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Disposable Vape Guide: Everything You Should Know


1.What is This Cannabis Disposable Vape Guide for?

Disposable vape is popular now, there are numerous disposable vape pens in the cannabis market, this article aims to provide a complete guide for the cannabis disposable vape beginners, cannabis disposable vapers, cannabis disposable vape distributors, retailers and our disposable vape partners.

2.What is the Cannabis Disposable Vape?

Disposable Vape is also called disposable vape pen, which is an all-in-one and has to be disposed of as soon as they run out of cannabis oil. Different from the traditionally flavored vape, it cannot be refilled. Therefore, disposable vapes can easily be classified as single-use, ready-to-use vape devices that come at affordable prices, pocket size and do not require refilling. Some disposable vape pens as CILICON’s disposable vape pens incorporate the V-shape oil tank, which allows for the consumption of every drop of cannabis extract, avoiding waste.

3.The History of Disposable Vape

According to the Research, the modern vape was developed in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who struggled with smoking cessation and applied for the patent, they previously tried to make some products to use for attempting to quit traditional cigarettes. disposable vape creates a discreet way of consuming nicotine without combustion, as well as a liquid solution without the toxic, foreign chemicals prominent in cigarette products.

And then until 2004, the earliest version of disposable electronic cigarettes was released. Since the first idea of vape was to replicate the feel and shape of traditional cigarettes, the first generation disposable vapes were designed to look like regular cigarettes or cigars, shown in the picture below.

Since then, disposable vapes have been updated in terms of flavor, battery capacity, oil tank capacity, appearance and overall usefulness, making them at the top of anyone’s wish list to quit smoking.

However, disposable vapes weren’t very popular at that time because vapors around the world preferred mechanical vapes that produced more smoke volume. So rechargeable vapes and refill atomizers with mods became widely popular first.

disposable vape (3).jpg

4.Disposable Vape Trends

Within the last few years, disposable vape has gradually become the most popular vaporizer on the market.

In 2017 and before, the most popular type of vaping method was the cartridge. Cartridges allow users to consume cannabis oil in their homes easily. However, with the increasing social acceptance of cannabis, demand increased for more portable devices. By 2018, disposable vape was the fastest-growing type of vaping device, with significant growth in sales in every state with legal recreational cannabis as well as Canada (Champoux, 2018).

By 2020, they were the most popular vaping method for cannabis users (Whidbey News-Times, 2021). Growth has been massive. For example, after legalization, disposable vape quickly expanded in the California market, tripling sales from around $2 million to $6 million per month in just the first three months (Joyner, 2018).

According to the Headset, the legal disposable vape figures indicate a very strong upward trend for the disposable vape category. Starting from 2016 when the sales were just 25 million dollars,now the sales are more than 245 million dollars in 2021, the CARG is 62.1% from 2016 to 2021!This growth has spurred rapid innovation as firms rush to gain a more significant portion of the growing market.

5.Empty Disposable Vapes & Prefilled Disposable Vapes

Prefilled Disposable Vape

Prefilled disposable vape is prefilled with various cannabis extracts, oil, live resin, or e-liquid.You have the option of picking a pen with the type of strain you prefer or want to taste out. A great way to stay discreet for a no mess on the go vaping solution.

Empty disposable vape

Disposable vape pens are all in one, pre-charged vape pens that can be used for cannabis oils, extracts, distillate and more. They are sold empty for you to fill on your own, or as pre-filled vapes from your favorite store. Once the first fill is used, they can be discarded or recycled with other electronics. They are not intended for multiple fills, but are highly cost effective for both personal use and for mass volume oil producers.

Empty disposable vapes are ready to be filled and wholesale bulk disposables for manufacturers to use as premium packaging.

SOLO 2 empty cannabis disposable vape

6.What is the Difference Between a Cannabis Disposable Vape and 510 Cartridge?

If you want to use a 510 cartridge that’s been prefilled with cannabis oil, you also need to buy a battery, which provides power for the atomizer, or heating element, in the cartridge. This atomizer is what turns the cannabis oil into vapor form. To activate these atomizers, you either push a button or simply inhale.

