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ELEV Box3-1A
Creativity in the Palm of Your Hand

The mini-sized, mega-capable ELEV Box3 is just as powerful as it is portable. Weighing less than 30.8g and with upgraded vaporizing features, it’s not only use-friendly, it’s also the most portable 2mL disposable in its series. With the unique contrast color design and mini cola product appearance, it redefines what it means to box-like disposable.

All the Features You Need to Know
  • Unique Product Design
    Unique Product Design
  • Custom Product Available
    Custom Colors Available
  • Improved-Vaping-Performance-2A-3
    Improved Vaping Performance
  • Charging – Type-C-
  • Dimension
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
    0~0.5S 11.1W
    0.5S~5S 9.4W
    5S~10S 7.9W
  • Tank Material
    PCTG(Food Grade)
  • Mouthpiece Material
    PC(Food Grade)
  • Central Post
    Stainless Steel (SUS304)
  • Battery Material
  • Activation
    Button Activation
  • Ceramic Coil
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Charging
  • Tip Type
  • ELEV Box 3 Specifications 1
  • ELEV Box3 Specifications
Discover new ways to enjoy moments with ELEV Box3

ELEV Box3 is uniquely shaped, portable and easy to operate. Push the button to directly start your wonderful vaping journey.

Bring ELEV Box3 to Satisfy All You Want
  • Unique-Product-Design- ELEV Box3
    Unique Product Design

    With the unique product appearance and soft-touching rubber paints, ELEV Box3 presents a visual experience unlike any other product. The impressive cup-like design is both individual and portable, making your experience more creative and interesting.

  • Next-Level-Vaping-Performance-ELEV Box3
    Next-Level Vaping Performance

    Feel the thrill of superior vaporizing performance provided by the improved Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology. The fast-responding button activated system gives you an ultra-smooth, multi-functional vaping experience.

  • Custom-Colors-Available- ELEV Box3
    Custom Colors Available

    ELEV Box3 stands out in more ways than one. Product appearance with customizable-color, ELEV Box3 allows cannabis aficionados to make their vaping experience as unique as they are.

Technologies in ELEV Box3
More Options Available for ELEV Box3
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