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The 1st Whitepaper of Cannabis Vape Industry to be launched at MJBizCON 2022

Updated on October 9, 2022


MJBizCON, the largest and most established cannabis business conference in the world, serves as a perfect chance for cannabis professionals to come together to innovate and collaborate.

Cilicon is so honored and excited to share our innovative technologies, latest product solutions, and market insights with our peers at MJBizCON.

So far, there is no deeper insight into the development of the cannabis industry’s manufacturers and future directions under the current regulatory constraints. Cilicon will take a deep dive into them with the release of the 1st whitepaper of the cannabis vape industry.

Distilled from 3 years of research and experience by our outstanding marketing analysts, the whitepaper will present a comprehensive, professional and profound cannabis industry insight to the public. It will provide an objective analysis of the industry chain of production in the cannabis vape industry, including the introduction of major players, and their key technology comparisons, as well as an analysis of future trends in the industry.

The whitepaper will be available on November 16 (GMT-7). Welcome to visit Cilicon at Booth 8417 .or you can also leave us your email address, and we will be happy to send you the whitepaper as soon as possible.

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