Pros of Cartridge Pens:

Cons of Cartridge Pens:

Unlike cartridge pens, disposable vape pens are one unit: The oil, atomizer, battery and other components are all contained within the pen. To trigger the heating element, simply inhale.

Because these pens are easy to use and can be thrown away once the oil is gone, they’re popular among cannabis newbies, canna-tourists and those who aren’t ready to purchase more expensive vaping options.

Pros of disposable vape pens:

Cons of disposable vape pens:

Battery isn’t reusable, and the entire pen must be thrown away; this creates more waste, though some disposable vape pen brands have recycling programs. So, customers can bring back used pens to the dispensary where they purchased it from.

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7.What is The Advantages of Disposable Vapes?

There are many advantages for using disposable vape,

8.What is The Difference Between Cannabis Disposable Vapes and Pods?

The primary areas of difference amongst cannabis disposable cartridges, pod systems, and disposable pens are their designs, usages, and costs. These three areas are usually the first considerations that help the individual user to decide which type is best for them.


Both cartridge and pod systems have a more complex structure than disposable pens. They include a fully modular set that includes a cartridge, an oil chamber, and a battery, making them heavier than disposable pens. Due to its complex design, new vapers may require some learning time to adapt to the vape device’s function and to ensure it is well-maintained. On the other hand, the design for disposable pens is much simpler since it contains fewer components and does not require any installation in between the vaping process. Vape pens often feature a compact and stylish design that makes them a popular vaping device in the market.


Though all types of vapes are easy to use, cannabinoids and terpenes are maximized through the powerful heating capacity of the cartridge and pod system. Users can experience both THC and CBD oil to the max attainable level by monitoring the temperature for ideal vaporization. Nonetheless, the fact that the pod system applies snap-in technology instead of screwing in like the cartridge might be more effective and efficient to some beginners.

The disposable pen does not deliver a similarly controllable vaping experience to cartridge and pod systems, but its design is slim, glamorous, and fashionable, often making it the perfect fit for socialites. Moreover, its portability, robust flavors, and similarity in design to vaping devices have allowed the disposable pen to become more widely acceptable in public spaces.


Disposable vape pens are generally more affordable than the cartridge and pod system for a one-time purchase. However, people must dispose of it once it is used up. If one is a frequent connoisseur, disposable pens may not be the ideal option because the regular purchase of disposable pens may cost more than either the cartridge or pod system, even though those types also need to have their cartridges replaced. The cartridge and pod system allows users to experience different THC and CBD oils with one vape pen and lowers the cost in the long run compared to disposable pens. Thus, the cartridge and pod system may be the first type of vape device to consider if you are an avid vaper.

9.Cannabis Disposable Vape Problems and Solutions

9.1 How to use the Cannabis Disposable Vape Pen correctly?

Most disposable vape pens use similar parts, To use a disposable vape pen, you can do as below steps.

Once the oil in the vape tank is used up, users dispose of the vape pen and replace it with a new one.

9.2 Why Is My Cannabis Disposable Vape Leaking

If your disposable vape pen is leaking or gurgling , there is a big chance you’re drawing in too hard and using too much air pressure. This results in excess oil or extract being sucked into the pen’s chimney or atomizer coil and end up either in your mouth or leaking out of the air intake vent. Alternatively, if devices are stored at high temperatures for an extended time, cartridges can expand and leak. Both possibilities are less than ideal.

Solution: Use less air pressure while drawing (in other words, puff gently) in order to keep the oil where it should be. Also, if your vape pen is pod-based, avoid squeezing the sides of the pod since the flexing of the pod may similarly force liquid into the atomizer coil. Of course, ensure proper storage of disposable vape pens in ideal temperatures above.

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9.3 Cannabis Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt

If your disposable vape tastes burnt, you might be vaping too fast. Most disposable vape devices don’t have any kind of temperature control. If you keep drawing before the wick has a chance to absorb more cannabis oil, the temperature can get too high, and you can burn the wick.

