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Blog 丨 2021.06.21

New Advances in Vaping: Temperature and Dose Controls

Some of the benefits of cannabis vaping as opposed to smoking have to do with the process of vaping itself, such as the portability and health benefits of vaping. However, as vaping technology gets more advanced, the perks of vaping are enhanced by new features. In particular, two features that are included in some vape devices and which can dramatically improve user experience are temperature controls and dosing controls. These features allow users to exercise a nearly total amount of control over how much cannabis they are consuming, and to also ensure a flawless experience that avoids dry hits. Temperature controls and dose controls on a vaping device can improve the vaping experience in a number of ways. How do these features work, and how should these features impact your purchase decision when deciding your next vape pen purchase?


Temperature Control: the Basics


In any vape device, the oil is vaporized as electricity is passed through a coil, causing it to heat up, heat which then flows to the cannabis oil that is contained in a vessel which touches the coil. For example, CILICON offers devices that use ceramic coils, meaning that instead of a wick, the oil is heated directly through a layer of ceramic on the coil. Without temperature control, the power that is sent to the vape as the device is initiated continues to heat the oil in the device for as long as the device is activated, whether by a button or through automatic activation when the user takes a pull from the device. In other words, the longer the hit, the higher the temperature the oil reaches during the hit. This can lead to one main problem with the use of ceramic coils: dry hits.


Dry Hits: Wasting Oil

 A dry hit occurs when the coil begins to dry out as it is heated for an extended period of time. Without any moisture in the coil, the oil is vaporized less efficiently, leading to hits that are less flavorful and less thick (Papamichail, 2021).

In other words, when the user is experiencing dry hits, they are vaping inefficiently, as they are not reaching the optimal effectiveness that will allow them to fully enjoy every drop of oil.

With a normal vape pen, it is quite difficult to manage or avoid having dry hits at some point, as the device will pass a constant level of heat through the coil, even when the coil begins to become dried out.

 The Solution: Temperature Control

Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent dry hits which is becoming a feature among many vape devices on the market today: temperature control systems. For example, the CILICON ILLUMINATE line of vape batteries provides temperature control capabilities which allow the user to prevent dry hits through a number of temperature management strategies. First of all, temperature control allows the user to maintain the temperature of the device below a certain target temperature, preventing the ceramic coil from becoming dried out in the first place. Moreover, temperature control systems also actively monitor the dryness of the ceramic coil, and reduce the temperature being passed through it once it is detected that the ceramic coil is becoming dangerously dry. For these reasons, with a temperature control outfitted vaping device, you never have to think about dry hits again. Simply use your pen, and the temperature control will take care of the rest. The device allows the user to choose between three power levels, which not only allow users to control the level of hit that they are getting, but also allows the user to adapt to oils with different viscosity levels (Champoux, 2019). Specifically, higher-viscosity oils, which are also stronger, require a higher level of energy to heat up. With the ILLUMINATE 3-level power setting controls, you never have to worry about weak hits from highly viscous oils that are not suitable for your particular device.

Cilicon Illuminate & 510 cartridge.png

The Cilicon Illuminate (Shown with Cartridge)


Dose Control: Perfecting the Individualized Vaping Experience


However, the benefits of modern technology for vaping go beyond the ability to simply reduce annoying problems that can otherwise occur. With dose control capabilities, the vaping experience can be enhanced beyond what is capable with the most smoothly-running vape pen. With dose control technology, such as that which is included in the ILLUMINATE line of pens, users can exercise an amount of control over their cannabis experience that has never before been possible. The ILLUMINATE dose control system gives customers the option to choose their preferred time for each hit, which is programmed into the device when it is purchased, and then allows the customer to control the power level on each hit, thereby guaranteeing that they achieve the perfect size on each hit that they take.


Without dose control systems on a vape pen, or with smoking, it is extremely difficult to exercise control over the amount of THC and/or CBD that you consume. Writing for the Rolling Stone, Volpe (2019) compares it to consuming alcohol, where the user knows exactly how much alcohol that they are consuming in one drink. Dose control technology allows users to have a similar amount of control when they are vaping cannabis, with the timer function operating similarly to a standard glass size for alcoholic beverages.


As with temperature control, dose control takes an issue that was once a constant issue with cannabis users and turns it into an issue that the user barely has to give any thought to, simply finding the dosage, in terms of THC or CBD, that works best for them, and then letting the pen do the rest.


Conclusion: Why not Choose Temperature and Dose Controls?


At the end of the day, temperature and dose controls can drastically improve the vaping experience for any user. The only question when deciding whether you should purchase a device that includes these capabilities is whether it is worth the price. However, not only do temperature and dose controls prevent waste and save money in the long-run, these features are also becoming so common in the market that they have a minimal impact on the price of any type of vape pen.


We are lucky to live in what is probably the best time in history for those who enjoy consuming cannabis. With all of the features and gadgets on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of what will really improve the experience, and what features are simply a flashy gimmick. Temperature and dose controls are emphatically in the former category, and every user of cannabis vape pens should take the time to learn about the benefits that each of these features can have for their experience. Ultimately, for those cannabis vapers who are not currently using temperature control and dose control enabled pens, there is only one question: what are you waiting for?


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