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Blog 丨 2022.04.13

Duair™ Technology: Dealing With Clogging Problem in Cannabis Atomizers

The Duair™ Technology, a dual gas circuit module, is the newest technical design innovation from Cilicon. For years cannabis atomizing industry has suffered from the problem of clogged devices. Clogging can disrupt the airflow in a vaping device in several ways. Moreover, airflow disruption is one of the most harmful problems that can occur with a device. Restricted airflow ultimately can make a device unusable, leading to the device being scrapped completely. Devices that use breath activation are particularly susceptible to this issue. Once the airflow stops, there is no way to activate the heating core and melt some of the precipitated oil within the central tube. Devices that are activated by pressing a button can greatly solve this issue but possess other problems.


The Duair™ Technology almost wholly solves the clogging problem while avoiding the downsides of button-activated atomizers. The Cilicon design team has achieved this improvement by adding a second independent airflow circuit in the device dedicated solely to the breath activation mechanism. The Duair™ Technology, found in upcoming Cilicon releases such as the new flagship pod system, the SOLO 1 PRO, and the new series of disposable, the  EDGE AIR 1, is Cilicon’s latest demonstration of the company’s commitment to providing benefits to consumers and distribution partners through investment in innovative design.


Airflow Problems Caused by Clogging: A Market Trouble Point

The Duair™ Technology is designed to address the airflow problems caused by clogging, which have continued to trouble the industry. Clogging is especially likely to occur with more viscous oil. Particularly viscous oil would be frozen to block airflow coming away from the heating core under lower temperatures. Consumers may therefore experience clogging if they are carrying their device in a cold environment. Clogging also occurs when condensed oil droplets precipitate onto the middle tube of the device as the vapor passes through the device. Finally, oil leaks within the device can cause further clogging.

Moreover, when clogging occurs through these various means, restricted airflow in the device can prevent the activation of the heating system if the device depends on breath activation. If a device cannot be activated due to clogging, there are few practical solutions other than purchasing an entirely new device. Without the ability to heat the device, the oil cannot melt and pass out of the device.

One design solution to the airflow blockage problem is to use a button activation system. Button-activated systems are still operational when a blockage occurs and can heat up the device to clear it out. However, button-activated designs are more costly due to the global crunch in the circuit chip market. Moreover, button designs probably disrupt the sleek design and portability of devices, and switching to a button design would require a costly redesign of the outside of a device. Finally, breath activation is more convenient for consumers, allowing them to use their devices without thinking.

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The Innovative Dual Circuit Solution of the Duair™ Technology

The Duair™ Technology enters the industry to reduce the industry impact of airflow blockage significantly. The structural technology uses two separate air pathways instead of one as in a traditional device. One path is dedicated to passing the vaporized cannabis oil out of the device. The Cilicon design team has added a second pathway to this traditional design. This pathway is specifically dedicated to the breath activation process. The breath activation pathway can never become clogged because it is completely isolated from the oil and vapor at every point. Therefore, the Duair™ module shares the benefit of a button-activated system of allowing the device to heat even if the airflow is blocked. At the same time, the Duair™ design accomplishes this benefit without suffering from the drawbacks of button activation. Devices using the Duair™ system are cheaper than button-activated systems and do not require any redesign to the outside of a device. The Duair™ system allows distributors to lower prices and increase profits while at the same time improving consumer satisfaction with the preferred breath activation method.

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Conclusion: The Next Wave in Air Flow Design

The Duair™ Technology solves the airflow blockage problem that has plagued the industry for years. Cilicon invests heavily in R&D to establish the company as a trend-setter in the industry. As with other design improvements created by the company, the Duair™ design was created to address the needs of both business partners and consumers. The dual pathway design provides a unique approach to the air blockage problem, demonstrating Cilicon’s ability to think outside conventional methods and bring the atomization industry to new heights. With the release of the latest line of models, including the new Cilicon pod offering, the SOLO 1 Pro , and the new series of disposable vape pen, the EDGE AIR 1, the air blockage problem in the industry will soon be a thing of the past.


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