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The Supreme Guide to Cannabis Variants Alternate and Derived Cannabinoids

The increasing trend of cannabis consumption has exposed cannabis consumers to a wide variety of cannabis. Each cannabis variant offers a different psychoactive impact and potency level. Based on the cannabis user’s experience, many beginners will prefer to jump into the milder cannabis types with fewer side effects. They often don’t yet comprehend their limitations as some variants may let the users feel the impact almost immediately after intake. Still, some others may need to be consumed more to reach the desired reactions. Aside from the psychoactive properties, some cannabis categories may be more accessible than others due to the existing legal inconsistency that is still at large. Let’s dig into the most well-known cannabis variants you can find in the market.




1. Delta-9 THC


THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is associated with the cannabis type that can create a euphoric “high” feeling. The Delta-9 THC is a THC variant that contains long-tailed five carbon atoms that bind strongly with the receptor, which impacts the body profoundly. The Delta-9 THC is known for its mind-altering capability, yet it still creates a therapeutic effect that may enhance appetite and mood. Cannabis users must keep track of their Delta-9 THC intake to avoid paranoia or anxiety as side effects. Due to this high potency, the fed limits the Delta-9 THC to only 0.3% if you want to keep your cannabis product legal.


2. Delta-8 THC


The Delta-8 THC is derived from CBD, an authorized type of cannabis, making it legally safer to distribute compared to the Delta-9. The origin of Delta-8 THC has made it the less potent variant, which is suitable for those who have just gotten into cannabis vaping. In fact, the Delta-8 THC is said to induce two times less psychoactive impact than the Delta-9 THC.


The Delta-8 THC has gained popularity because it can offer a relaxation effect while keeping fewer side effects that we may encounter through consuming the Delta-9 THC. The recent development in cannabis products also discovered a way to chemically convert the more predominant Delta-9 THC to Delta-8 THC, which immensely increases its accessibility in the market.


3. Delta-10 THC


Similar to the Delta-8 THC, the Delta-10 THC is also categorized as the less potent cousin of the Delta-9 THC and is derived from CBD. Despite these similarities, both variants produce different directions of psychoactive impacts on the human body. If the Delta-8 THC induces a relaxing mood that makes cannabis users sluggish, the Delta-10 THC does the complete opposite by creating an uplifting feeling that energizes cannabis users. In terms of accessibility, the Delta-10 THC is still not widely available compared to the Delta-8 THC, making it slightly more expensive. However, this condition is expected to change as cannabis users are more aware of the Delta-10 THC and its benefits.


4. Delta-6a10a THC


The Delta-6a10a THC is synthesized from either CBD or Delta-9 THC through a complex molecular restructuring process. As such, the Delta-6a10a also belongs to the milder cannabis category that offers 75% less potency than the Delta-8 THC. The Delta-6a10a is not as in demand as its cousin variants mentioned above. Out of the only few numbers of research that have been conducted on this substance, it was found that the synthetic Delta-6a10a THC has an anticonvulsant effect to remedy seizures in epilepsy patients.


5. THC-V


THC-V or tetrahydrocannabivarin is one of the least potent THC variants in the market, which effect wears off half as fast as other types of cannabinoids. The unique characteristic of the THC-V is that it does not have any psychoactive impact on the body until it reaches a particular threshold that differs for each individual’s body. Despite being a milder THC type, it still offers benefits pertaining to blood sugar and insulin levels.


6. THC-O


THC-O is a THC compound that is synthetically produced in a laboratory. The procedure adds acetic anhydride to the isolated tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the precursor to the Delta-9 THC, to create the acetate version of THC. The THC-O has a powerful intoxicating effect that is approximately three times as potent as the Delta-9 THC. It still possesses euphoric-inducing properties, and some cannabis users also reported a psychedelic effect that temporarily initiates significant alteration in psychological conditions, auditory, and visuals.


7. THC-P


If you are amazed at the potency of THC-O, you will be even more fascinated by how THC-P or tetrahydrocannabiphorol affects the body. The THC-P is considered a naturally-occurring THC that possesses the most substantial psychoactive impact of all other cannabinoids. This compound binds with the receptors thirty-one times more instantly than the Delta-9 THC. Despite being the most potent cannabis product, it still offers the same type of high euphoric effects and other Delta-9 THC benefits, with just a prompter manner.


8. HHC


The HHC or hexahydrocannabiniol is a hydrogenated and chemically-stable compound of THC that you can find naturally in the cannabis plant. This substance is said to produce a similar reaction to the Delta-9 THC, which automatically surpasses the Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC in terms of psychoactive potency. The HHC induces the same high effect and other Delta-9 THC benefits, such as increased appetite and mood. Aside from its consumption effect, HHC also has a lengthier shelf life due to its high stability, which makes it more resistant to heat.



9. HHC-O


Similar to how THC-O is the acetate version of THC, HHC-O also relates the same way to the HHC. This characteristic makes HHC-O more easily absorbed by the body. It has also been proven that HHC-O is 1.5 times more potent than the regular HHC. This type of HHC is the closest that you can get to achieving similar effects and benefits to the Delta-9 THC.


10. CBD


Along with THC, CBD or cannabidiol is considered the most common substance found in a cannabis plant. While THC is dominant in marijuana, we can find more CBD in hemp. CBD works seamlessly to relieve stress and pain without any intoxication effect on cannabis users. CBD is also considered a safe option of cannabis by the World Health Organization as it does not possess any health-related problems associated with its usage.


11. CBN


CBN or cannabinol is derived from CBD by altering its chemical structure. Despite having a similar chemical form to the THC, instead of CBD as its antecedent, CBN does not offer any high effect, which is strongly correlated to THC consumption. Aside from being non-intoxicating, CBN also possesses some unique benefits, such as antibacterial and appetite-boosting properties.


12. CBG


Even though it belongs to the same non-intoxicating category of cannabinoids, CBG or cannabigerol interacts with the human body differently from the CBD. This substance binds well with the receptors but manages to steer clear of the high effect. CBG offers cannabis users digestive, antibacterial, and pain relief benefits.


13. CBC


CBC or cannabichromene is one of the latest findings in the entire CBD line. This newfound substance displays excellent potential as a medical supplement. It has a unique chemical structure that determines how it affects the body distinctively from CBD. Aside from non-intoxicating characteristics, CBC offers virtues for those who have cancers and problems with pain.


Utilize Cannabis Vaporizer to Consume Your Favorite Cannabis Variant


The wide variety of cannabis has become an advantage for business owners to diversify their products. Each variant of cannabis has its specific benefits, potency, and accessibility. Depending on each cannabis user’s need, they should choose the cannabis type that suits their lifestyle best. For a beginner, it is advisable to go for less potent options, like CBD. However, if one wants to receive a slight euphoric effect, they can try out THC-V or even extends to the Delta-8 THC, that can be found more effortlessly due to its skyrocketing demand.


Nevertheless of which variant to choose, cannabis users should pursue one of the most practical methods to consume cannabis, which is cannabis vaping. Cilicon is here to provide a top-notch cannabis vape device that has been embedded with a bunch of features to level up your cannabis vaping game and achieve an otherworldly cannabis consumption experience. With Cilicon, it is only a matter of time until you triumphantly capture the heart of cannabis users.


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