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Technology 丨 2021.11.16

Duair™ Technology : How to Unclog Your Vape Device

One of the critical design problems for the cannabis atomization industry is to create a device that allows air to flow through the device, even after prolonged use. Not only does air need to flow freely through the device for the vapor to reach the mouthpiece, but also many devices use a breath-activated activation system. Therefore, a restricted airflow through the device can cause a device to work poorly or even to malfunction completely. Moreover, button activation is accompanied by its own set of drawbacks. Cilicon’s Duair™ Technology, dual air circuit module, solves the problem of restricted airflow and clogging by introducing an auxiliary air circuit to handle the activation function in addition to the traditional atomizing path through which the vapor passes. The design team of Cilicon has once again addressed a key industry problem point with an innovative take on the conventional vaporizer design.


Clogging: One of the Most Harmful Industry Problems

Clogging occurs in an atomization device in a number of ways.


The issue of clogging continues to be a significant impediment to the cannabis vaporization industry. One of the most serious problems with clogging is that when air cannot flow through the activation mechanism, the device must be completely scrapped and unusable. One solution that the market has provided is the button-activated device, which has the advantage of allowing the button to heat the device even when it is clogged, thus heating the condensed oil and clearing it out. However, button activation has several disadvantages.

First, as the global circuit chip market has become strained over the past years, the button activation design cost has risen considerably.

Second, the button design ruins the integrity of the product design, both from an aesthetic, visual, and convenience standpoint. While partially solving one problem, the button-activated device introduces several new ones.


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Enter Duair™ Technology

Cilicon’s Duair™ technology solves the restricted airflow problem by separating the activation switch from the vapor flow while maintaining a breath-activated design. With two designated air pathways, the device can always be activated regardless of clogging, while air can flow freely through the device to allow for smooth hits. The device uses a traditional vaporizer air path as found in any vaporization device, which allows the vaporized cannabis to flow from the top of the heating core to the mouthpiece. However, the device also uses an auxiliary air path that activates the heating switch in response to airflow caused by inhalation. This auxiliary air circuit does not contact the oil or vapor whatsoever, meaning that it cannot become clogged. As the activation circuit cannot be blocked, the activation process will always occur upon receiving suction. If the rest of the device is experiencing air blockage, the user can heat the device by pulling air through it, which will melt the solidified oil and clear out the blockage.

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Advantages for Distributors

The Duair™ design creates several advantages for distributors and other Cilicon partners. First, by solving most air blockage problems, the Duair™ module increases consumer satisfaction with a device. Second, the Duair™ only impacts the internal structure of the device, meaning that it does not have any impact on the appearance. Finally, compared to button-operated devices, devices that employ the Duair™ module are cheaper to produce. Distributors and other partners can earn higher profits with reduced production costs while passing some savings to consumers. The overall result is a device that solves a common area of consumer worry while maintaining the device’s image and reducing costs at the same time.


Find the Benefits of the Duair System in Cilicon Products 

Cilicon has employed the Duair™ system in several new products as part of their new wave of innovative vaporization device designs. Cilicon is committed to using new technology to solve other industry trouble areas and improve the atomization experience. With the upcoming Pod flagship series, the SOLO X, and the new series of disposable vaporizer, the Stream Series, Cilicon is implementing the next generation of vaporization technology that almost completely solves the issue of airflow restrictions. Keep up to date with Cilicon’s product release schedule to witness our continued commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Cilicon Solo X and Stream Z 


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