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Blog 丨 2022.01.22

Wax Vaping in A Nutshell

Wax is a concentrated cannabis product that more experienced cannabis vapers usually enjoy. Wax comes in several consistencies, which range from gooey to brittle or somewhere in between. There are several ways to enjoy cannabis wax by utilizing various tools available in the market. Some types of devices are better suited for a particular texture of the concentrate. For instance, a dab rig combines well with a more brittle concentrate because it is easier for the consumers to drop the wax into the hot nail without making any mess. Meanwhile, the more waxy consistency works better with a vaporizer. Many vaporizers in the market require smearing the heating coil or chamber with the wax before the consumers take a hit on it. Some others may also use additional accessories, such as concentrate pads (Lesley, 2021).

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wax Vaping


Cannabis vapers have their preferences when it comes to consuming cannabis concentrate. There are advantages and disadvantages of each method. Even though a dab rig and wax vape are physically different, they also have several similarities. For instance, the working mechanism of both devices is pretty much the same. Both utilize a heating source to expose the concentrate at a high temperature, turning cannabis wax into vapor. Not to mention, both types of device come in many shapes and forms, making each of them has a different operational mechanism. Cannabis vapers need to play around a little before getting accustomed to their chosen devices.


The main difference between wax vape and dab rig is quite apparent; the device’s portability. Many wax vapes come in petite bodies compared to the bulky dab rig. The dab rig needs to be carried by hand or put into a placeholder, but consumers can easily slip their wax vapes into their pockets without anyone noticing. As a result, a wax vape can be far more discreet for people who like to keep their vaping lifestyle inconspicuous.

A dab rig has a relatively lengthier setup time than a wax vape. When consumers can quickly put cannabis wax into their vapes’ chamber, they will need to light up the torch that heats the nail of a dab rig. Moreover, as a dab rig involves igniting the flame by the consumers, it contributes to safety issues for the consumers. There will be a chance that cannabis vapers will accidentally burn their hands or others during the ignition process. Although cannabis vapers can use electronic nails that will heat themselves, wax vape is still considered the safer option to minimize the risk of burning since vaporizers still have some burning risks, especially the type that has detachable components. A dab rig usually requires closer to no replacement parts in terms of maintenance. Most times, the consumers need only to expedite the initial purchase price of a dab rig. The maintenance costs come when the consumers accidentally break the nail or other minor components of the dab rig. Conversely, wax vapes use heating coils to produce vapors, require the consumers to replace the coil component now and then. The lifespan of the heating coils depends entirely on how often the wax vapes are used. Consumers should remember to change the heating coils to keep their vapes at maximum efficiency (Matthew S., 2028).

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The Voice of Cannabis Vapers’ Matters


Cilicon tries to dive deeper into what the cannabis industry needs to get the best out of its wax vape. Therefore, based on the platform of the Cilicon Customization Solution, Cilicon always pushes forward with cannabis atomizers’ product research and development based on cannabis vapers’ feedback and demand. The impact is not only felt by cannabis vapers but also by Cilicon’s business partners. Cilicon believes in executing its company core values that high-quality products will always translate to the well-being of the best cannabis vape distributor. By providing cannabis vapers with the best product, Cilicon and cannabis vape distributors will be able to gain trust from satisfied customers to initiate business sustainability in the cannabis industry. This strategy aligns with Cilicon’s intention to build business longevity for its partnerships and clients to strategize to keep the cannabis vapers’ consumers loyal to our brand.

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Technological Innovations: How to Satisfy Consumers and Distributors


Throughout the 12 years of innovation, Cilicon always focuses on tweaking little details to solve cannabis vapers’ problems to embark on a better vaping journey for cannabis vapers. Cilicon determination to provide the best cannabis vaping experience for cannabis vapers is based on the sustainability value of corporate social responsibility. Cilicon embodies many attributes in our vape products, which are all well thought off. For instance, the Formatrix™ technology is a custom-made ceramic heating coil that will increase heating efficiency. Cilicon’s vapes produce vapor at the most optimum temperature and uniform across the coil’s surface. Consumers will feel satisfied with every hit of our vapes! Cilicon extends the care not only toward cannabis vapers but also their families, including their children. Many Cilicon’s products are equipped with child-safe mechanisms, such as auto-off and twist-lock features. Children will not be able to unlock the vaping device as it is designed to be tight.


The substance management system in Cilicon’s vaping devices is also superior. The Spacxfill™ technology is a brilliant way to ease the filling process of a vaping device. Cilicon transforms a small filling hole into a wide opening that facilitates part of the supply chain. The filling process will be much easier for the employees, which means that there will also be fewer filling errors and waste. It is a well-thought scenario for Cilicon’s clients by avoiding unnecessary extra expenses from filling process failure! Aside from the benefits for consumers, Cilicon cares for our suppliers, employees, and clients.

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All in all, the innovations mentioned prior are just the tip of the icebergs. Cilicon develops products with extra precisions. Every party involved in the ODM and OEM of vaping devices will always ensure it meets the requirements for cannabis vapers and cannabis distributors in the cannabis vaporizer industry. Cilicon understands that technological advancements are the ultimate game-changer to increasing product satisfaction and being the best cannabis atomizer manufacturer!


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