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Blog 丨 2022.04.09

Cilicon: Aim to be the Technology Foundation of Cannabis Vaping Industry

The cannabis vaporizer manufacturing industry can be considered a niche market with unnoticeable differentiation between one product to another. Most cannabis vapers will jump into the most well-known brands at first. However, as the cannabis vapers dive deeper into the cannabis vaporizer world, they will encounter some issues with their vaping experience. Therefore, each vaping device manufacturer will have to tweak tiny details of their cannabis vaping devices to make them worthy of competing with other brands. The design aspect is essential but should not be the number one priority as many manufacturers produce vapes with similar designs and small form factors. As one of the cannabis vaping device manufacturers that cannabis lovers entrusted, Cilicon is committed to creating innovative designs through cutting-edge industrial designs and rich manufacturing experiences that match fashionists devices of all ages and a quality vape device that does not compromise your vaping journey!

cilicon designed Vaporizer.jpg


CBD Oil Waste-Free Technology

In a cannabis vaping device, cannabis vapers or suppliers often face problems during the oil injection process. Some brands still implement the traditional injection system, in which the CBD oil is injected with a syringe through two tiny injection holes. This process risks some oil spilling out of the cannabis vape’s oil tank. Not only does it harmful to the environment, but it also increases manufacturing costs. Vaporesso, a famous vapes brand, still produced a cannabis vaping device with the traditional injection concept. The brand overcomes the issue by utilizing a press-to-fill tube to replace the syringe. It is an excellent concept but still requires a specific tool. Cilicon comes up with the SpacxfillTM technology by transforming the tiny holes into a big opening of the CBD oil tank. Instead of pairing the sealing silicone cap to the CBD oil tank, Cilicon sticks the lid into the mouthpiece. As a result, anyone will be able to inject the CBD oil easily and fastly. More products will be successfully assembled before being delivered to the cannabis lovers’ door.


Cilicon also adds the oil isolation technology for extra protection during the oil filling process. This technology controls the air pressure within the CBD oil tank by separating it from the inlet hole. Cilicon has successfully extended the vaping device capping time, increasing the product assembly success rate.



Oil Tank Design Improvement

Many cannabis vaporizer manufacturers implement transparent CBD oil tanks into the device to ease oil tracking. However, Cilicon does not want to stop at this simple design aspect. Cilicon finds a way to tweak the cannabis vape oil tank further to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The Vshaped design comes right in the corner to pamper the cannabis vapers with every last drop of CBD oil. The high viscosity of the CBD oil causes it to get stuck into the CBD oil tank surface. The Vshaped design will help the CBD oil flow into the heating coil and be vaporized. The research and development team carefully implemented this design according to the basic principle of gravity. No more wasted oil for you, cannabis vapers!

V shape Technology.jpg

Heating Coil Technology for Tasty Vapor

As previously mentioned, the heating coil component acted as the high-temperature source to turn the CBD oil into vapor. The quality of the vapor produced by the device depends on the heating coil. Cilicon’s Formatrix™ technology also focused on maintaining the uniformity of the puffs the cannabis vapes produce. Cilicon’s heating coil is made of high-quality material of a microporous ceramic. The characteristic of this ceramic material ensures that the heat is dispersed evenly throughout the surface. Moreover, the temperature is also produced at a moderate level and is energy-efficient. Thus, this technology will assure that the CBD oil keeps its terpene profile and is less likely to overburn.


Cilicon: A Technology-Focused Cannabis Vape Brand

Cilicon has long stepped up our games by implementing more technologies to solve the cannabis vapers’ problems. Cilicon heard even the smallest concerns, such as children’s safety for parents who vape cannabis. The brilliant twist-lock features make the device secure around kids. Some Cilicon’s cannabis vapes are also equipped with an auto-off feature to add another layer of protection. All in all, it is still advisable to keep the device away from kids at all times. Cilicon also came up with Biobaleen™ technology that solves the cannabis vaporizer’s spit-back problem. Instead of using a regular cotton filter, this technology uses medical-grade silicone that acts as multiple layers of filtration. This silicone filter will absorb the oil spit before reaching the cannabis vapers’ mouths or falling back into the airway.

Biobaleen™ technology.jpg

Technology advancements are always Cilicon’s priority. Cilicon believes that altering small details enhances the cannabis vaper’s overall experience. Therefore, Cilicon always looks up to new opportunities. For instance, there are cannabis vaporizer manufacturers that produce vaping devices with Bluetooth-enabled technology that can shut down the cannabis vape after a pre-programmed time (California Business Journal Editorial Staff, 2021). This feature also prevents cases of overconsumption that can lead to medical complications.Additionally, Bluetooth-enabled vaporizers alert users when they reach the ideal temperature. If the vaporizer is lost, the Bluetooth feature will lock it, preventing others from using it (California Business Journal Editorial Staff, 2021). This factor increases the safety of the devices since one user can only apply them. Cilicon is still and will always be working on new product features that will blow the cannabis vapers away with a blissful vaping journey.


Lastly, research conducted by the National Institute of Health shows that vaping cannabis rose sharply between the year 2017 to 2020. The survey conducted by Monitoring the Future (MTF) study suggested that 14 percent of college students vaped marijuana in 2019 (National Institute of Health). These statistics indicate that cannabis vaping device manufacturers will feel the pressure and need to apply current technologies that can revolutionize the cannabis vaping experience without being thrown out by competitors to keep up with the cannabis vaporizer’s demands worldwide. Even with the technologies mentioned above helping to enhance the cannabis vaping experience of vapers, Cilicon Research and Development team will never stop learning and innovating to produce the greatest invention for our beloved partners and consumers to surpass the boundaries.


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