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Blog 丨 2023.02.22

Cannabis Vaporizer Battery 101

The cannabis industry has been experiencing exponential growth due to its legalization in many states. This opportunity is taken by a lot of business owners to spread their wings into the cannabis business. Many companies choose to invest in cannabis consumption tools as it is more in line with the usage habits of contemporary consumers – simplicity and portability, and it does not involve the sophisticated process of cultivating the cannabis plant, which has to learn about the cannabis genes, obey federal law regulation and etc.

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As a tool powered by electricity, the cannabis vaporizer relies on a battery to turn on its heating core, exposing heat to the cannabis oil through the heating coil. The cannabis vaporizer battery can be defined as the power source built into the device itself, and let the cannabis oil is vaporized at the most optimal temperature. It could be classified as two activation methods involving button clicks or direct inhalation, and generally possesses straightforward and technical operating mechanisms. Now, let’s dive into the two major types of batteries utilized for cannabis vaporizers.

Two major cannabis vaporizer battery types

#1 Automatic batteries

This battery type works with those cannabis vaporizers activated via direct inhalation and is usually paired with Duair™ Technology . The battery is embedded with a sensor capable of detecting when the airflow from breathing enters the device. This cannabis vaporizer battery type may seem a bit more convenient as the cannabis vapers need not conduct extra work to get their cannabis vaporizers working like pressing the button to start the device. The automated operation resembles a regular cigarette favored by cannabis vapers who originated from smoking. And consumers don’t need to worry about the flavor consistency issue for the first several puffs caused by insufficient heat, the following battery technologies will back up your concerns and greatly enhance the overall vaping quality.

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#2 Manual batteries

Although manual batteries need to do an extra step, the encouraged preheat function promotes flavor consistency even for the first puff. The utilization of the button allows the cannabis vapers to exercise control over each hit if the battery comes with an adjustive voltage function. This button also acts as a power button for the cannabis vape device so that the device can be completely turned off when not used which relatively extend the device lifespan. Most cannabis vaporizers activate and change voltage by clicking the button for times, making them a relatively safer option for those cannabis vapers who live with children.

Sophisticated cannabis vape’s battery technologies to go for

Aside from selecting the most suitable cannabis vaporizer battery type that fits their needs, cannabis vapers can also consider the other technologies that come with it. On the cannabis vaporizer manufacturer’s side, it is a great opportunity for making their cannabis vaporizers stand out among the competitors with technological advancements. So, what are these technologies?

#1 Variable voltage batteries

Maximizing a cannabis vaporizer battery means fully controlling the power delivery system. Using a control panel, cannabis vapers can effortlessly select the optimal power to deliver their favorite hit. Depending on the type of cannabis oil consistency and desired vapor, different voltages will provide a customized cannabis vaping experience. Whether they like intense terpene flavor or cannabinoid effect, they can choose the kind of experience they desire when they utilize a cannabis vape device with a variable wattage battery.

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#2 Temperature control function

The temperature control function also influences the cannabis vaporizer battery power. Similar to selecting the wattage or voltage, the cannabis vaporizer battery’s voltage is set up at a relatively higher parameter and gradually falls and levels off to remain a balance and consistent taste. This feature is vital for people who pursue an instant and strong mouthfeel, and maintaining the heating coil’s temperature constant also helps produce thicker and more consistent vapor.

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#3 Fast-charging

Waiting for a cannabis vape device to fully charge can be frustrating, especially when it charges slowly. Therefore, implementing a fast-charging capability (Type-C) is essential to considerably reduce the waiting time before use.

Maximizing a cannabis vaporizer battery performance

No matter how sophisticated the battery technology is, it will need to be adequately maintained to be safe and optimum in power delivery. Cilicon curates a list of tips to ensure a cannabis vaporizer battery is always ready to deliver the best puffs for all cannabis vapers!

#1 Properly store a cannabis vaporizer battery

Ensure that a cannabis vaporizer battery is stored in a cool and dark place, mainly when it is not used for a long time. Avoid direct sunlight as it will deteriorate the battery performance faster than expected. During the storage, the battery level must also be turned off and kept at a minimum of 40% to allow for some discharge and retain the protection circuit. However, it is still advisable to regularly activate cannabis vaporizers as they are usually designed for daily use.

#2 Pursue a precise charging style

It may come as a surprise, but a cannabis vaporizer battery should not be charged to 100% to lengthen its lifespan. So, charge a cannabis vaporizer battery to around 90% and avoid charging it overnight! Like other electronic devices, constantly plugging and discharging a cannabis vaporizer battery for a short period can significantly reduce the battery’s lifespan.

#3 Keep vaporizer battery clean

This part is often overlooked by cannabis vapers, even though it can be effortlessly done. Cleaning the battery terminals is exceptionally straightforward. We can utilize either tissues or cotton swabs soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the battery’s terminal. Remember to let them dry before re-attaching the battery.

#4 Safely carry the cannabis vaporizer battery

It is advisable to purchase a cannabis vaporizer’s case to avoid the battery from being exposed freely. Not only that it is easier to pick up dust, but when the battery is in contact with metals like keys, coins, etc., it will be at risk of short-circuiting.

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Cilicon as a quintessential cannabis vaporizer manufacturing partner

Understanding how batteries are the core components of a cannabis vaporizer makes Cilicon a trustworthy manufacturing partner. With our original design manufacturing service, we are willing to introduce all of the excellent cannabis vaporizers (including cartridge and battery). In addition, Cilicon is ready to help business owners source premium material and implement numerous sophisticated cannabis vaporizer battery technologies as an ultimate differentiating factor from competitors!

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