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Nimbus Vape Review: Are the Popular Vapes Worth the Money in 2024

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on January 23, 2024

Niumbus vapes

The Nimbus Vape provides a premium way for cannabis users to enjoy a toke in a discreet, potent, and flavorful manner. The Massachusetts-based weed brand offers vaporizers in 1g refillable options that fit with most 510-thread batteries, as well as 500mg and 1g disposable vape pens. Both vape options are designed for cannabis oil concentrates, wax, and distillates infused with botanically-extracted terpenes.

In this unbiased review, I will give you a first-hand look at the key features, benefits, pros, cons, and value for money to determine if Nimbus vape is a good buy for you.

Overview of Nimbus Vape

Niumbus vapes

The Nimbus Vape is a refillable 510-thread vape pen designed for use with cannabis extracts like distillate, resin, and wax on the brand’s roster. Nimbus sources premium quality distillate, which is infused with cannabis or botanically derived terpenes to replicate the entourage effect and enhance flavors.

You can get the vape distillate in 1g 510 thread cartridges or 500mg and 1g disposable vape options. All flavors are carefully crafted to provide a true-to-strain terpene profile and enjoyable experience.

We have yet to come across this unique button design. It doesn’t offer any control value but purely for the spruce-up look and feel that the brand exudes. You’ll find three LED indicators light on the front for heating levels. When you press the power button, the tip of the pen lights up (although it’s a bit bright), and all the lights have a unique amber somewhat yellow hue, which gives it a cool look.

On the other end, there’s a broad mouthpiece that screws into place instead of using a common rubber o-ring, ensuring a leak-proof and no-mess vaping experience. This mouthpiece also has a small mesh screen at the bottom, which may require a quick soak in isopropyl alcohol to keep it clean from time to time.

How Nimbus Vape Works

Using the Nimbus Vape is a cinch because it looks and works pretty much like top vaporizers and battery cartridges from popular brands like Evolab, Pax, and CILICON. The battery features three temperature settings that can be cycled through with five clicks.

When you are ready to vape, simply attach the atomizer and cartridge. You can then start to take slow, steady draws to activate the heating coil. Inhale the smooth, flavorful vapor and exhale to feel the effects.

To load the Nimbus vape cartridge, take off the mouthpiece to reveal the heating coil. Then, carefully fill the tank with concentrate or oil. For the resin models, apply the cannabis wax directly onto the coil. Snap the mouthpiece back onto the pen, and you are ready to start vaping again.

Nimbus Vape Design Features, Benefits, and More

Nimbus Atomizer & Coil Design

The Nimbus vape atomizer implements an elegant yet functional design that performs as superbly as it looks. At the heart sits a generously sized 250g ceramic chamber tapering slightly inward at the base. This supports and evenly heats the specially engineered coil and wicking apparatus suspended within.

Nimbus opts for Kanthal coil wire in their atomizer coil instead of the more commonly used Titanium. While causing a slightly slower initial heat-up, the Kanthal intensifies flavor and vapor production once fully warmed. The coil wraps tightly around a ceramic rod wick.

The suspended wick design helps the coil heat more slowly at first, then very quickly to efficiently vaporize the extract without combustion. This results in cleaner, more flavorful vapor. The gold ring at the top is also a nice aesthetic touch that matches the pen’s premium quality.

Watching the atomizer at work, you can witness the coil radiating vibrantly as it rapidly reaches upwards of 400°F. Vapor pours steadily from the chamber through the integrated mouthpiece. There is no unwanted leakage, just smooth, consistent billows.

The gold accented top cap gives the atomizer an elegant jewelry-esque style and magnetically snaps securely onto the white-bodied shell. Durability feels solid as well, thanks to thick zoning grooves on the base.

Nimbus includes two atomizers in the package. Having a backup spare ready to use is extremely convenient when, inevitably, normal wear and tear occurs. When all’s said and done, the atomizer and coil design deliver dense clouds of puffs for great vaping.

Vapor Quality, Performance, and Efficiency

Nimbus vape is worth writing home about when it comes to vapor quality. As mentioned, the heating element starts on a low gear and revs up to produce flavorful puffs. At low heating levels, the flavors are surprisingly intense and hit your lungs with the variety of tastes and undernotes that Nimbus added along botanical terpenes.

At high heating levels, you get a heavy waft of lung-busting cannabis clouds. If you have used BBTank X or Vapin Ape, this vape is on par with their high-end vaporizers. Even at mid temperature setting, rich clouds are produced with each draw.

You can easily get around 30 satisfying draws from it when filled with around 250g of cannabis wax. Like most users, you should stick to pulls that last four to five seconds on low heat. Don’t be deceived by the heat settings; even on level 1, you’ll still get a good amount of vapor.

