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Blog 丨 2021.05.19

No Leak 510 Vape Carts on the Market 2021

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510 Vape Carts are the common type of cannabis vaporizers. For cannabis vaping brand that has been annoyed by cartridge leaking problems, MASH Y would be your best disposable cart solution to boost brand image and reduce capital lost. CILICON believes MASH Y would end the leaking pain point for the industry by adopting our Oil Isolation technology. Different from other competitors, MASH Y solves 99% of leaking problems that trigger the waste of cannabis extract, returning rate, and inferior brand image.

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Cilicon Cartridges


The Oil Isolation technology presents a relative vacuum space to maximally reduce airflow and terpene volatilization. Aerodynamically, the MASH Y generates an anaerobic environment to preserve monoterpenes which are more fragile.


Match Your Investment Capital with Product Features

MASH Y is the first product embeds with new generation ceramic heating technology. The IVI® ceramic heating coil presents lighter and tight-knit cannabis extract vapor without the burnt taste.


-Features of IVI® ceramic heating technology

  1. Lighter cannabis extract vapor to improve the absorption efficiency
  2. More tight-knit cannabis extract vapor to increase potency affection
  3. High Flavor Reducibility


Affordability is MASH Y’s key job. Far lower than current industry standard price with most cutting-edge technologies and outstanding product design. MASH Y, just like its name, aims to mash the old stereotype and provide affordable cannabis vaping device investment solutions to cannabis vaping communities.


Even the medical grade stainless steel has been well adopted in all CILICON products back in 2019, safety is never outdated. The medical-grade stainless steel central post ensures 0 substances during the heavy metal tests.


When you come with MASH Y, it would help you to mash all the problems.


Product Specification


CILICON Designed Options:

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Cilicon Designed


CILICON Introduction:

Cilicon is an innovative cannabis vape solution platform that provides diverse cannabis vaporizers for cannabis vaping brands and LPs. Cilicon is supported by 12 years vaping device manufacturer 


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