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Cilicon® Unveils TOCO Box1: The First Dual-Coil Screen Display Cannabis Vape

Updated on November 16, 2023


[November 16, 2023] Cilicon®, the premier provider of cutting-edge cannabis device solutions, proudly unveiled its revolutionary flagship device-TOCO Box1. As the pioneering dual ceramic coil activation device, it not only boasts the support of double Microfeel® Ceramic Coil technology but also features a sleek design with the hidden center tube design. Elevating user experience even further, TOCO Box1 introduces an intuitive LED display, ensuring seamless interaction and enhanced usability.


Ignite Flavorful Clouds with Dual Ceramic Coil Technology

Ignite Flavorful Clouds with Dual Ceramic Coil Technology

Years of relentless research and development have empowered Cilicon to create a breakthrough in device technology. The innovative dual-coil architecture, powered by Microfeel® Ceramic Coils, acts as twin engines propelling the rapid vaporization of cannabis oil, resulting in voluminous clouds. By efficiently distributing the consumption between the two coils, TOCO Box1 minimizes carbon-based residue and maximizes the lifespan of the heating elements, delivering an unparalleled flavor experience.

Effortless Control and Essential Information at Your Fingertips

TOCO Box1, features a captivating color LED screen that revolutionizes user interaction. In addition to the conventional five-click power operation, this device showcases a preheating feature with a 6-second countdown, providing users with a visual representation of the efficient vaporization process. With adjustable voltage levels, users can customize their vaping experience to perfection. Lastly, real-time battery level visibility ensures uninterrupted enjoyment on the go.

Crystal Clear Visibility, Uncompromised Satisfaction

As the flagship of the TOCO series, TOCO Box1 exemplifies outstanding performance. Its streamlined design, including a discreet center tube and transparent oil window, allows users to effortlessly monitor cannabis quality while indulging in the epitome of style and sophistication.

TOCO Box1 Specification

After years of market research and feedback about Cannabis Vape, Cilicon® has consistently identified the user demand for large clouds and rich flavor as the top priority. To address this pain point, Cilicon® has launched the industry’s first TOCO series with dual-coil technology, enhancing the flavor and vapor production of the cannabis oil, resulting in an exceptional user experience. Furthermore, by incorporating a colorful LED screen, its aims to maximize user control while enhancing the economic benefits of the device. This innovative approach ensures an enhanced user experience with the machine.

TOCO CMF Options

To learn more about the TOCO Box1 and other innovative empty disposable vape from Cilicon®. For media inquiries or further information, please contact at Contact Cilicon.

About Cilicon®

Cilicon® is one of the pioneering companies in the cannabis industry, focused on delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that elevate the cannabis consumption experience. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cilicon® aims to redefine the boundaries of the industry through unique and compelling products.

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