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Blog 丨 2022.07.21

6 Essential Steps to Vape Cannabis Properly

Vaporizing Cannabis is a preferred method to consume cannabis as it is practical and discreet. The initial step to begin vaporizing cannabis is to source a high-quality weed vape with an otherworldly vaporizing performance. Then, the weed vapers need to comprehend how to get the most out of the weed vaporizers in their possessions. Cilicon® is here to break the steps down for all weed vapers and business owners to educate their customers!

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#1 Prepare the essentials for vaporizing cannabis


Aside from the weed vaporizers, the weed vapers should prepare some cleaning tools to maintain their device after usage, such as a brush, pipe cleaner, and high-strength isopropyl alcohol. Those who prefer to vape dry herb than cannabis oil are recommended to own a grinder. This tool becomes a shortcut to achieve a consistent ground herb that will aid convection or conduction type of weed vaporizer to produce uniform cannabis puffs.

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#2 Take a glimpse at the manual book


Even though most weed vapers would prefer to jump right into the vaporizing cannabis itself, it would be good to comprehend the weed vape device’s different functionalities. Weed vapers can find heaps of information on optimally utilizing their weed vaporizers to pull off a stimulating cannabis vaping experience. Cilicon® suggests to, at least, know which cannabis variants are suitable for this specific weed vaporizer.

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#3 Power up the weed vaporizer 


The weed vaporizer’s battery usually requires several hours to charge before the weed vapers can take a hit on it. After unboxing the rechargeable weed vaporizer for the first time, the weed vapers may find a manufacturer-supplied charger to refuel the battery. Once the weed vape device is fully powered, it will be ready to vaporize and the cannabis oil or herb within its tank. Charge the weed vaporizer early and often to avoid unnecessarily lengthy interlude to vape!



#4 Dry run the weed vaporizer


The weed vaporizer that comes out fresh from the box may still contain some toxins, such as heavy metal substances from the manufacturing process. For precautions, the weed vapers can conduct a dry run on their weed vaporizers before pouring in the cannabis oil or placing the cannabis herbs. The dry run is done by activating the weed vaporizer for 30 to 90 seconds as a way to let the heating core float the toxins away. However, this step shall be exercisable for those weed vape devices that feature the button-activation method.



#5 Pour the cannabis oil or herbs inside the designated chamber


This step applies to a refillable weed vaporizer, which can be overflowed with either cannabis oil, herbs, or other cannabis extracts, such as shatter and wax. Each has different consistencies and amounts to put in the cannabis chamber. For instance, we only need a small dab of wax to be ready for vaporizing cannabis. Meanwhile, some weed vaporizer is prefilled and meant for single-use, like the disposable type.



#6 Begin inhaling from the weed vaporizers and choose the proper technique!


When the weed vaporizer has been preheated for around half a minute, the weed vapers can commence putting the weed vaporizer’s mouthpiece at the tip of their mouths and vape away. There are various ways that weed vapers can inhale from their weed vaporizers. The most common ones are as follows:

The mouth-to-lung vaping technique is similar to smoking cigarettes. It requires the weed vapers to hold the vapor for a few seconds in their mouth before inhaling it further into their lungs. This technique allows the weed vapers to relish the cannabis flavor and exhale smaller clouds. This technique is especially suitable for discreet weed vapers.

The direct-to-lung vaping technique involves inhaling high doses of cannabis vapor straight into the lung. The expected result is that the weed vapers will exhale larger clouds as it is more complicated to hold them in the mouth. An experienced weed vaper may utilize the mouthful clouds to do vaping tricks.


A little tip for cannabis vaping rookies: don’t come out too strong! Inhale the first puff and measure the psychoactive impact for 5 to 10 minutes before taking another hit. As time goes by, an experienced weed vaper may be able to inhale more than once during the same timeframe but feel a similar effect.


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Vaping Done Justice with Cilicon’s Weed vaporizer



Now that some tips and tricks have been revealed, you can educate all weed vapers with the necessary preparations to achieve a supreme cannabis vaping experience. As such, Cilicon® aims to revisit the initial and underlying step to secure a marvelous weed vaporizer that is user-friendly and convenient while possessing top-notch vaporizing performance! Inhaling from our weed vaporizer is a step up from the usual cannabis vaping. The uniform and luscious puffs produced by our sophisticated and innovative technologies will ensure that the weed vapers get the most out of every hit and keep a consistent flavor. Plus, the weed vapers will not have to deal with common issues like cannabis oil leakage, clogging, and spit-back issues with our countless other value-added features. Hesitate no more to invest in Cilicon’s weed vape device!


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