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Vaporizers 丨 2022.09.17

A Combination of Functionality and Modern Aesthetics Makes Cilicon’s High-capacity 510 Thread Vape the Leader of the Pack

Cilicon® recently released the latest additions to their 510 thread vape portfolio, the ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1. Cilicon’s 510 thread vape product solutions boast outstanding overall aesthetic and practical values among their key features. By adopting the design language of the conventional vape pen and incorporating an ergonomic philosophy, the 510 thread vape product solutions manage to reach the perfect combination between form and utility.


510 cartridge and battery

Small on the outside, powerful on the inside


Better when paired together, the ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1 feature a compact yet elegant appearance. For the body of the device, the design team opted for a classical minimalist aesthetic through a rounded streamlined look, with the ergonomic philosophy embodied in the stouter form of the cylinder. By broadening the circumference while slightly shortening the device, greater portability is achieved while minimizing the risk of breakage due to an overly thin-and-long shape. The overall design conveys the beauty of streamed lines through contrast in color and texture, highlighting the integration of the two components.


Capacity-wise, the ELEV Nano1 currently comes in three volume options, 1.5ml, 2ml and 3ml, to satisfy various customers’ needs. Two common tip types were also designed to meet different manufacturing conditions, including press-in for automated production and snap-in for manual production. The whole series is equipped with high-quality glass vision windows, as well as a medical-grade 316 stainless steel central post. Glass is less chemically reactive and smoother compared to plastic and other materials used in viewing windows, so cannabis oil is less likely to stick to the wall of the cylinder. These premium features help keep cannabis oil safe and clean, free from residue and heavy metals.


The jewel in the design crown, however, is the 510 battery, which greatly enhances the user experience. The body of the ELEV Buff1 is constructed from 304 stainless steel, known for its high corrosion resistance and poor thermal conductivity. In addition, the ELEV Buff1 is covered with soft-touch rubber painting, allowing for a comfortable grip and excellent anti-slip properties. The traditional button-activated system and branding-logo LED means operating the device is an intuitive, straightforward experience. Combining cutting edge yet understated technology, a sense of ceremony, and a classical style, the device commands the attention of customers and observers alike.


ELEV Buff1 510 battery

Small Outside, Powerful Inside.


To optimize vaping performance, the ELEV Nano1 is outfitted with the new generation of ceramic heating core—Formatrix™. Characterized by scientifically distributed microporous holes that evenly disperse heat, Formatrix™ cores facilitate better cannabis flavor retention and enhanced heating performance. Driven by the excellent heat durability and high rigidity of the Formatrix™ core, the heating process lets end-users save precious cannabis oil while making every puff of vape bolder and uniform with no over-burning taste.


formatrix technology


Not to mention, with the Smart Heating Control Technology, the ELEV Buff1 does more than simply deliver a steady power output to vaporize your cannabis oil. This feature adjusts the voltage in different stages in vaporizing to maintain a steady heating temperature. Like other products in the ELEV 510 series, the ELEV Nano1 delivers steady, superior vaping performance.


cilicon designed


Lest these features alone aren’t enough, Cilicon® also provides a product customized service—the Cilicon Designed™ platform, aimed to strengthen your product competitiveness and brand reputation in the cannabis market. Cilicon’s professional design team offers insightful and cost-conscious advice on various aspects of design, from color, material, structure and technology. This ensures end-users enjoy the perfect vaping experience through the outstanding features and functionality of the ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1.

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