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Cannabis Vaping Problems and Cilicon’s Solutions

Updated on December 25, 2023

Cannabis Vaping Problems and Cilicon’s Solutions

The reality of current cannabis vaping devices

There are many cannabis vaping device manufacturers hype their products are leading the industry. All of their products are well tested in professional labs with specific certifications. Let’s be realistic, most vaping devices are still in development. In industrial design, no one can claim the throne forever because there is no perfect product with the “best” technology. A majority of manufacturers are adopting nicotine vaping systems to cannabis vaping.

The cannabis vaping sector is a scientific methodology as nicotine vaping. Rigorous research and uncountable tests are the most critical to improve and upgrade product performance. Product designers gathered the most advanced technology development of human life and put it in a little package to make it “smart”. Another factor is the cannabis compound complexity. The developing understanding of cannabis currently requires smarter vaping devices to deliver a better cannabis vaping experience.

Cannabis Vaporizer.png

As a technology-As a technology-based company, Cilicon does admit our products are not perfect and the “best” but we are not afraid to explore the better possibility and opportunity to create greater vaping devices. We would not give a chance to “bad money” regardless of consumer rights. As an industrial participant, we know that there are countless product failures that happen when you or your customers purchased vaporizers.

Main Cannabis Vaping Problems and Solutions Contents:

  • Vape leaking
  • Vape cartridge no airflow or clogging
  • Vape burning taste

1. Vape leaking

Vape leaking

Vape leaking has been a long-term problem in the vaping industry. Theoretically, leaking is inevitable as long as the airflow exists. In cannabis vaping, the leaking problem is being enlarged since the most important reason is that cannabis extracts are very expensive and consumers do not want to waste a drop of it.

Brand founders hate cartridge have leaking default because of several disaster consequences as below:

  • Damaging a brand image by seconds. The consumer is naturally expecting perfect vaporizers, especially since they spent much money and time to select an imaginary perfect cannabis vape cartridge. It does not matter how you explain the industrial standard and reasons. Consumers would doubt it because the first impression is ruined.
  • Return rate grows. The leaking issue is the most common reason to return the product from customers either in B2B and B2C markets. End consumers would return the leaked vaporizer if it pollutes their favorite purse or gives them an awkward condition when they are sharing their favorite cannabis strains in social settings.
  • Lower industry development. Great vaporizers are eventually going to be used by end consumers. Leaking issues reduce user experience. For some cannabis vaping starters, they would have a very bad impression on consuming cannabis in vaping form. Collective consumers can easily destroy a brand in seconds.

It does not matter if you are a brand CEO or a vaporizer manufacturer. All stakeholders in the vaping device supply chain should treat leaking as the natural enemy because we are looking for long-term development instead of short-term interest.

A. Product design flaw

A product design flaw is an unacceptable excuse to explain cannabis vaping devices leaking. Due to the increasing development of the cannabis vaping business, many nicotine vaping device manufacturers enter this market. Some manufacturers do not have serious research and tests to identify cannabis vaping from nicotine vaping and just simply promote nicotine vaporizers to company buyers.

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B. Inappropriate filling process

Cannabis extraction filling operation is critical to prevent oil leaks.

  • A high-precise filling syringe, gun, or machine is necessary to solve the overfill problem.
  • Do not fill in the central post is also important since some new filling operators may fill cannabis oil in the central post that is absolutely forbidden.
  • Appropriate oil temperature control is needed. The high concentrated cannabis extracts are very thick. Warming before the filling is necessary to improve oil liquidity which is easier to fill and prevent a clog. However, heated oil has a larger volume than cooled oil (The principle of heat expansion and cold contraction), which will slightly increase oil volume and molecular activity. It raises the risks of leakage. We recommend 50℃ oil temperature is the least risky to prevent leaking.
  • Slow capping after filling is one of the most usual reasons that lead to leaking. As mentioned above, barometric pressure makes leaking even faster if capping too late.

