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Why Is Your Vape Flashing and Not Working? (With Solutions)

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on March 18, 2024

Why Is Your Vape Flashing and Not Working (With Solutions)

Even the most experienced vapers are often baffled by their disposable vape when it stops working. One common occurrence is the vape light flashing, which signals various possible issues in the vape pen.

Since it’s impossible to know each light color and its problem by heart, this post is a helpful guide for confused users with a blinking disposable vape. Keep reading to find out what your disposable vape pen blinking means.

Why Is the Light on Your Vape Pen Blinking?

The light on your vaping device is the simplest way for the product to indicate when there is an issue. It communicates through different frequencies, colors, and intensities. When vape pens begin flashing, and the device cuts off working, you can only get it to start again by fixing the underlying issue.

To help with this, here are a few possible reasons causing your disposable vape’s light to turn on:


The battery is the closest linked component to the blinking light on your disposable vape. Most vapes use lithium-ion batteries because they can produce the necessary power for such a small device. There are many problems with the battery that can trigger the light:

#1 Charging

From the basic vape designs to the most complex, the light on a disposable vape pen communicates its charging levels.

When the battery is low, the light turns red. It can be solid or blink slowly. The red light will stay on until you recharge the battery or it completely dies. Sometimes, the light changes another color before it turns red to warn you that the battery is dying.

While connected to a charging source, the vape light turns white. It may flicker or remain white even when the battery is fully charged. Some vaping devices have other indicators for a full battery: either a green light that turns on or all lights turn off.

#2 Connection Issues

This point is particular to those disposable vapes that can be opened, which most models are incapable of. In vape devices that can be taken apart, the light indicates that a component isn’t connected correctly. However, if you were adventurous and took your disposable vape pen apart, this may also stand true for your case. For example, if you separated your disposable vape for maintenance and forgot to properly reattach the battery, the light will flash as a warning, or no lights will turn on due to a lack of power source. You can reassemble the device and pay attention to how you connect the battery.

#3 Fault

Vape manufacturers have added a feedback system in most models, which helps users identify when there’s a problem. Sometimes, the light on your vaping device turns on because there’s a fault inside the system (often with the battery), stalling its function.

You can check for this information on the box of your disposable vape, company website, or user manual provided in the packaging. Once you get it checked by an expert or follow the reset guide, the light should automatically turn off. You may have to part ways with it if it doesn’t.

Vape juice

Once the e-liquid inside the reusable vape device requires a refill, the system will turn on a light to indicate it. In contrast, the disposable vape blinks when the e-liquid in a disposable vape runs out.

In disposable vapes, once the light turns on you begin getting dry hits and fewer puffs. Since these can’t be refilled, you’ll have to discard and replace your disposable.

The light may turn on for rechargeable, reusable, or buildable vapes right before the liquid finishes. That is a good time to refill the same flavor or change to a new one. Before you add in new e-liquid, always remember to clean the tank and check the wicks.

Technical Issues

At times, your disposable vape may malfunction or become damaged internally. A light will flash because of its pre-programmed stalling mechanism.

The first case is when the vape overheats (due to overuse and exposure to heat or direct sunlight). The battery can heat up if you continuously use your vape without giving it time to cool down in between puffs. Because it becomes dangerous to use the device, its internal system shuts down (as part of its built-in safety features), and a light turns on to inform you of the danger.

If you drop your vape on a hard surface, spill liquid on it, or it’s damaged due to poor maintenance, a light turns on, and the device stalls. To get it to work again, you should get it checked at a repair shop or cleaned professionally.

What Do Different Vape Pen Light Colors Mean?

Disposable vape pens blink different colors for multiple issues.


The white vape light is the most commonly seen color. It means multiple things and blinks in brand-new disposable vapes and old ones. It turns on when the vape is puffed, powered on, has a technical issue, a disconnected component, and much more.

This color is the most confusing because it can start blinking randomly and pester the user until the issue is fixed. When a disposable vape stalls, the white light often remains on unless it’s replaced by red or another color to indicate a serious problem.


The green light is reserved to indicate that your (Rechargeable) disposable vape pen is either fully charged or a new vape device is ready to use. It’s straightforward and blinks as a good sign, so you shouldn’t be worried.


