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Blog 丨 2022.01.17

Pod Vape – The Undefinable Simplicity with Infinite Advantages

The primary purpose of pod vapes creation is to offer simplicity for cannabis vape consumers. Pod vapes are designed with a petite body that integrates all vape components into a compact unit. Pod vapes are relatively durable as no detachable parts may risk the device from breaking apart. Aside from that, the small form factor of pod vapes is a plus point for those cannabis vapers who want to hold their vapes almost as if they have a cigarette.



The Primary Advantages of Pod Vapes

Pod vape seems to be the type of cannabis vape device most suitable for new cannabis vape consumers. The tiny sizing makes it the perfect device to reach in and out from the pocket. Regular vapes with bulky and heavy batteries are less practical to carry around. The pod vapes, compensating for its small body, also have less battery capacity and juice in its liquid compartment. The small-sized battery coupled with a smaller chamber containing less vape juice makes pod vapes fit into consumers’ pocket and provides consumers a fresh vaping experience, which is very suitable for newbies who just started to vape cannabis.


Most importantly, a smaller vape juice compartment may not necessarily disadvantage cannabis vapers. It gives the new cannabis vapers a chance to try different flavors more frequently without regretting buying any disliked flavor that requires an extended time of consumption. It helps cannabis vapers save the possibility of dry-out vape juice from the leftover, creating wastage. Thus, new cannabis vapers may turn to pod vapes as their starter kit while deciding which flavors they are inclined to enjoy compared to others.


If you are one of the cannabis vapers, who wanted to avoid unnecessary attention from carrying a striking vaping device, then Pod vapes are your optimal selection. The pen size is perfect for the consumers to hide their pod vapes in their pockets without any noticeable bulging. It is well known as the key to a discreet vaping lifestyle. Pod vapes consumers will also blend more easily with other cigarette smokers as they produce thinner puffs than regular vapes, creating inclusivity during socializing events without feeling different from one to another (Vapourium, 2018).


Another attractive benefit of pod vapes is cheaper per-unit pricing due to their smaller size. It enables existing seasoned cannabis vapers to switch between pod vapes and regular ones based on different circumstances.  They have the option to vape heavily at once and lightly at another time based on their mood and liking. Meanwhile, pod vape manufacturers usually focus on maintaining battery efficiency, making draining the battery not as easy as people imagine. Even if it runs out of battery, cannabis vapers can anticipate through quickly bringing a spare unit without worrying about using up too much space in their pockets.  In other words, pod vapes’ flexibility brings charms and convenience to both new and existing cannabis vapers, depending on their lifestyle.


Pod Vapes: The Simplistic Cannabis Product Vapers Favor


Pod vapes have been produced by many big players in the cannabis atomizer manufacturing industry. The increasing popularity is undeniable as people are moving toward it for its simplicity. In fact, according to the Cannabis Innovation Report by Brightfield Group (2021), pod vape ranks second among the cannabis products of 2020, which is 22% of the market share. The number comes after an increase of 3% in March 2020, which shows more people are moving toward pod vapes to have their daily intake of cannabis.


The most wanted pod vapes have a pod size of 0.5ml instead of the 1ml one. This trend shows how cannabis vapers prefer smaller size devices to carry around. However, the 1ml pod vapes market share is noticeably increasing in 2020, most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic that kept people at home. Cannabis vapers have more time with themselves and a vaping device in their hands. Therefore, cannabis vapers may shift to the larger-sized pod vapes because the juice lasts longer. According to Brightfield Group (2021), most cannabis vapers use pod vapes in consuming cannabis to have an immediate sense of relaxation and de-stress. The pod vapes are the cannabis vapers’ go-to product because of their ease of use. Cannabis vapers can enjoy their daily dose of cannabis right after the vaping device quickly heated the CBD oil to produce the cannabis vapor. Therefore, it is clear that the cannabis vapers expect simplicity from a vaping device. Another important factor is pricing. cannabis vapers still prefer a budget vaping device rather than the fancy and expensive one (Brightfield Group, 2021).


What Differs One Pod Vape to Another?

Unlike a regular vape type, cannabis vapers need only three simple steps to enjoy most pod vapes; charging the battery, inserting the pod, and inhaling from it. It is straightforward to set up. Most pod vapes have the exact mechanism. Therefore, little details are what matters. What visually differentiates one pod vape from another is usually its design, including color choices and shapes. The competition in the pod vapes industry mainly depends on the component quality and materials, including the heating coil materials, vaping liquid chamber, battery capacity, and operation mechanism.


Cilicon’s FLARE X1 may place on the top of the cannabis vapers’ wish list for packing many features to enjoy the most out of a pod vape. FLARE X1 is fulfilling the cannabis vapers’ greatest expectation of a pod vape. This pod vape are 1ml. It is effortless to use as cannabis vapers can either directly inhale from the mouthpiece or activate it with a button. FLARE X1’s heating coil is made of specialized material that heated the CBD oil evenly to produce uniform puffs. Cannabis vapers will definitely reach the same and highest satisfaction level on each take on their pod vapes. Furthermore, FLARE X1 product features one of the ultimate auto-off features that will save battery life and solve many pod vape consumers’ concerns.

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