Solution: Slow down. Give the wick a chance to absorb more cannabis oil or extract. If you think you’re already vaping quite slowly, your vape pen might be almost out of liquids. Put the device down for a few minutes, and you might get a few more draws, but generally, it is time to get a replacement. And as always, prevent overheating by never leaving your vape pen in direct sunlight or the car. In addition, choosing disposable vape pens with the correct coil type can make a big difference. Quartz and wick coils apply heat directly to the cannabis extract, making for rapid heating and burning easily, resulting in losing flavor. Like the one you’d find in Cilicon products, Ceramic cores are less prone to burning and produce the best flavors. Not to mention our latest Formatrix™ ceramic cores promise smarter temperature controls to ensure the smoothest vaping experience for consumers.

9.4 Cannabis Disposable Vape Pen not Hitting

Disposable Vape Pen not Hitting happens when you try to inhale, whether the light blinks but no vapor is produced or nothing happens at all. There might be several reasons for this: one of the primary reasons could be it is out of cannabis oil or extract. After all, while the average disposable vape contains enough oil for up to 200 puffs, they will run out at some point. Another reason is the battery is dead. Keep in mind that disposables are usually calibrated, so the vape battery lasts slightly longer than the oil, so if the battery is dead, it is likely out of oil as well. It could also be air bubbles in the vape cartridge or general clogging in the mouthpiece blocking airflow in the device. Finally, it is possible that the airflow sensor that detects when you draw is blocked by condensation inside the device.

Solution: Some disposable vape pens have windows to show you how much oil or extract is left—if you can’t see it on the window, it is time to get a new one. Many disposables also have an indicator light to tell you the status of the vape battery. If it blinks or lights up a different color (usually red), the battery is dead. You might be able to squeeze an extra draw or two if you leave the disposable vape alone for several hours, but it is time to get a new one. If airflow blockage seems to be the issue, try tapping or flicking the side of the device (not too hard) to release any air bubbles or using a safety pin or toothpick to check and remove anything unclogging the mouthpiece. Alternatively, try covering one of the pen’s intake vents with your finger while drawing to increase the pressure of the air flowing through the device. This might solve issues with the airflow sensor.

9.5 How to know when a cannabis disposable vape pen is empty

1)There’s a nasty burnt taste to the vapor

Your disposable vape may just be empty when you taste its vapor with a burnt or burnt taste, But your vape battery may still be working and able to power your device, and the atomizer will still heat up, even if it’s empty of cannabis oil. However, since there is no oil to absorb the heat and vaporize, the heat would normally be absorbed by the wick (which is usually made of cotton). As a result, it burns the cotton wick and gives your vape a nasty burned smell. However, a mushy smell doesn’t necessarily mean your disposable vape is empty, it could also be that the rate of oil intake can’t keep up with the vaping speed, so when there is a mushy smell, you still need to look at the oil tank to see if the oil is near the bottom, then you can make sure your disposable is empty.

2)Less vapor and no flavor

If your disposable vape produces less and tasteless vapor, and the taste is far from that of a new vape. In other words, the taste of the oil is no longer as satisfying. When this happens, it is an indication that your disposable vape is empty. It needs to be replaced with a new vape to avoid inhaling potentially harmful fumes.

3)Your Vape is No Longer Producing Vapor

Your disposable vape may still be hot because its battery is working, however, no smoke is coming out. This is an indication that your disposable vape is empty.

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9.6 How to unclog a cannabis disposable vape pen

Disposable vape pens with no airflow or clogging are meaningful for people living in cold places and want to have a relaxing moment with their favorite cannabis extracts. Many consumers are facing the question that “Should I return an unworking vape pen?” When they spent time driving back to the dispensary and asking to replace a new vape pen, they found that it was clogged instead of unworking. How annoying is it!  How to unclog disposable vape pens ? We’ll talk about solutions separately under different conditions.

Clogging happens in different conditions:

A. Low-temperature results in clogging issues as important as the high temperature do

During the winter season, letting your vape in a car would solidify. It is like a sealant to block airflow, which interrupts the air pathway between vape cartridge and battery. Because the higher concentrated cannabis extracts are naturally solid like honey even at room temperature. Preheating the battery is the most popular solution to melt the solid extract.