Unlike three-layered titanium coils that most vapes use, Nimbus vape goes for a ceramic rod wick. It produces large, face-covering vapor that doesn’t take on the metallic smell. The high-grade Kanthal wire coil is nothing to scoff at, either in the vapor arena but you can scale it back a little for smaller and more flavorful loads.

Flavor profiles shine through clearly in the vapor. Only a few hits are needed to feel the effects of the high-potency distillate. Battery life allows for extended vaping sessions before requiring a recharge.

Build Quality

Nimbus prides itself on using only top-shelf materials in crafting their vape pens. The battery features a sturdy zinc alloy construction for durability. The high-quality Kanthal wire coil works well with the 510 thread to ensure a tight seal between all components. Premium threading and o-rings prevent leaking. An included USB charger quickly powers the battery back to full capacity.

Safety Features and Reliability

For safety and reliability, the Nimbus Vape has multiple protections built-in. Short-circuit, over-current, and over-charge protections prevent damage to the battery. Precise temperature control prevents the combustion of the extracts.

Users report the vape pen maintains consistent performance over many uses and recharges. The Nimbus comes with a warranty that lasts for 365 days, which is pretty standard for a vape pen in this price range.

Temperature Flexibility and Settings

While the Nimbus shines at lower temperatures for flavor-chasing sessions, its three heat settings allow for customizing the vaping experience. The lowest setting of 3.2V gently vaporizes extracts to preserve delicate terpenes.

Medium 3.4V and high 3.6V settings produce larger clouds for a more robust hit. This flexibility makes the Nimbus suitable for various extracts and consumption preferences.

Again, the Nimbus vape offers three-step temp settings to make vaping fun for everyone. However, you might want to be mindful of the angle at which you hold the wax pen, as the lights may be difficult to see. This ensures that you don’t accidentally set the vape at the wrong temperature.

Battery Life

The 510-thread battery options offer a decent 350mAh life that screws to most cannabis cartridges. The battery life lasts long enough on the disposable vape pens, as well. With the 510 rechargeable option, you easily get more than 300 puffs without having to worry about running out of juice.

Even with heavier use on high heat, the battery lasts through multiple refills before requiring a recharge. Its USB-C charging port rapidly powers the battery back up when needed. We must mention that most wax vaporizers average at around 650mAh, so this vape runs sub-bar on the battery department. Of course, it still gets the job done.

Ease of Use

The Nimbus vape is a cinch and delightful and intuitive to use. Rookies will be glad to know that it features only one button with a distinct raised design, making it effortless to press and set up all your temp and heating settings.

The airflow in this concentrate vape pen is incredibly smooth. The cartridge and tapering mouthpiece remain unclogged throughout your vaping session. This is a godsend for anyone with asthma and other respiratory issues. Besides, the tapered bottom of the atomizer makes cleaning a straightforward affair.

Right out of the box, the Nimbus vape is a beginner-friendly vaporizer. Attach a cartridge, select a temperature, and puff away. Refilling cartridges is also simple, thanks to the wide mouthpieces. Its compact size and draw-activated heating allow for discreet use virtually anywhere. Beginners and experienced users alike appreciate the hassle-free design.

Portability and Discreet Vaping Experience

Weighing only a few ounces, the Nimbus Vape is highly portable and pocket-friendly. Its discrete size and lack of noticeable odor make it ideal for enjoying extracts on the go or in public places.

Like most users, we must rave about the vapor produced at low temps. It is quite light and dissipates quickly, leaving no lingering scent. Combined with multiple flavor options, the Nimbus vape provides a discreet way to vape as you need throughout the day.

What Could Be Better

While the Nimbus Vape is quite efficient overall, some users report it may consume concentrate slightly faster than other vaporizers. However, for those seeking a more intense experience, the tradeoff in efficiency can be worthwhile.

The three LED lights indicating heat settings can also be difficult to discern at certain angles or lighting conditions. A user may mistakenly believe the wrong setting is selected. Ensuring the lights are viewed straight on provides the clearest indication.

The “stealth mode” could function more discreetly. During the brief transition period after tapping the button, the tip continues to illuminate noticeably. This compromises stealth for those hoping to vape without drawing attention. With some engineering adjustments, it could instantly darken for true covert use.

Wrap-Up: Overall Premium Vaping Experience

Whether enjoying a flavorful sativa cartridge in the morning or an indica cart before bed, users consistently report being impressed by the premium overall experience provided by the Nimbus Vape. Its cutting-edge design, paired with high-quality materials and powerful yet efficient performance, has made it a top choice for cannabis extract consumption. The Nimbus sets the standard for a discreet, consistent, and truly enjoyable vaping experience.

Elara Trent
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