C. Store condition

Store cannabis vape cartridges or disposable vaporizers under high temperatures would increase the leaking risks. Just like other foods, storing cannabis vape cartridges in low temperature or cool places helps reducing leaking and keeps your oil fresh to vape. We are sure that you do not want your customers to vape inferior cannabis extracts.

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D. Inappropriate shipping

Many cannabis companies have a local distribution network. Shipping by cars is common to deliver cannabis consumer goods on time. Sometimes, shipping companies are not aware of placing packages carefully and make it upward. Therefore, well-protected cartridges with silicon covers are helpful.

E. Ill-suited intake holes

Different concentrated cannabis extracts emerge in the cannabis vaping market. The high concentrated THC or CBD extracts occupy the mainstream currently. It requires bigger intake holes to maintain sufficient and constant vaping. Some companies might still use low concentrated cannabis extracts because of different market focus. Therefore, talking with your manufacturer and asking them to send more testing samples before launching is significant to ensure the cartridge intake holes match your oil.

F. Other conditions

  • Filling workers’ fatigue
  • Using nicotine vaping devices might leads to leaking
  • Without sealing components such as silicon rubber cases

Several reasons would trigger oil leaking. Working with a reliable hardware vector could take care of the problems with professional guidance and training.  Here we recommend 99% no leak 510 vape carts, maybe you’ll be interested in.

2. Vape cartridge no airflow or clogging

Vape pen cartridge no airflow or clogging vaporizers is meaningful for people living in cold places and want to have a relaxing moment with their favorite cannabis extracts. Many consumers are facing the question that “Should I return an unworking cartridge?” When they spent time driving back to the dispensary and asking to replace a new cartridge, they found that it is clogging instead of unworking. How annoying is it! We’ll talk about solutions separately under different conditions.

Clogging happens in different conditions:

A. Low-temperature results in clogging issues as important as the high temperature do

During the winter season, letting your cartridge in a car would solidify. It is like a sealant to block airflow, which interdicts the air pathway between cartridge and battery. Because the higher concentrated cannabis extracts are naturally solid like honey even at room temperature. Preheating the battery is the most popular solution to melt the solid extract.

B. Long airflow pathway

No dead angle airflow pathway would decrease clogging risk. A longer airflow pathway would leave cooled cannabis vapor after vaping. Clogging happens if a large amount of cannabis vapor sticks on the dead angle pathway.

C. The poor-quality ceramic heating coil

Not all ceramic heating coil are the same even most of them have a similar outlook. The balance between produce vapor and store extracts is pivotal to assessing the quality of ceramic. The unpromising heating ceramic coil is easier to clog even the cannabis oil is thin.

cartridge clogging.jpg

Tips: Put your clogged or no airflow cartridge in your pocket for a while, use your body temperature to warm it up. If above cann’t solve your problems, kindly refer to Cilicon FAQ for more solutions.

If you want to solve the clogging problem through technical designing ,kindly refer :  Duair™ Technology : How to Unclog Your Vape Device

3. Vape burning taste

As a kind of natural extraction, burned cannabis oil destroyed the natural cannabis flavors and contain a cancerogenic substance that puts consumer health at risk. Even though most cannabis vaping brands are using a ceramic heating coil in their cannabis vaping devices, many price hunters are providing wick in competition. Organic Cotton Coil (OCC) is a trustworthy material in nicotine vaping devices since its thinness but has bad performance in high concentrated thick cannabis extracts. As the number of times uses increases, the nature of the revert wick would change the Vape taste and flavor.

Human being uses ceramic as a kind of vessel to contain foods for thousand of years. Ceramic material has many advantages in material behaviors.

  1. Strong hardness and not easy to break
  2. Great chemical stability with low dilatation coefficient
  3. Antioxidant under high temperature and corrosion resistance

Cannabis extracts have slight corrosivity like salt and vaping is heating and producing vapor process. Satisfying these two requirements, Ceramic tends to be a current material for cannabis vaping. In the ceramic heating coil manufacturing industry, porous ceramic is commonly adopting as cannabis oil vaporization. Fewer people know that different formulated ceramic heating coil. If above methods cann’t solve problems, please contact Cilicon.

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