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Blog 丨 2021.10.13

CBD Edibles vs. Vape: Choose Right Method for You


CBD Edibles vs. Vape


CBD has caught on in popularity over the last decade. More options have become available to consumers on the market, while the health properties of CBD have become more well understood. Many cannabis users enjoy CBD because it allows them to experience some of the calming physical properties of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive “high” of THC. While CBD has increased in popularity, two methods for consuming CBD that are favorites with consumers are vaping and edibles. Both of these methods are preferred because they are healthier and more discreet than smoking cannabis. At the same time, there are some essential differences between the two methods. The best method for your own CBD consumption depends on your tastes and preferences. The following guide breaks down the key differences between the experience of CBD Vape and consuming CBD edibles.

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Benefits of CBD Vaping, CBD Edibles and other CBD Products


It is crucial to first understand the benefits of CBD before deciding on which consumption method is best for you. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis, second in importance only to THC. Both of these cannabinoids are found in significant concentrations within most strains of cannabis. If you have never tried CBD products before, one way to understand CBD is to understand the difference between Indica and Sativa. Indica has a more body-oriented impact because it has a greater CBD concentration than Sativa strains.


However, as technology advanced, some growers realized that there was a demand for strains with no THC whatsoever. THC and CBD interact with two kinds of endocannabinoid receptors, those found in the brain and those found within the nervous system throughout the rest of the body. CBD provides its bodily effects because CBD only interacts with the receptors throughout the body and does not interact with those in the brain. As a result, CBD does not provide the psychoactive “high” that is experienced with THC. Some users enjoy having the ability to experience the calming effects of CBD on the body without experiencing a “high.” For example, some users may like to consume CBD for its anxiety-relieving properties when it would not be convenient to experience a “high,” such as at work. Over the last years, CBD has reached wide visibility and acceptance with the public, with 33% of people in the US reporting that they have used CBD at least once (SingleCare, 2021). In the modern cannabis market, consumers have many options for consuming cannabis products that only contain CBD.


The Appeal of CBD Edibles

One CBD consumption method that has become popular over the last decade is CBD edibles. In general, cannabis edibles experienced a surge in popularity during 2020 as the COVID pandemic caused consumers to search for non-inhaling methods of consuming cannabis. In 2020, the market share of edibles rose from 14.4% to 15.5% of the cannabis industry (Schaneman, 2021). Users enjoy edibles for their convenience and discreteness and the vast range of available options. Many people do not enjoy the taste of cannabis. However, everyone has a favorite food, so there is a CBD edible option that is enjoyable for everyone.


A final reason that people may choose CBD edibles is that consuming edibles has significant health benefits compared to smoking. CBD users are particularly likely to be concerned about health impacts because the main impact of CBD concerns wellness rather than enjoyment. Therefore, users are likely to consider healthier options such as edibles and vaping for their CBD consumption. Edibles are convenient, enjoyable, and healthy and could appeal to your CBD consumption needs.

Benefits of CBD Vaping

However, there is another option that is also convenient, enjoyable, and healthy: vaping. Just as with edibles, users can take their CBD through vaping in almost any setting. There is not the same wide range of options as there is with food. Nonetheless, many users enjoy the variety of flavored CBD oils available on the market, with flavors such as lemongrass ginger and tranquil mint (Kibet, 2020). Finally, vaping has a significantly lower health risk than smoking cannabis (Cirino, 2020). As with edibles, many users choose to vape for their CBD consumption needs because they are concerned with the health impact of their use.

Vaping vs Edibles

Although edibles and vaping have similar advantages, some key differences can help you choose which is best for you.

The first difference between the two is that vaping makes it easier to control dosing compared to edibles. With edibles, the cooking process means that CBD is not always distributed evenly across the whole edible. Although many edible products are small and contain one dose, other products are bigger, and some users may wish to save part of it for later. It is impossible to note the dose you are taking with each piece accurately.


On the other hand, dosage controls for vaping devices have become quite advanced so that each user can plan exactly how much CBD they are consuming with each puff. For example, the Cilicon ILLUMINATE battery can be designed with a dose control feature that enables users to precisely plan the amount of CBD that they will consume. Compared to edibles, there is an extremely high rate of technological advancement that is continuing to occur in the vaping industry. Dose control features are one example of how consumers can benefit from continued innovation in vaping technology.


Finally, one of the most significant differences between vaping CBD and edibles is that the onset length to feel the effect is much longer for edibles than for vaping. With vaping, the CBD molecules are absorbed through the lungs directly into the bloodstream, then traveling to the brain (CCSA, 2021). The user begins to feel the effects in their body within a few minutes or even seconds. On the other hand, edibles must first travel through your stomach and liver before reaching the bloodstream and, ultimately, the brain. As a result, the onset takes much longer, and it can be between 30 minutes to two hours before the user feels any effects. Therefore, users who wish to be able to time their CBD use carefully may prefer vaping. Vaping allows users to experience immediate relief if they are using CBD for anxiety or pain, rather than having to wait for up to two hours. On the other hand, some users prefer the slower onset and longer effects of edibles. The best decision for you ultimately comes down to your individual preferences.


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The Cilicon EDGE Mod1 (shown with cartridge)


Conclusion: Which should you choose? 


We have seen that there are several reasons for the popularity of CBD. CBD possesses many health benefits and is part of many people’s daily wellness routine. CBD products relax the body, helping with both pain and anxiety. Many consumers have taken advantage of the understanding that a relaxed body is one of the keys to long-term health. Moreover, the reasons for CBD’s popularity impact the way that people prefer to consume it. CBD users are more likely to favor discreteness and health than regular cannabis users. Therefore, edibles and vaping are two of the most popular methods of CBD consumption. For both consumers of edibles and people who vape, the market is rapidly expanding with new product offerings to meet the tastes of both new and experienced cannabis users. As a result, there is a CBD product to meet the needs of nearly any consumer. Now that you know the main differences between CBD edibles and CBD vaping, you can make the decision that fits the best with your lifestyle.