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Blog 丨 2021.05.26

CBD Vape Cartridge vs. CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape cartridge is different from CBD vape juice. For some new starters, you may not tell from the signage from local CBD corner shops even CBD is popular and has been used in the cannabis community.


CBD-dominant products (one that contains less than 0.3% THC) are fully legal in many countries, which has a great influence on the vape juice market.


What’s different between CBD Vape Juice & CBD Vape Cartridge?

Vape juice is normally used in e-cigarettes to help people avoid smoking. In United Kingdom, the government recognizes vaping to quit smoking. Different from harmful smoking, vaping reduces up to among 99.5% substances according to current research. A step further, CBD vape juice is added with small amount of CBD and dissolve with PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycine). These compounds make CBD viscous to a heat source for vaping devices. Occasionally, VG and PG are used in thc cartridge. Since CBD is solid and it has to bend with solvent to vaporization. Most of CBD vaping companies would not label the PG and VG on the package, then you need to ask it carefully to ensure it is worth for your pay.

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What’s common between CBD vape cartridge and CBD vape juice?

CBD vape cartridge normally has higher percentage than CBD vape juice like I mentioned. Most CBD vape cartridges are prefilled with natural CBD extraction comes with natural taste. The cannabis trichome distributes mainly on cannabis leaf and flower and it contributes to natural flavor and aroma. However, the CBD is unstable to keep liquid form. Higher CBD percentage oil tends to crystalize after a while.

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Even though, the cannabis community keeps chasing higher percentage CBD to enjoy more enjoyable vaping experience to pain management, anxiety and other relating diseases. Cannabis extraction process tends to maintain the possible maximum cannabis compounds to challenging the crystallization edge. The most common way is to use terpenes to replace PG and VG. There are many cannabis companies are pride themselves on not adding any additives as a symbol of their brands.


How can I buy a valuable CBD vape cartridge?

CBD vape cartridge is the most portable and effective way to consume cannabinoids. Before selecting a CBD vape cartridge, you need to know some key factors on cannabis vaporizers.

CBD has higher liquidity than THC. If CBD blends with PG and VG, it would become waterier. Using a THC vape cartridge to CBD has extremely high leaking risk. Just like common cartridge you see in the market, 99% of CBD vape cartridges have leaking problems. One of the important methods is to narrow the cartridge intake holes which reduce CBD flux.

CBD normally has grass alike taste. Many companies would add terpenes or flavors to cover it. However, you want your CBD vape cartridge has strong flavor and presents high end vaping experience. Choosing a reliable vaporizer manufacturer would fix your concerns.

SOLO Nano2 510 cartridge

SOLO Nano2

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