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Blog 丨 2021.10.21

Oil Leakage: A Constant Challenge for 510 Vaporizer Manufacturers

Oil leakage during the manufacturing process is one of the most harmful issues in the production of cannabis 510 vaporizers. Specifically, during the filling process, the bottom oil hole of the tank presents the possibility of oil leakage, causing wastage. After the oil injection has been completed, the potential for leakage means that the product cannot be left to rest for an extended period before the cover is sealed. This issue places a limit on the maximum batch size that a production line can produce. The oil leakage problem has frustrated producers of pre-filled vaping devices for several years. However, technological advancements from recent years have opened up the ability for manufactures to eliminate leakage from the production process.

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The MASH Series: Oil Isolation Technology and the End of Leakage

The Cilicon’ MASH vape cartridge series is designed to address oil leakage to benefit both manufacturers and consumers. Cilicon’s patented Oil Isolation Technology addresses the oil leakage issues associated with traditional 510 thread devices by separating the inlet hole. The Oil Isolation Process avoids contact between the oil and inlet holes during the filling process, leaving no opportunity for oil leakage, which also prevents the airflow entering the chamber. Aside from the oil leakage solution, Cilicon’s Oil Isolation Technology reduces air influx to the oil tank even after the capping process. Such technology cannot be found in standard 510 thread devices. It is important to note that a minimum amount of airflow is required to ensure the breathing function of the device. Excessive airflow towards the oil tank could be very detrimental to cannabis oil purity. Therefore, to facilitate the capping process and avoid any unwanted result, it is recommended to perform the capping process in a partially vacuumed room where there is no significant airflow from the external environment.

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The Benefits of Oil Isolation Technology for  510 Vaporizer Manufacturers

Traditionally it is recommended for the technician to complete the filling and capping process as fast as possible to avoid leakage due to excessive airflow entering the oil tank. A change in the internal pressure can spit out the oil from the tank. This reasons make capping process to be very crucial. The capping process is designated to stop the airflow from flowing into the oil tank. The technicians of conventional cartridge manufacturing companies only have a time window of three minutes for the filling process before eventually moving to the capping process. This factor sets a higher chance for failure due to the inability to troubleshoot errors in the process. Once a technician unintentionally spill the oil, the cartridge are often discarded due to time constraint. Such an error could cost the manufacturer a fortune in the long run. Without the Oil Isolation Technology, the company has automatically disabled the option to replace the overflown or spilling cartridge within a batch with a new one before they are capped. In Oil Isolation Technology, the path from the inlet hole and oil tank are separated. It increases the time window for the filling and capping. It is a game-changing breakthrough to enable technicians to perform a higher quantity of the filling and capping in one attempt.

The Benefits of Oil Isolation Technology for 510 Vaporizer End Consumers

Oil leakage can create a mess, stain a surface, and sometimes become very difficult to clean. Hence, it can put off the client’s decision to purchase a cartridge to satisfy their needs. Oil Isolation Technology protects consumers from oil leakage issues because it has assisted the manufacturer in ensuring the quality of the product prior to shipping them to the client. Furthermore, due to the stabilized internal air pressure within the device that was achieved during the filling and capping process, oil leakage will be unlikely to occur, especially with the help of channel isolation. Essentially, the Oil Isolation Technology serves as a multi-stage safety measure to prevent leaking from happening for the end consumers. All of the end consumers of the Cilicon Oil Isolation Technology product can rest assure and receive a satisfactory cannabis vaping experience.

The MASH Product Line: Classic Meets the New Wave

With the MASH Y lines of vaping cartridges, Cilicon is ushering in a new wave of innovation that will provide value to both manufacturers and end consumers. The MASH series aspires to provide the highest quality of vaporization experience while allowing for enhanced customization that cannabis firms can use to market their brand. The MASH Y refines the vape cartridge with a smaller size, contributing to a sleek and stylish design for the new generation of vape users.

Both cartridges implement Cilicon’s Formatrix™ Ceramic Technology to minimize dry and burnt hits, providing users with an experience that is stylish and as enjoyable as possible. The MASH series aims to leave a mark on the vaping industry by demonstrating that old fashion can be combined with the new wave of design and technology to create a classic and cutting-edge product.

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Cilicon : A Commitment to Technological Innovation

The MASH series is part of Cilicon’s wide range of vaporization solutions that push forward what is possible in the industry. Cilicon always seeks to provide value to its partners, and one of the most crucial ways to do so is to provide value to end-users. Cilicon’s design team develops and implements technological advancements to every component of the vaping device to create the safest and most enjoyable consumer experience available on the market. At the same time, Cilicon constantly seeks innovative design measures that serve to simplify and enhance the manufacturing process for its partners. Our experience in vaporization technology optimizes a product for every stage of the value chain after it leaves our factory. From the MASH series to the new VISION line of disposable pens, Cilicon has positioned itself as a leader of innovation in the industry.

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