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News & Events 丨 2021.08.03

Cilicon Announces Donation of 1 Million RMB for Victims of Flood Disaster in Henan Province in China

Over the last week, Henan province in China has experienced a significant wave of flooding triggered by rare and severe rainfall. This event has impacted people across the province and is one of the latest extreme weather events that are being faced at an increasing rate across the globe. At Cilicon, as with much of the world, we have been watching the situation in Henan with deep concern. The province is still in the process of grappling with the disaster, yet one thing that has been demonstrated time after time is the resiliency of the people of Henan and their ability to come together to fight any adversity.


In recent days, persistent flooding triggered by the heaviest rainfall in 1000 years has caused 302 deaths and affected millions of people in Henan Province. Cilicon is shocked by the scale of this natural disaster and has decided to lend a helping hand. Specifically, Zheng Zhou Shi Jinshui Charity Foundation will receive a donation totalling one million RMB from the Cilicon to support those affected by the floods in Henan.


Cilicon is committed to using our cannabis vaporization technology to improve the lives of people around the world. We believe in a successful future for the cannabis industry, and we also have a deep commitment to helping determine the future of our society. Meanwhile, as a Chinese national company, Cilicon inherits and develops the fine tradition of sincerity, benevolence, kindness and trust towards our neighbours. During the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic in 2020, Cilicon Group has already taken the first step of purchasing and donating a large number of medical supplies to support our customers who joined our CPP (Cilicon Partner Program) in more than ten countries around the world, as we have been operating in these countries for a long time and feel a strong connection to the local people. In the process, medical supplies to fight the epidemic were delivered to America, Canada, Germany, Britain, Poland and other countries.


Engaging in a commitment to contribute to society in the long term is one of our core company values. Since the beginning, Cilicon has gained great success from community support. Therefore, we also pledge to always do our part to help people affected by natural disasters. In the future, we will continue to constantly devote ourselves to engage in global social responsibility, bring joy to local communities, and help the people around us to the best extent that we are able.


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