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Vaporizers 丨 2021.10.29

SOLO PRO: The Technological Refinement of Disposable Vape Pen

The SOLO PRO is an update to Cilicon’s popular SOLO disposable pen. Cilicon has excelled in the disposable pen space, capturing a market share of 39.8%. The SOLO represents a crucial part of this success. The SOLO was a smash hit at the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas in July 2021, sweeping the exhibition and becoming the most talked-about product at the conference. The immense interest that the market expressed for the SOLO provided Cilicon with the impetus to build on this success with the SOLO PRO. With the SOLO PRO, Cilicon seeks to further expand its control of the disposable pen market by improving consumer satisfaction using the most cutting-edge technological advancements and latest market insights.


The SOLO PRO improves on the original SOLO in two main ways:


First, the SOLO PRO utilizes new patented technology from Cilicon to improve the consumer experience in several ways. Specifically, with the integration of Cilicon’s Matrex™ ceramic heating technology and BioBaleen Module™, the SOLO PRO addresses key consumer concerns and needs.


Second, the SOLO PRO has applied Cilicon’s carefully researched market insights to the design process. Design innovations such as large oil windows and high-precision craftsmanship have been implemented in response to changing consumer preferences.


The result is a product that has emphasized performance and craftsmanship in each design decision. The SOLO PRO is exceptionally well-positioned to leave an even more significant impact on the industry than the original SOLO.





Unbeatable Performance

The SOLO PRO implements several performance upgrades which are unrivaled in the entire industry. First of all, the SOLO PRO takes advantage of all of the design advancements implemented in the original SOLO. The SOLO has experienced massive success in the disposable pen market, and the SOLO Pro implements several of the features that have been identified as crucial to the SOLO’s success. The SOLO PRO adopts a similar appearance to the SOLO’s sleek, angular design that consumers can easily slip into their pocket. At the same time, the implementation of the industry-leading Matrex™ ceramic heating technology and innovative BioBaleen Module™ pushes performance standards in the industry further than the original SOLO.

The use of high-quality raw materials in every component of the device ensures a seamless vaping experience while improving heating performance and providing a high degree of flavor retention. The large panoramic oil window on the device allows consumers to keep track of how much oil is left in their device while enjoying the aesthetic appeal of being able to see their cannabis oil. Finally, the SOLO PRO employs a high-precision industrial design which includes a fine frosted, sandblasted, and anodized outer layer, with the brand’s logo laser-carved on the device using the same color scheme.


Using Technology to Improve Performance

The first upgrade that has been implemented in the SOLO PRO is Cilicon’s patented BioBaleen Module™ which uses insight from the biological world to reduce spit back in the device and prevent clogging significantly. Just as a whale uses the baleen system in its mouth to filter big fishes from small fishes as they are feeding, the BioBaleen module employs the silicone BioBaleen™ Cap to absorb oil splashes letting the cannabis vapor pass through seamlessly. The cap’s soft-touch silicone brush reduces spit-back by 99% while eliminating the cause of oil pollution and clogging. The BioBaleen Module™ contributes to a vaping experience that preserves the purity and quality of the oil in every puff.




The second main technological innovation that has been implemented in the SOLO PRO is the Matrex™ ceramic heating core. Matrex™ is the newest generation of heating core technology developed by Cilicon, improving on past ceramic cores in several ways. The Matrex™ is smaller in size than previous cores, leading to increased energy efficiency and flavor retention. The ceramic outer layer and 316L medical-grade stainless steel core reduce heavy metal emissions, leading to a safer experience. Moreover, the Matrex™ core has optimized the design process by developing a proprietary formula for minimizing flow resistance across the porous ceramic material. This design element results in surface tension being equally spread across the surface of the core, leading to full and consistent hits with each puff.


Finally, several design updates have been implemented in response to market research identifying an increased consumer focus on design and aesthetic appeal and a decreased focus on hiding one’s cannabis use. First, the SOLO PRO implements a new panoramic oil-window design which allows the user to view the entire inside of the oil tank. Consumers no longer need to conceal the fact that there is cannabis oil in their vaping device, and the SOLO PRO is designed to allow consumers to avoid burnt hits that can occur when the tank becomes empty. Moreover, the SOLO PRO improves on the SOLO with a high-precision industrial design which includes a fine frosted, sandblasted, and anodized outer layer and a laser-imprinted logo. This design facilitates customization for Cilicon’s licensed partners to present their brand in creative ways.


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The SOLO PRO: Cilicon’s Vision of Technological Growth

According to Pan Lee, Chief Product Officer, “the SOLO has demonstrated CILICON’s excellence to the disposable pen market. Combining our years of technical research and development and market insights, the SOLO PRO represents one of the most exciting new products in Cilicon’s arsenal.” Enthusiasm for the SOLO PRO stems from the value that Cilicon can provide consumers through its technological innovation and application of market insights. The SOLO PRO illustrates Cilicon’s commitment to improving consumer satisfaction through innovation and secures Cilicon’s place at the forefront of the disposable pen market.


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