B. Long airflow pathway

No dead angle airflow pathway would decrease clogging risk. A longer airflow pathway would leave cooled cannabis vapor after vaping. Clogging happens if a large amount of cannabis vapor sticks on the dead angle pathway.

C. The poor-quality ceramic heating coil

Not all ceramic heating coils are the same, even most of them have a similar outlook. The balance between producing vapor and store extracts is pivotal to assessing the quality of ceramic. The unpromising heating ceramic coil is easier to clog even the cannabis oil is thin.

Tips: Put your clogged or no airflow disposable vape pen in your pocket for a while, use your body temperature to warm it up.

Refer to:Duair™ Technology : How to Unclog Your Vape Device

9.7 How to charge and recharge a disposable vape?

Usually disposable vape pens with an internal battery, which is the power to heat the oil to become a vapor, you simply plug your vape pen into your charger via the USB cable, taking care that both were designed for your specific disposable vape pen. Using a charger or cable that wasn’t intended for your vape pen could cause the pen to overheat or explode, due to the differences in voltage. Disposable vape battery is rechargeable. If you want to recharge a disposable vape, just repeat the steps above.

9.8 How long do you charge a disposable vape pen

Different disposable vape battery capacity with different charging time. For example, a 280 Ahm disposable vape pen needs around 1 hour for charging.

9.9 How to store a disposable vape pen

A disposable isn’t really intended for long-term storage, but you do want to make sure it lasts as long as you need it. Proper storage will make sure it stays good to the last puff.

It’s best to store your vape hardware in a cool, dry place. Moisture can damage the equipment and extreme heat or cold can affect the battery life and performance. As well, keep it out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, there is potential for the concentrate to oversaturate the heating core which can lead to clogging.

Also, make sure wherever you store your vape pen is out of the sight and reach of children. This is best practice, even with child-resistant vape pens.

9.10 Why Should I Use Disposable Vapes?

Cost of Disposable Vapes 

The disposable vape pen is usually cheaper than the non-disposable variety. California seems to be the exception to the rule here with many disposable pens showing up around the same price as non-disposable pens. In other states, however, the disposable pen is significantly cheaper. The disposable pens are also much more discreet than non-disposable ones. They are much thinner (approximately the length of a cigarette) and easy to slide into the pocket to carry around with you.


The disposable vapes are very portable and are smart for going anywhere or traveling. They are also easy and convenient to use, other than being exciting. After all, you can try them in different flavors. These devices are definitely worth their cost, and you can use them in a jiffy.


Disposable vape pens lead the cannabis vaporizer market. They are convenient and extremely user-friendly, making them an ideal choice for cannabis retailers.

Disposable Vape pens are small, easy to use and carry around. For people on the go or those who don’t always want to be bound to their vape machines, disposable vape pens are an easy, healthier and more convenient way to consume cannabis. And if that doesn’t sound good enough as is, disposable vape pens have also hit the market. These offer all the benefits of the regular non-disposable vape pen but have added conveniences.

Cilicon glist air1.jpg

Cilicon GLIST Air1

10. Eight Tips Before Buying the Disposable Vape Pen

Here share 8 factors you must consider and make sure you are professional enough before buying THC disposable vape pen


10.1 Safety is the Priority

Safety concerns must be on the top of your listed disposable cannabis vape pen requirements. If you don’t want to blow up your cannabis disposable vape pen, just do not purchase from untrustworthy channels or manufacturers without certifications. Battery, as the biggest part of THC disposable vape pen, has different prices and standards by different amounts of Milliamp Hours (mAh) and different ranks of battery cells. Choosing a safe power supply can reduce all the problems that may happen with cheap batteries.

Also, THC disposable vape pens with extract inside are expensive. If you do not want to recall inferior products and damage your cash flow, then you need to buy from reliable sources. How to recognize a safe cannabis disposable vape pen? Pick reliable sources with certification and trustworthy brands. A cannabis disposable vape pen with perfect battery capacity and premium battery cell that enables you to carry them along, safe in your pockets.

