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Blog 丨 2022.11.24

Cannabis Vape Batteries: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to portable cannabis vape, there is one feature they all have in common: they all have vape batteries. If they run out or refuse to work, the vaporizer dies. At the same time, many vape consumers overlook the importance of batteries and how to maintain them. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about cannabis vape batteries.

cannabis vape batteries

The Different Types of Cannabis Vape Batteries

Cannabis vape batteries can be differentiated in several ways, including the type of device, charging ability, activation, voltage, capacity and other factors.

Type of Vaporizer Device: Disposable Batteries vs. 510 Battries vs. Pod Batteries

The distinction between these types of vaporizers is partly due to the different way the batteries are connected to the device. Disposable cannabis vaporizers, like the Cilicon’s ELEV Bar1, SOLO 1 and SOLO 1 Pro, are meant to be disposed in their entirety once the cannabis runs out. The battery is therefore completely attached to the rest of the device (the tank and heating element). Many disposables are designed with rechargeable now in case not enough power to vaporize before the oil or concentrate in the device running out. This type is extremely user-friendly as vape consumers do not need to worry about the battery. 510 cartridges, like Cilicon’s ELEV Nano and SOLO Nano series, usually come pre-filled with cannabis (although some are refillable, often referred to as kits) and can attach to the battery unit. They are typically compatible with universal 510-thread batteries. This type of vaporizer is the most versatile, as vape consumers can purchase the battery unit separately and interchange between different brands’ cartridges. Pod-system, like Cilicon’s FLARE X2 and FLARE X1, similarly come pre-filled, but they use a proprietary connector and corresponding battery packs, which means only match the same brand’s battery and pod each other and not compatible with universal batteries.

disposable & 510 cartridge

Vape Battery Charging: Non-Rechargeable vs. Rechargeable

This distinction is self-explanatory. Non-rechargeable batteries, hardly found on the market now, like those often found in previous disposable vaporizers, are single-use, while rechargeable batteries can be recharged once they run out. 510-thread batteries, Cilicon’s LIT Buff 2 and EDGE Mod1, come with rechargeable batteries, similar to most of your mobile devices, normally have either USB-C, micro-USB, or lightning connectors. It has dedicated charging cables that plug into wall outlets, computers and in your car, any USB cable with the right connector type should work. Most rechargeable batteries come with LED indicators that show whether the battery is full, running out, empty, or charging. Nowadays, some rechargeable batteries even have dedicated screens showing battery life as well as other information like voltage and puff count. Keep in mind, however, that rechargeable batteries do not recharge indefinitely. There is a limit of how many charging cycles they can go through before they start to lose their ability to hold charge.

Vape Battery Activation: Breath vs. Button

Breath-activated or inhale-activated batteries are turned on automatically when the vaper inhales and takes a hit from the device. They are also sometimes called automated, auto-draw and buttonless batteries. Button-activated or manual batteries require the vaper to press or click a button on the battery itself to turn them on. These buttons sometimes have multiple functions and differ from one battery to the next. Vapers using button-activated devices are advised to consult the battery’s instructional guide and familiarize themselves with what the button or buttons do. Some batteries, like Cilicon’s EDGE Mod1, are dual activated, so the vaper can choose between button or breath to preheat the cannabis extract.

cannabis vape battery EDGE Mod1



Vape Battery Voltage: Fixed vs. Variable

The voltage setting on a cannabis vape battery is important for one reason: it affects the temperature of the heating element and consequently has an impact on the flavor. The higher the voltage, the higher the temperature, which in turn determines the vapor produced, the flavor and even the smoothness of the draw. As the name would suggest, with fixed voltage batteries, you cannot change the power of the device or the temperature of the heating element by raising or lowering the voltage. Variable voltage batteries commonly have a range between 2.4V volts and 4 volts, which helps consumers to vape in different vapor concentrations at different places.

Vape Battery Capacity or Battery Life

Like all handheld electronics, the capacity of cannabis vape batteries are measured in milliamp hours (mAh). They usually range between 200 mAh and 900 mAh, and the higher the capacity, the longer the battery life. A 500 mAh battery produces roughly 250 puffs on a full charge. Capacity is also directly proportional to the size and weight of the battery, with high-capacity batteries being larger and/or heavier and requires stronger ceramic heating core.

Other Battery Factors

These include the size and shape of the battery, the materials used in their construction, and additional features like the aforementioned screen or preheat function. All these factors should be considered when deciding what type of battery (or device) you should get. If you are looking for portability, for example, a smaller, lower-capacity battery might be preferable compared to bulkier high-capacity batteries. On the other hand, a vape pen with larger device body leaves enough space for business to customize and create marketing information for themselves.

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cannabis vape battery

LIT Buff2

How To Keep Cannabis Vape Batteries Safe

The following are some tips and tricks to keep your cannabis vape batteries safe and running well:

1. General Care and Usage

You should turn off vape batteries when you are not using them, as keeping them powered not only drains the battery but could also ruin the heating coil. If the battery seems dirty, you can clean it using tissue paper, cotton bud, or even rubbing alcohol (using cotton bud) if harder cleaning is required. Make sure the battery is dry before using. If there are any visible signs of damage to the battery, discard them immediately.

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2. Storage and Transportation

You want to keep vape batteries out of direct sunlight and high temperatures as much as possible. It is a good idea to carry them in a case, preferably a plastic one to prevent batteries from coming into contact with metal objects and shorting. Store cannabis vape batteries in a cool, dark place, especially if you are storing them for an extended period of time. It is recommended to fully charge batteries before extended storage, but you can go as low as 40% charge. This ensures enough power to keep the protection circuit on, even if some discharge occurs during storage.

Cartridge and Battery

3. Charging Batteries

Various sources claim that a full discharge stresses vape batteries, compared to a partial discharge. Charging your battery before it is completely empty (ideally at around 20% charge) should improve its lifespan. At the same time, not fully charging batteries to 100% also extends their lifespan. To encourage this, many manufacturers set the indicators to show the battery as being fully-charged once it hits 90% capacity. You also want to refrain from charging too often in order to preserve the battery’s lifespan. Turn off manual batteries before plugging them into a charger.

4. Using Chargers

As much as possible, use the charger that comes with the battery when you purchase it if it has one. If you lose the original charger, try to find a replacement from the same manufacturer. This ensures that the voltage output is the same and matches the battery’s requirement. If you have to get a replacement from a different manufacturer, make sure to check the voltage output and current of the charger. Avoid charging vape batteries using phone, tablet or other chargers. In addition, unplug the battery or vaporizer once it is fully charged and do not leave it charging overnight or for extended periods of time without constant checking. This should minimize any chance of shorting, which might cause fires.

That is everything you need to know about cannabis vape batteries, as well as how to use them properly and safely. Do not forget, always purchase cannabis vape batteries and vaporizers from reputable sellers and reliable manufacturers like Cilicon!

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