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Vaporizers 丨 2022.02.25

Vape Pod: Cilicon FLARE X1 PRO Product Announcement

1.The Product Insight of Flare X1 Pro

CILICON’s most recent product strategy is to exert Pod Series Product’s development as the primary goal. CILICON desires to create a user-friendly and safe Pod product that has a sustainable performance-based derives based on a large number of POD market research.

The tremendous growth of POD in the cannabis market in recent years has created stunning sales performance for both cannabis vaporizer retailers and manufacturers. Based on the figure below, the increased rate of Pod Trend in California to the whole cannabis industry increase rate is 50% vs. 5.7%, which shows that the vapers in the cannabis market are adoring Pod as the new type of cannabis vape device.

Pod device is the best way to maintain the repurchase rate from cannabis users. It indirectly helps create a sustainable branding that expands vaporizer business and cannabis retailers due to its popularity. The figures below showcase the repurchase rate of two brands of vape devices: STIIIZY and PLUG PLAY. Both brands are currently selling POD products, and the repurchase rate of it is much higher compared to other types of vaporizers.

Based on these market insights mentioned above, CILICON decided to launch a Pod series vaporizer——Flare X1 Pro, with multiple patented technologies in the cannabis market. Its premium and sleek design come in handy for vapers to carry it anywhere with supreme performance without compromising its safety. With the effortful invention, we hope that Flare X1 Pro can become an iconic product distinction that provides the highest customer gratification in the cannabis vaporizer market with its precise and marvelous technology features.

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2.The Product Positioning for Flare X1 Pro

Flare X1 Pro is more than just a solid entry-level cannabis pod device. It is also the embodiment of the solutions that have been waited by the cannabis vape enthusiasts. The product is paired with the CILICON’ latest ceramic atomizing technology, Formatrix™ which the key is about the scientific micro-porous ceramic matrix, the BioBaleen Module™ that reduces the spit-back issue by 99% along with the patented Duair™ Technology by providing dual air paths to solve the majority of clogging issues throughout while vaping.

Flare X1 Pro will also have its matching companion, The Flare Base, designed with its built-in magnetic component with a subtle vibration and wireless charging features. The Flare X1 Pro provides not only magnificent but also a pragmatic and humanistic pod device.

Choose the Flare X1 Pro, if you are ready for the innovative product solution to endow your brand!

flareX1 Pro.jpg

3.Product Features of Flare X1 Pro

3.1 Product Series

Designed for both consumers segmentation who are in pursuit of a premium and high-level consumption experience as well as those clients whose demand for a powerful and yet elegant cannabis pod device, CILICON releases its pod series of Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro.

While Flare X1 is designed specifically for cannabis vape enthusiasts who seek a simple and powerful pod device, the Flare X1 Pro is designed and developed to exceed high-end consumers’ expectations.

Flare X1 is a flagship Pod device combining a wide range of innovative technologies and multiple ergonomic design details, which is a more advanced POD product solution provided by CILICON to enrich the product lines and power up your brand.

The most apparent distinction between the Flare X1 and The Flare X1 Pro is that the latter is equipped along with a wireless charging base, Flare Base. The Flare base is designed in line with the vision of its pod device companion, giving it a luxurious notion while placed on your desk in unison.

The pair blends both aesthetics and applicability in which you can snap your Flare X1 Pro with the Flare Base at your convenience. Furthermore, Flare X1 Pro features a gentle vibration to indicate the feedback mechanism in the plug-in design as an epitome of human-machine interaction, which effectively improves the consumer’s user experience.

FLARE X1 vape white.jpg

3.2 Product Design

Flare X1 series design is inspired by the Baroque period coupled with the renaissance art peculiarity. The panoramic oil-tank window resembles shiny jewelry’s traits of a solid and classic diamond-cut design while showcasing its resistance to boast the refraction of the golden oil surface from the upper portion of the chamber. Its classic striped texture on the side emphasizes the product’s detail to simulate a fun yet uncompromised elegance feature.

The Baroque along with the renaissance period art style brings out distinctive and unique visual effects to present grandeur and breathtaking product design experience. The Flare X1 product body has been enhanced through an anodic oxidation process technique to form a delicate texture revealing product’s elegance without leaving its durability factor. These State-of-the-Art elements have successfully helped us to enact an ergonomic and comfortable product that fits all age groups regardless of their gender.

3.3 Powerful Function

The Flare X1 series enhances the cannabis pod device to be more powerful than ever through several features. The emphasis upon humanistic design is incorporated through a simple haptic behavior from the device. The following are the features developed for the Flare X1 lineup:

3.3.1 Plug-and-Play

You can easily use and enjoy the Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro devices as plugging the pod into the battery. Once both components are connected, the LED indicator will light up once, and the battery will vibrate for 0.2 seconds. Those indicators provide a humanistic design through their feedback mechanism.

