-base storage is also the ideal container to store terpenes.

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#4 Vaporization

While cannabis oil is known for its efficacy, price is also one of the factors to be considered when using it in a regular vaping device. Vaping devices for nicotine usually are sought for their ability to produce more vapor, which requires a higher heating temperature. Hence, the quick-heating feature. On the contrary, cannabis vaporizers are designed to heat the substance up until it reaches its boiling point where the cannabis concentrate is vaporized to become aerosol and then inhaled. Also, the common feature of Cilicon’s cannabis vaporizer devices is to include an anti-dry burn ceramic heating body by developing a scientific ceramic microporous matrix. It is available to embed overvoltage protection and smart heating technology, which intelligently helps to avoid the dry hit experience during the inhalation.

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Embrace the Best Consumption Experience of THC and CBD without any Concern

We are aware of various factors influencing how cannabis oil is more complex to consume than the common e-juice. Cilicon offers the best cannabis vaping devices to ensure its clients can receive the optimal experience while vaping. We offer exclusive technologies in our vaping devices such as the Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology, which utilizes a scientific ceramic as its thermal dissipater that can withstand heat without compromising users’ health. For the preservation of the oil, Cilicon offers the Oil Isolation™ technology to ensure that no oil is wasted and prevent leakage by separating the cannabis vaporizer’s oil inlet from the oil tank. By dividing the oil inlet from the oil tank, technicians will have no problem refilling the oil, because the oil will only be in contact with the coil after the capping process is completed. Upon the completion of the capping process, users do not have to worry about leakage or contamination. The oil will be sealed in an airtight space and safe from oxidation. Lastly, Cilicon also offers a V-shaped oil tank design. This innovative engineered design allows the residual oil in the tank to naturally flow into the intake holes at the bottom of the oil tank where the oil will be heated, leaving no residue, and giving a wholesome experience while vaping.

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