A dead battery or connection issue is often signaled with the red light. It turns on for a brief moment, or the device blinks continuously until the problem is resolved. The red light can often be frustrating because technical issues trigger it to flash until the battery dies.

Other Colors

Some vaping devices use different colors to point out unique problems. Users have reported their vape pen blinking blue, purple, orange, and yellow colors, among others, as a signal for odd problems that stall their vapes.

How to Fix a Blinking Disposable Vape Pen?

Your disposable vape is more delicate than most users realize. It isn’t made of glass but can’t withstand extreme conditions or force. If your vape pen has started blinking after an accidental drop or other mishap, then you may know the root cause of the problem.

However, if your vape pen started blinking out of nowhere, you can try the following suggestions to fix it:

1. Adjust Internal Components

Other than your vape pen blinking, there can be other small signs of internal issues. For example, your vape pen blinks like it’s working normally (or is stuck in the white color), but no vapor is coming out. That differs from a dry hit when the vape seems completely dry or burnt inside.

The culprit can be a blocked mouthpiece or misaligned gasket. You can gently remove the mouthpiece (and any piece under it) to inspect the center hole of the vape pen under a flashlight. If you’re unable to see inside, it’s blocked. You can readjust anything out of place with a toothpick or other thin object.

Once you’ve fixed the issue, take a puff to check how well the vape pen is working. If it gives less vapor, partially cover the air vents with your finger and take a long puff. The air pressure built inside will help improve the vape pen delivery.

2. Check the E-liquid

Does your disposable vape taste burnt? It’s a sign that the e-liquid has either run out or the atomizer coil has burnt the wick.

If you aren’t confident about filling your vape’s oil yourself, consider seeking professional assistance.

The problem with disposable vapes is that they can’t be refilled with e-liquid, so the light stays on until the battery dies.

To further explain, disposable vapes use a wick (or cotton material) saturated with e-liquid around the atomizer coil. The coil heats up, and the e-liquid evaporates completely, leaving the wick dry. Theoretically, you could just re-saturate the wick with e-liquid, but it’s not worth the hassle.

Removing the wick from the coil and then putting the device back together is possible, but it can be a messy process, and you could damage the components. So, simply replace the device if this is the case.

3. Clean the Charging Port

As previously mentioned, a blinking or solid red light indicates a low battery. If your vape pen isn’t working and the blinking light is red, your vape pen may not be recharging well.

The USB port accumulates dust and dirt over time. If you keep your vape pen in your pocket, it can also gather fabric fluff, which gets pushed deeper when you insert the charging pin into the port.

Eventually, the deposited grime stops the USB port from making proper contact with the charger. So, it can’t recharge the battery.

You may think the vape battery is dead or experiencing battery failure when it just isn’t charging. So, one fix is to use a toothpick and gently dig out any deposits from the USB port.

4. Contact the Manufacturer

In the odd case that your brand-new disposable vape pen is blinking and doesn’t work, you can first check its user manual for instructions. There may be a few steps before you can turn it on.

But if you’re convinced that your vape pen is a faulty piece, you can directly reach out to the manufacturer or check the shop or online website from which you purchased it.

They can offer to replace the device, refund money, or check your device to resolve the issue.

In some cases, a blinking light refers to a low battery in a new vape, so you can give it a full recharge. In other circumstances, it’s a call to press and hold the power button to activate the device and change the light color.

5. Replace the Device

After trying all possible fixes, if your disposable vape continues blinking and not working, you should simply replace it.

You might be confused if it’s a new device or wasn’t used that long. However, the way you use your vape pen also influences its life. If you don’t take measures to prevent overheating, take shorter puffs quickly (frying the wick), or leave the vape battery uncharged for too long, the device runs out of use sooner.

In a Nutshell

Disposable vape pens can be temperamental and leave you frustrated. However, there’s an easy solution for most of the problems in a disposable vape. On the off chance that your disposable device is completely unresponsive, you’ll need to replace it.

To check out some of the best disposable vape pens on the market or learn more about innovations in disposable devices, visit our website or contact the experts at Ciliconplus.

Elara Trent
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