3.3.2 Overdose Protection

To avoid overdose inhalation, once the inhalation cycle exceeds 8 seconds mark, the LED indicator will blink three times, and the battery will vibrate to inform as a precautionary measure. Flare X1 series has been designed to employ the humanistic design to protect its user from danger.

3.3.3 Pre-Heat Mode

The oil within the pod could be pre-heated to enhance the user’s experience by simply plugging in and out the pod twice within two seconds time window to enable the pre-heat mode. During the pre-heat mode, the voltage for the device is automatically adjusted to 1.7±0.1V for six seconds. The function effectively solves the clogging problem due to cannabis oil condensation. Furthermore, this helpful feature is popular for cannabis vapers to heat the cannabis extract prior to use and protect the device for longer while maintaining the flavor of cannabis oil extract consistency.

3.3.4 Voltage Setting:

CILICON understand the importance of oil temperature to maximize the vaping experience. Therefore, both Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro come with up to two voltage settings:

• High Voltage setting – 3.2V±0.1V (Indicator: White LED indicator blinks for three times, and the battery vibrates for 0.2 seconds)

• Standard Voltage setting – 2.8V±0.1V (Indicator: Red LED indicator blinks for three times, and the battery vibrates for 0.2 seconds)

Flare X1 Vape.jpg

3.4 Advanced Technology

At here, could you write a short introduction for this technology part? Because the ‘powerful function’ part is too long, I separated the technology description from the function part as an independent argument.

3.4.1 Formatrix™ Technology

The importance of having high-quality ceramics as the cannabis vaping device heating material has been held as the pillar that maximizes user satisfaction. The Formatrix™ Technology balances the ceramic micropore to balance the device’s ability to absorb and contain the oil drop better. In addition to its well-balanced micropore composition, the Flare X1 series heating material is engineered to withstand higher temperatures (Up to 1200°C) and minimize the issue of powder-falling caused by the heating material. Therefore, Formatrix™ is featured to ensure cannabis enthusiasts’ purer, safer, and more pleasant vaping experience.

3.4.2 Duair™ Technology

The most common clogging issue often results from the solidified cannabis-concentrated oil that is stored in a low-temperature environment. The unpleasant hardened oil will start to block the microscopic holes within the heating material and eventually render most of the common devices unusable in the long run.

However, with the Duair™ Technology, Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro utilize the dual air channel to fend off the clogging or air-blockage issues that have become the normal occurrence in single air channel devices. Through two segregated air channels, the primary atomizing channel and electrical breathing-actuated channel, each of the channel acts as the auxiliary channel interchangeably by leaving one of the channels unobstructed all the time to let the heating material liquefy the hardened oil. The Duair™ Technology ensures that both Flare X1 product lines have a longer shelf life.

3.4.3 Oil Isolation™ Technology

CILICON Oil Isolation™ Technology limits the air inflow to enter the oil tank, the leaking probability can be significantly reduced from the oil-filling process through the actual vaping experience. By eliminating the sudden excessive airflow intake, the patented technology is set to solve the oil leaking problem by 90% which has been daunting for many Cannabis pod device users and distributors. Furthermore, the Oil Isolation™ Technology can help the Flare X1 Products to withstand extreme temperature from the extended duration usage scenarios by efficiently sealing the oil within the chamber to minimize users’ confidence towards the product’s durability and usability.

4.The recommendation from CILICON Product Manager-Pan Lee

POD is one of the most prominent vaporizers that empowers the THC cannabis industry! It has always been a primary vaporizer series that the CILICON brand has highly valued and deeply invested in its technology. By harmonizing multiple innovative patented technologies like Formatrix™ Ceramic Atomizing, Duair™ Technology, Oil Isolation™ Technology, and others into one vape device, FLARE X has become one of the indomitable atomizers that can retain the most decadent cannabis flavor. It creates the most remarkable vaping experience for cannabis vapers that assist our partners in creating a more competitive advantage in branding through product differentiation.

The unique plug-in temperature adjustment design enriches the interaction between user and technology, reflecting its humanistic approach. The delicate magnetic resonance touch feedback mechanism gives users a more precise and realistic control each time they operate the vape device, leaving consumers to enjoy the most refined user experience design of CILICON products in the cannabis market. The FLARE series uniform product distribution and thoughtful accessory support options reinforce our partners’ product planning and increase its launching success rate. It elevates cannabis users’ overall vaping experience as well.

Flare X1 Pro.jpg

5.The Product Value Delivered by Flare X1 Pro

Flare X1 Pro is a well-rounded elite pod device solution designed to satisfy customers who seek a premium vape product regardless of their gender and age demographics.  It is also suitable for the bold individual seeking a compelling product for a refreshing experience that has never been introduced in the market before. This is definitely the right hit for any cannabis vaporizer distributors or users looking for an excellent cannabis pod device from CILICON to empower and strengthen their brand development and customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in above Flare Series pod products, please contact Cilicon.

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