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News & Events 丨 2021.08.11

CILICON Announcement About Current Counterfeit Products

As a diverse and innovative cannabis vaping technology industry leader, Cilicon commits to developing and providing world-class cannabis vaping devices and solutions to our international clients. Cilicon has been well recognized within the cannabis community. However, the looming Cilicon counterfeit products in the market have exacerbated the advancement of product development and people who devote themselves to improving the cannabis community.


Cilicon embraces healthy and competitive rivalry within the industry like CCELL. We manufacture diverse and innovative cannabis vaping devices to appease our international partners and end-user clients. Cilicon only provides excellent quality products that adhere to the highest hygiene standard and commits to renouncing any counterfeit products as they could threaten public health and industry development.


In order to protect our legal rights and public health concern, Cilicon is constantly working with the local law enforcement department to take legal action against counterfeit products distributors and manufacturers.


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