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Blog 丨 2022.06.02

Uncovering The Secret to The Ultramodern 510 Thread Cannabis Cartridge


The OG Cannabis Cartridge!


The most reputable cannabis vaporizer type is the 510 thread cartridge. Its 510 thread connectors have been standardized in the cannabis vaporizers industry. It is the most adaptable and distributed type of cannabis atomization product in the cannabis market. For this reason, many well-known cannabis cartridge brands, like CCELL, and AVD, turn to the 510 thread cartridge as their major product line.

What makes 510 thread cartridge arisen as the stereotypical cannabis cartridge variety? Firstly, the 510 thread product is the first type of product that launched in the cannabis market. Secondly, it also represents the mainstream of changing pod and product form. By implementing this similar form factor and taking advantage of the cannabis legalization momentum in 2018, the 510 thread cartridge has catered most consumers’ vaping habits and fashioned itself into the next preferred vape device!

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The Current 510 Thread cartridge: Which Aspects Need Refinement?


Despite its predominance in the cannabis cartridge market, Cilicon has identified some aspects of the current 510 thread vape device, which need tweaks to become more reliable for the cannabis vapers. Let’s dig into each of them briefly!



1. The Untapped Innovation in 510 Thread Cartridge Design Aspect 


The 510 thread cartridges in the market generally lean toward a one-for-all design concept that cares less about aesthetics. The cartridge design mostly tends to be the traditional pen design with single product form. Besides, the focal point of the current 510 thread cannabis vape device is solely its 510 thread connectors, which makes a single 510 thread battery pairable with any 510 thread cartridges available in the marketplace. But such random combinations tend to make the vaporizer as a whole look uncoordinated and fail to create consistent aesthetic value externally. This lack of design innovation causes the 510 thread cartridge’s market to become less differentiated and dull compared to other cannabis cartridge segments.

Aside from the neglected aesthetic, the current design of 510 thread cartridge encounters some functionalities set back that are listed below:

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2. 510 thread cartridge with Glass Oil Tank is Seamless but Shatters More Often


The glass material indeed grants a premium touch to a 510 thread cartridge. However, this material choice is vulnerable when the 510 thread vape device accidentally falls to the ground, which becomes highly possible considering its cylindrical design. If the oil tank glass cracks due to the impact, the valuable cannabis oil will leak through the rupture. The worst-case scenario may also render the whole 510 thread vape device inoperable.




3. 510 Thread Cartridge Improper Assembly Diminishes Cannabis Vaping Experience


In some circumstances, cannabis vapers may improperly assemble their 510 thread cartridges and cause the mouthpiece to misalign with its battery rod. This creates an obstacle, and an unsmooth condition deteriorates the overall vaping experience as it will become challenging for the cannabis vapor to inhale from their 510 thread cannabis vape devices.



4. Standardized 510 Cartridge Design Leaves Stereotypes for Cannabis Vapers


Utilizing the popular 510 thread cartridges in public exposes the cannabis vaper to stereotypes. As its bulky design is highly perceptible, the 510 thread cartridge becomes an insinuation for a cannabis vaper who regularly vape cannabis. This stereotype is especially relevant to millennials as the most common 510 thread cartridge user category.



The Refreshment You Need is Right in Front of Your Eyes



As we have covered all these aspects that still have room for improvement, Cilicon wants to introduce you to our phenomenal 510 thread cartridges, ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1! Our 510 thread cartridge will become your next best-selling that surpasses all cannabis cartridge stereotypes! This product is the marvelous solution to the concerns related to any conventional cannabis 510 thread cartridge discussed above, plus more!

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1. Three-in-One Vape Solution: Sleek, Functional, and Unique!


Cilicon’s ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1 will be your go-to 510 thread vape devices due to its modern and immaculate design. The stair-like shape of ELEV Nano1 will be an innovation that keeps away all stereotypes, which is especially beneficial for those personalized cannabis vapers! Moreover, in order to make the 510 thread cartridge look more harmonious and consistent as a whole, Cilicon launched a custom 510 battery stem for the ELEV Nano1 — ELEV Buff1. These two connected devices combined together can convey users a more aesthetic and unique product consumption experience. And the special product design will differentiate your 510 thread cartridges from your competitors’ products. ELEV 510 thread product series will uniquely represent your brand and lead you to become the top of mind in the 510 thread cartridge industry!



2. Packed with A Bunch of Features to Enhance Cannabis Vaping Experience


The additional benefit of ELEV Buff1 comes with its limitless features! For various types of cannabis extract and feature, the corresponding heating temperature is adjustable. And the temperature control function is precisely what the cannabis cartridge needs to achieve a luscious tasting vapor without the chance of being overburnt. ELEV Nano1 also features the latest ceramic heating core technology called Formatrix™. The compact micropore ceramic coil will blow all cannabis vapers away with its vaporizing performance, delivering uniformed puffs. Aside from refining the vapor production, ELEV Nano1 also pampers the cannabis cartridge users with the safe and comfortable mouthpiece made by food-grade PCTG. Finally, the option to choose the screw or press assembly method gives the cannabis vapers straightforward options to pair the 510 thread cartridges with its battery. Say no more to improper assembly!




Climb to the Top with ELEV 510 Thread Product Series as Your Quintessential 510 Thread cartridges



The competition in the 510 thread cartridge market becomes incredibly fierce and may become fiercer moving forward. To stay ahead of this competition, all cannabis cartridge companies need to go above and beyond product innovation. One of the methods is to turn to the most unique 510 thread cartridge available to catch the market’s attention. Cilicon’s ELEV 510 thread product series will be the fulfillment you need! The flat and sleek design, trouble-free pairing methods, and sophisticated features will become the killer 510 thread cartridge that the cannabis vapers will strive for!



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