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Technology 丨 2021.11.14

BioBaleen™ Module: A Genius Design to Reduce Spit-back by 99%

Nature is full of brilliant solutions to design problems. With the BioBaleen™ Module, Cilicon has adopted the ingenuity of the baleen system used by certain whales to filter their food. The newest addition to Cilicon’s product catalog, the SOLO Pro introduces a new generation of silicone caps to the market. The Bio-Baleen cap uses medical-grade silicon to achieve a safe capping while absorbing oil splashes and reducing spit-back and clogging. The BioBaleen Cap combines the traditional cotton filter and the silicone cap into one module, removing the combination process and helping to save time and labor costs. With a 99% spit-back reduction and a significant reduction in clogging, the BioBaleen™ Module ensures an uninterrupted and pleasurable vaping experience. With this one tiny design change sparked by insight from the natural world, Cilicon has significantly improved the effectiveness of our vaping devices.

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The Design Inspiration of the Bio-Baleen Module

The Bio-Baleen Module is inspired directly by the Baleen Whale. One of the hunting techniques used by the Baleen Whale is filtering, which uses hairs similar to the teeth on a comb to filter out water while retaining prey in the whale’s mouth. This filtering method inspired the Bio-Baleen Module’s silica gel brush design implemented on the sealed silica gel cap. The Cilicon design team had already identified spit-back as an industry trouble-point that causes issues for both suppliers and consumers. Cilicon engineers discovered that the silicon cap could reduce spit-back by 99% without disrupting the oil or vapor flow by imitating the baleen filtering mechanism. Moreover, they found that compared with combining a layer of filter cotton wrapped around the outer layer of the sealed silicone cover, the production process of employing Biobaleen™  Module is also simplified, reducing labor costs. Starting as an idea to try to apply a natural design phenomenon to the vaping process, the Bio-Baleen Cap has led to several unexpected improvements.


How to Stop Spit Back on Vape 

The key to the BioBaleen™ Module’s 99% reduction of vape spit back is the soft-touch silicone brush design of the cap. The splashing oil in the tank remains on the silicone brush stopping it from flowing back through the device. First, the retention of oil in the brush removes the potential for spit-back, as the oil cannot reach through the device into the user’s mouth. Second, the retention of oil prevents the oil from reaching the central tube of the device, drastically reducing the potential for clogging. The result is a vaping experience with no interference, allowing the user to focus on the enjoyment of their oil.


The Advantages of the BioBaleen™ Module

The BioBaleen™ Module provides several benefits for Cilicon distributors and other partners. First of all, the module almost completely solves the issue of escaped oil in the device. The cap absorbs large flying oil droplets, preventing them from blocking the central air pipe and avoiding equipment failure or scrapping. It also combines the traditional silica gel sealing plug and filter cotton into one piece, BioBaleen Silicon Cap, which simplifies the capping process, reducing labor costs. Distributors can be confident that the filling and distribution process will run smoothly and efficiently with these two improvements. Moreover, distributors also benefit from increased consumer satisfaction that results from the advantages that the cap design provides for consumers.

The new cap design provides several significant benefits at the point of consumption. The new cap design’s silicone bristles effectively reduce oil splashes by 99%, preventing consumers from inhaling large un-vaporized oil particles. Spit-back is unpleasant and can significantly impact the taste of a pull from the device. The new cap ensures that consumers can enjoy the full taste of their oil. In this way, the cap removes one of the most significant barriers to the enjoyment of vaping products that many consumers experience.

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Moreover, replacing the traditional cotton filter avoids the inhalation of lint. Lint from cotton filters on standard caps can enter into the lungs, causing potential health complications. The BioBaleen silicon cap removes this potential, leading to a safer experience. Finally, the spit-back reduction also eliminates the potential for clogging, meaning that consumers can enjoy their device uninterrupted, with a steady airflow that does not become weaker over time. With these improvements to the vaping experience, the Bio-Baleen Module presents consumers with a new level of effectiveness in achieving their desired vaping experience.


The Spit Back Vape Recommendation 

The SOLO Pro and the Vision disposable pen are the two newest models from Cilicon and are each equipped with a BioBaleen Silicon Cap. Cilicon will continue to implement this feature in the design of future models. Look out for future Cilicon designs that implement and improve on this feature.

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The SOLO Pro


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