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TRENDI Vape Pen Review: Is the Live Resin Disposable Vape Yay or Nay?

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on January 25, 2024

TRENDI Vape Pen Review Is the Live Resin Disposable Vape Yay or Nay

TRENDI is a premium cannabis brand that shook things up and set the gold standard in the US. The laid-back disposable live resin vape pens are crafted by the well-known Las Vegas powerhouse. It features a bright, elegant, and sleek design that feels and looks high-end without going overboard.

The Trendi Super Sonic, Karhashain, Island Cookies, and other disposable vaporizers are not just another line of cannabis vape pens. They’re all-rounders that bring together aesthetics, durable build, and simple functionality. Their smooth, bright matte finish and flat mouthpiece design give Trendi vape pens an ultra-luxe feel, which is a feat that only a handful of brands like CILICON, Evolab, and Pax have accomplished. They’re certainly some of the best-rated vape pens out there.

In this Trendi vape review, we’ll walk you through their features, design, performance, upkeep, and value for money.

Why are Live Resin Vape Pens So Popular?

Unless you are a newbie, you know that there are tons of ways to take cannabis in 2024. However, if you fancy a stealthy way to get a buzz on the bounce, you’ll quickly realize that a vape pen is your best shot. It helps you puff discreetly, whether you’re at a family get-together, on a road trip, or in the dog park walking your favorite doggie.

Live Resin

Because you’re ditching blunts and joints, vaporizers allow you to consume weed in oil or concentrate form. That’s where live resin vapes come into play. Unlike distillate, which contains almost pure THC, live resin focuses on the full spectrum. It’s a matter of choosing quality over the high potency of delta-9 cannabis.

Going for weed distillate is no different than a teenager thinking high ABV is the benchmark for quality liquor. CBD and THC oils that pack a high punch don’t necessarily translate into great vaping or high experience. Using CO2 or ethanol extraction strips hemp and cannabis of terpenes, which are rich in aroma and flavor.

Live resin vapes are filled with concentrate that’s freeze-extracted and processed from weed flowers. This delicate process keeps all beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and aromatic terpenes intact. The combo of these best-for-you compounds creates what we call the “entourage effect” — it is when they work to perk up their individual benefits. That’s the magic behind live resin vaporizers, where Trendi vape pens bring their A-game.

How Trendi Live Resin Vape Pen Works

As with the majority of concentrated cannabis pens, the vaporizer of the Trendi vape has a straightforward draw-to-activate operation. There are no fancy bells and whistles on the pen. You don’t have to cycle between wattage or temp settings with gunky buttons. However, it has a lovely preheat function, helping you puff out the most of your vape pen.

This is a disposable vape, so you don’t have to refill it. Just hold the button down to switch on the heating elements and get ready to puff away. For your first hit, inhale your puff while you hold down the button. If you are used to thin CBD oils, this thick live resin concentrate might seem to take a while to melt and vaporize. Be patient.

Trendi Vape Pen Design Features and Benefits

Aromatic Vapor Quality

We must admit that Trendi vape pens gush out amazing flavors of the live resin at low temps. However, when you ramp up the temps, you should expect lung-filling yet pure cloud puffs on par with Pax Pro. The majority of the performance will depend on your patience and the original flavor profile.

Trendi vape Aromatic Vapor Quality

The mesh coils under the hood are meant to take small bits of resin and will generate some amazing vapor. The slanted mouthpiece design is not shabby either when it comes to vapor output. You can take long hits for more intense puffs, but 2-3 seconds should give you the right buzz and aromatic flavors in each cloud.

As far as vapor quality goes, the terpenes and added flavors do the most talking. Trendi vape pens come in a wide range of flavor packages. For instance, Trendi Pineapple Fanta has over 85% THC with fruity yet earthy pineapple and orangey aromas. As for terpenes, each gram of the live resin gives you 19.3mg of Terpinolene, a perfumey aroma that’s citrusy, woody, and spicy. The sweet Ocimene and herbal Limonene round out the terpene profile.

Build Quality

There’s nothing that jumps at you when it comes to the manufacturing quality of Trendi vape pens. The products feel nice to hold and sleep to the eye, but the smooth matte can be a bit sweaty after long vaping sessions. The vaporizer is terrifically crafted with a window design.

The Las Vegas-based brand uses a mesh coil under the hood for heating elements. They get the job done but are nowhere near the robustness of ceramic coils or quartz rods found in vape devices like BBTank X. The cannabis live resin is heated directly by the battery and wicks up as vapor. The result is a less smelly puff and more intense hits.