10.2 Heating Technology Matters

The ceramic heating coil is in heat after 2016. Using ceramic heating coils to generate vapor in cannabis vaping is common and well educated. Most customers know ceramic heating coils have consistent vaping experience but fewer people know that ceramic heating coils have different technology because of diverse craft and technology. Ceramic heating coil responsible for generating vapor when heating it. This little creature is the closest part to contact with cannabis extracts. The process of making ceramic heating coils must be in a food hygiene standard facility. Thus, many less competitive manufacturers would rather choose outsourcing ceramic heating coils instead of building an expensive manufacturing facility.

Refer to: Dissecting the Ceramic Heating Element Safety Qualifications

However, we believe it is worthy to invest in industrial benchmarking ceramic development labs. Because the ceramic heating coil makes sure you get a smoother, cleaner, and more powerful experience from even a THC disposable vape pen.


10.3 Matching Your Extracts

If you are launching a few different concentrated cannabis vape pens, selecting a suitable cannabis disposable vape pen is critical to ensure different viscosity extracts could match the great performance. You don’t want to sell a leaked cannabis vape pen because of unmatched cannabis extraction and cannabis vape pens to your customers. Cannabis extracts differ due to different extraction methods and processes. There are still many people who enjoy less concentrated cannabis extraction. A perfect cannabis disposable vape pen should be well tested and well-matched with specific cannabis extracts.

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10.4 Portability

Cannabis disposable vape pens also provide a better user experience due to their tiny sizes. The consistency in functionality with perfect battery conditions that enables you to use it many times before recharging for reuse is another important.

10.5 Ergonomic Design & Stylish Outlook

Ergonomic housing design is important. Disposable vape pens, as a kind of vaporizer for starters, portable design is critical for user experience. If you want to start your cannabis vaping journey by starting with a disposable vape pen, start with the one that makes you comfortable and looks beautiful enough to match your fashion taste.

10.6 Mouthpiece Material

You need to consider the mouthpiece which is the part of the vaporizer that allows you to inhale the cannabis oil extract vapor. It has to extend from the vaporizer which can enable you to put it to your lips to inhale. Even on the B2B side, fewer companies know that a mouthpiece could be one of your reasons for not passing the heavy metal test (CA65). In the current Canadian market, many companies are using fixed kind disposable vape pens for their All-In-One product line.

Unfortunately, this kind of disposable vape pen does not have a mouthpiece. Consumers have to keep the battery housing that contains chemical substances in their mouths to vape. A reliable disposable vape pen should contain a food-grade mouthpiece even if it will increase some costs but respect to consumer health.

10.7 Price and Quality

It is always good to consider the price and quality of the vaporizer, beyond everything mentioned above money is the determinant factor when it comes to selecting a vaporizer that fits your needs. It is important to look for a quality vaporizer that balances the price. A good example of a vape pen that balances the budget and price is Cilicon’s disposable vape pens like SOLO 1.

10.8 Choosing from a Reputable Company

Reputation is one of the top factors to take into consideration. To determine this, you can check out their customer review, customer success stories, product guarantee, the reliability of the manufacturer, and the level of customer service they render.

cilicon design.jpg

Cilicon SOLO

11.Design the Right Disposable Vape Pen for You

Disposable vaping is a smart way to learn what you do. If you are new to vaping, take a look at the Solo, which is a star, easy-to-use disposable vape that serves as a fantastic introduction into the world of vaping.

Considering all the above-mentioned characteristics that can be used to select appropriate disposable cannabis vape pens, Cilicon provides all the above qualities when it comes to selecting a suitable disposable cannabis vape pen for your needs.

Also, Cilicon provides one of the most cost-effective vape devices you’ll ever find on the market. At Cilicon, quality, reliable and innovative products, and services are provided to our customer communities at a very affordable price. This is to ensure customer satisfaction and to encourage the consumption of good disposable cannabis vape pens without harmful substances. In the disposable cannabis vape pen sector, we balance budget and price perfectly making Cilicon the best. Since many cannabis entrepreneurs lack R&D support and funding, CILICON believes a single technology is not a barrier for a start-up. Still, the valuable technologies group itself is critical for brand success. You don’t have technology? CILICON designed for you!

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