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Why Big Capacity Cannabis Vapes Significantly Contribute to Brand Building

Updated on July 19, 2023


What are Big-Capacity Disposable Cannabis Vapes?

Along with the rapid expansion of the cannabis vaping industry, a plethora of new products are emerging.  Among the latest trends catching the attention of both users and businesses are disposable cannabis vapes with large capacities.

These convenient vapes have garnered a sizable following due to their ease of use when compared to traditional cannabis vapes, particularly the classic 510 batteries paired with cartridges combo. According to Headset, a leading research organization in the industry, the sales performance of disposable vapes has shown significant growth over the past year.

The concept of “big capacity” is relevant to the original form of popular products from the past 3-5 years, which typically had an oil capacity ranging between 0.5-2mL. Nowadays, a product with a 3mL or larger oil tank is considered to have a substantial capacity.

When it comes to the types of oils compatible with these big-capacity disposables, they can accommodate a wide range of cannabis oils. Many of them work just so well with distillate, live resin, live rosin and you name it.

Due to their playability and diverse industrial designs, big-capacity disposables cater to different groups of cannabis users. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness makes them particularly appealing to price-sensitive individuals who may have less experience with cannabis vaping.

Big-Capacity Disposable Cannabis Vapes

Why they are the trend?

Presently, in the United States, a notable 23 states along with Washington, D.C. have embraced the legalization of recreational marijuana, while an impressive 38 states have implemented legal medical programs. This upward trend is not limited to the United States alone, as numerous countries worldwide have seen a surge in similar measures. This widespread acceptance and expanding coverage of such products undoubtedly underscore their prevalence on a global scale.

Moreover, amidst a declining economic climate following the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals have become increasingly cautious when it comes to their expenditures. Consequently, people are seeking out cost-effective avenues for their day-to-day sources of entertainment. In light of this, big-capacity cannabis vapes have found favor among users due to their budget-friendly nature, capturing their attention as a financially sensible alternative.

In addition, there is a true experience upgrade in big-capacity disposable vapes compared to the traditional ones.

1) Convenience: With these products, there would be no more hassle of carrying cartridges around, you can enjoy the freshness with an all-in-one device. The operation is elevated to be started/off by inhaling or pressing as well.

2) Long Endurance: Have you ever been anxious about running out? A big-capacity disposable solves this problem perfectly. With a 3mL+, even huge to a 7mL oil tank, the secure and stable vaping experience last for days to weeks.

Benefits of Selling Big-Capacity Disposable Cannabis Vapes

1) Broadening User Demographics for Profit Maximization:

As mentioned earlier, big-capacity disposable cannabis vapes effortlessly cater to the diverse range of cannabis oil preferences. By incorporating these products into your collection, you unlock the potential of fostering meaningful connections with various user groups, spanning from seasoned experts to curious beginners. For those embarking on their remarkable journey, this becomes an ideal gateway option. Consider the long-term benefits of cultivating customer loyalty—truly a strategic investment that promises lucrative returns.

2) Demonstrating Pioneering Industry Expertise for an Exemplary Brand Image:

Embarking on the path of embracing big-capacity cannabis disposables signifies your pioneering prowess in the industry. By taking this bold step, you showcase foresight and establish yourself as a forward-thinker. In doing so, you not only earn the trust of consumers but also solidify your brand’s reputation as a paragon of credibility. Embrace these opportunities to exude professionalism and bolster your brand image to extraordinary heights.

3) Infusing Brand Concepts and Creative Potential to Reign Supreme:

When users are making purchasing decisions, your ideas and stories hold immense significance. To distinguish yourself from the competition, it is crucial to captivate with intrigue. Enter the realm of Cilicon Designed™ big-capacity cannabis disposables, where a plethora of captivating designs await. Indulge in boundless possibilities by effortlessly customizing elements such as color, material, and finishing. With this remarkable offering at your fingertips, your imaginative concepts will come to life in vibrant splendor, allowing your brand to effortlessly stand out in the midst of a crowded market.

What We Offer at Cilicon®


Cilicon® is an industry leader in vaporizer technology that offers a style of vaporizer for every type of consumer. Here we’re going to look at three specific big-capacity disposable cannabis vapes that Cilicon® offers:

The 3mL/4mL version of the legendary SOLO series. With a fresh new box-shaped look and a super flavorful experience. Learn more at:


The 4/5/7mL palm-sized disposable vape is perfect for daily use. Wanna involve in the big era? Here comes your choice:


Full potency with compact size, FLARE Box1 manages even the most powerful cloud.


A breakthrough in big-capacity stick-shaped disposable, take LIT 2 to save the flavors:

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