The battery on this beauty is slim. We’ll focus ahead on the battery capacity, but it certainly adds to the compact design that outshines most other cannabis vape pens out there. In the box, you’ll get the disposable vaporizer pen, and there are no other widgets.

Battery Capacity

The battery on the Trendi live resin vaporizer pen isn’t something worth calling home about. After all, this is a disposable Trendi vape pen. However, it comes at almost double the battery capacity of mid-tier live resin disposables. You’ll get lots of solid puffs of just one battery, and it should last a seasoned vaper one-off weekend on a Las Vegas spree, but a casual user can power through a week or so.

Portable Design

As with most vape pens, this device is spot-on with portability. It’s great for vaping when you are out and about. It slips nicely into your shirt pocket, pants pocket, or even clutch. Of course, you should consider keeping it in a dedicated sleeve or case in your vaping toolkit.

Trendi vape Portable Design

With decent juice in the battery at full charge, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery life when you go partying, camping, or hiking. For the heavy vaper, the portable design comes as a huge plus, especially if you love to hit in small bits throughout the day.

User-Friendly Vaporizer

The Trendi vape is an ideal unit for veterans and beginners alike. It’s a cinch enough for anyone to get the hang of, particularly if you are new to live resin and cannabis concentrates. The matte finish, such as the bright orange on the 99 Bananas model, is dirt-resistant. Cleaning the unit is a snap, particularly if you have a cotton swab dabbed in isopropyl alcohol.

The press-on flat mouthpiece design uses only a single button to get you up and running. That means the operation is an absolute cinch. The snug thread integrated into the vaporizer helps keep leaks and splashes at bay. Overall, this vape pen hits impressively enough and just right that seasoned users can find it worthy for a weekender buzz.

The Trendi vape pen is a workhorse when it comes to live resin vaping. It does a bang-up job when you need to get that serious hit, heating up in next to no time. If you are looking for a vape to help you vape weed concentrate or THC resin, you might consider a rechargeable rig.

Discreet Design

Trendi Vape Discreet Design

The cannabis vaporizer looks like a regular e-cig. It doesn’t arouse much attention unless you did pick up a flavor profile that hits the nose with a strong punch. Unlike other vape pens, you can puff a super quick yet intense hit in no more than 15 seconds and tuck it away if you are in a tight spot. We love the compact yet slender design.

Safety Features and Reliability

A growing body of studies, including 2021 research from Johns Hopkins University, have found that poorly manufactured vape products can have a wide range of harmful chemicals. That is why it pays to purchase your vaporizers and vape pens from a well-known, trustworthy brand and Trendy checks all the right boxes for safety.

All the ingredients that go into the live resin preparation come from ethical farms within Nevada and California. Their cannabis plants are grown without harmful pesticides and fertilizers that could end up in your puffs.

The vape cartridge content has been tested and validated by a third-party testing lab in California, and they contain no noticeable levels of arsenic, mercury, cadmium, or lead. Pretty much all cannabis THC is derived from pure organic cannabis extract and no artificial flavors or additives are included.

Besides, the Trendi vape is built using top-notch materials that ensure it lasts long enough for your vaping sessions. Whether you’re a frequent user or just starting out, you can count on the vaporizer to be durable. Besides, the vape design features leak-proof threading and easy cleanup for a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience.

Pros and Cons of Trendi Vape Pen


  • A great choice for both veteran and newbie users
  • Superb vapor quality, particularly at high temps
  • Decent battery life that lasts until you deplete the live resin in the tank
  • Premium-looking design with well-machined parts and a beautiful matte finish
  • Compact design for discreet vaping and portability


  • Disposable design – Not great for eco-conscious warriors looking for rechargeable vapes
  • It may not be entirely discreet at high temps when it produces large clouds.

Trendi Vape Pen Review: Overall Experience and Verdict

Compact, discreet, and sleek, the Trendi vape pen offers a great way to take live cannabis resin in a consistent manner. The vape pen packs a punch with concentrated weed oil that gets heated up by the battery mod under the hood. The vaporized puffs are ready for inhaling in less than ten seconds.

For the mid-range price at which it is sold, the Trendi vaporizer is a great pick for anyone looking to get a bang for their money. It’s a mighty workhorse of a live resin pen that can handle any flavor or oil thickness you can throw in its direction for some killer vapors. The option to use the push-down flat mouthpiece design is just the cherry on top.

Sure, the battery doesn’t have the biggest capacity of the bunch, but the slim design pays off in sheer discreet vaping. As for cleanup, it needs a simple wind down, and you’re good to go. One word – try!

Elara Trent
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