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Blog 丨 2022.03.26

Why Does Temperature Matter for Cannabis Consumption?

The lucrative market of cannabis consumption has brought in various products with different preferences and benefits to their users. However, when it comes down to choosing the best cannabis vaping device and its purpose, whether for health or even leisure purposes, one shall always fathom the options available to maximize the value out of the investment. Cannabis vaporizers cannot be solely utilized without the help of cannabis extract or oil. Therefore, it is vital to study the quirkiness of the cannabis extract and their characteristics to ensure that you only purchase the correct device to attain your purpose.


Fundamentally, a cannabis vaporizer is a temperature-controlled device that can help its users efficiently manage their cannabis dosage and obtain the best potency out of their THC oil. Setting up the right temperature to heat up the oil is critical in adjusting the doses and potency of the cannabis extract. This article highlights reasons why temperature control matters in cannabis consumption prior to choosing the right device to suit your needs.




1 Different Types of Cannabis Extracts have Different Boiling Points


Temperature is an important aspect of cannabis vaporizers as different types of cannabis extract have various boiling points. Thus, recognizing the difference in boiling points helps the user to select the right cannabis vaporizer device to atomize the extract to its optimal level. There are different boiling points for the medical constituents of cannabis mentioned in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics for terpenes, terpenoids, and phytocannabinoids. The temperature range for each of them are listed as below:

Cannabis terpenes boiling point: 69-157℃

Terpenoids’ boiling point: 119-198℃.

Phytocannabinoids’ boiling point:157-220℃


Tabel 1.jpg

Table 2: Boiling points of Phytocannabinoids (McPartland and Russo 111)

table 2.jpg

Both Table 1 and 2 show the boiling points of some cannabis constituents. Each of these concentrates has a recommended vaporizing temperature range. Vaping outside the recommended temperature range can result in the combustion of cannabis and lead to health-related complications. Therefore, it is wise and crucial for cannabis vaporizer lovers to study the ideal vaping temperature range with a temperature-controlled vape device to atomize the extract.


While some vape devices for atomizing the cannabis extract come with pre-programmed temperature control, some devices provide features to allow users to select a precise temperature from a given range. Medicinal cannabis targets specific terpenes, terpenoids, and phytocannabinoids. Temperature control helps the vape device atomize the specific chemical compounds in cannabis depending on their tolerable vaporization temperature. Temperature control ensures that a particular cannabis constituent is consistently drawn with an enhanced flavor profile for the best dose control and potency. Vape devices with customizable temperatures also ensure that inhalation of cannabis concentrates is free of fluff, impurities, and toxic carcinogens produced at high-temperature flame combustion. Those aspects are sought after by many cannabis enthusiasts when they are choosing their go-to device. About half of favorable medicinal compounds are destroyed under uncontrolled high-temperature burning (Katherine). Hence, the importance of controlling the temperature through vaporization is essential to maximize the effect of the cannabis concentrate.



2 Excessive Heat Leads to Over-Burnt Taste and Destruction of Terpenes


As mentioned earlier, vaporization is a more practicable and economical inhalation method for cannabis constituents. The cannabis oil is heated to a specific temperature where it releases the desired chemical constituent with an enhanced flavor profile. Vaporization using an appropriate cannabis vaporizer allows the user to atomize the extraction of targeted chemical compounds and leave behind toxic carcinogens and cannabis constituents that they want to avoid inhaling. In essence, vaporization helps consumers get the most benefit from cannabis (Pax Labs). Vape devices heat cannabis extract accurately to a temperature lower than burning but sufficient to turn it into a vapor.


It is important to note, the flame combustion of cannabis is wasteful as most flavonoids are destroyed at high temperatures. It also changes the chemical structure of the active ingredients due to excessive heat. The atomizing temperature of the vape device is the key factor in vaporization. Terpenes and terpenoids such as beta- caryophyllene and alpha-pinene vaporize at relatively lower temperatures, and therefore, would be destroyed in flame combustion above the boiling points of these chemical compounds. Vaping cannabis outside the acceptable temperature ranges can have negative effects, such as producing an over-burning taste, dry hits, destroying terpenes and other intended cannabis constituents, and producing toxic substances. As a matter of course, it is necessary and significant for cannabis vapers to choose only the suitable vape device to atomize the cannabis extract.



Cilicon’s Newly Perfected Ceramic Heating Technology—— Formatrix™ 


Gee whiz with Cilicon latest Formatrix™ Technology that is refined from the earlier Microfeel™ Technology! The newly released Formatrix™ is Cilicon’s patented ceramic heating technology that uses high-quality raw materials to produce a more refined ceramic core for an efficient and durable ceramic heating coil known as an excellent thermal conductor that heats quickly. It is a better-quality ceramic heating technology that works on resistive heating, where electric current is passed through a resistive ceramic plate to produce thermal energy. This heating technology is increasingly popular due to its advantages over traditional heating methods used in vaping devices. It is modified to a compact size to facilitate the heating process, making it more energy-efficient with moderate heating temperatures to retain a better degree of terpene flavor, making it less likely to overburn. It helps cannabis vapers reach the target temperature relatively faster than other heating types and cool down relatively quickly without compromising the exquisite flavor of original cannabis oil and the safety of users. The heating temperature can be controlled by adjusting the voltage supply to the ceramic plate to ensure perfect atomizing performance by evenly dispersing the ceramic surface tension between the microporous material and the atomizing liquid during the heating process. This ensures that every vapor produced is denser and more consistent. The mechanical properties of ceramic material make it resistant to water, chemical attack, and corrosion, making the vaping device a more durable and safer cannabis vaping experience since it is not associated with metallic particles. It can even withstand high-temperature dissolution, 1200°C high sintering that is meant to provide cannabis users a purer, safer, and more enjoyable cannabis vaping experience.



Fear Not! Cilicon Vaporization Technology Got You Covered!


Vaporization has become the preferred method to counter over-burning incidents and many other benefits than smoking a cannabis joint or from a pipe. Cilicon is ready to assist any cannabis vaporizer retailer and wholesalers in customizing vape devices with customizable temperature control that allows vape consumers to select the desired vaporizing temperature for a targeted cannabis constituent. The heating technology used in a vaporizer matters because it significantly affects how the body absorbs the vapor and the overall user experience. Heating elements used in vape devices are essential to cannabis enthusiasts. If these vaping devices do not filter harmful substances based on FDA standards, the cannabis vaporizer users will inhale these byproduct materials which could be harmful to human health that create a treacherous vaping journey for vapers. Hence, cannabis users need to select a certified and high-quality vaporizer with uniformed heat distribution in the heating chamber that creates spots with consistent thermal energy. The uniformed heating of cannabis material ensures that all aspects within a vaping device independently maintain the desired temperature to produce the targeted cannabis constituents with consistent flavors and proper filtration with less odor and a more discreet experience. Hence, the Cilicon team intends to invent the best customizable temperature features for cannabis vaporizer users to control their dosage and only extract the targeted compounds to obtain the desired flavor profiles while retaining the fragrances and flavors of terpenes into their heart content while achieving consistency in taste to the last puff.

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