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Blog 丨 2022.03.23

What is Wax in the Vaping Industry


What is Wax?


Have you heard of Wax in the realm of vaping? You must be confused if it is related to vaping and wonder how you inhale Wax? Many people are misled by wax terminology and perceive Wax as the honeycomb wax that can be made into candle wax, but the context of Wax here is different. It refers to the Wax in the vape industry with a concentrated form of vaping liquid containing a higher concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or tetrahydrocannabinol substances extract than cannabis, which is the chemical responsible for the psychological effects on the brain. The thick characteristic of this substance makes it resemble Wax, which is what it is named after. It can also be applied topically or added to foods. The Wax is created by agitating cannabis concentrate that causes the oil to solidify. The extraction of cannabis wax from cannabis plants uses butane hash oil as the solvent, known as the oleoresins method. As butane is highly flammable, the process needs to be done using closed-loop equipment before forming Wax.



Potency and Texture of Various Concentrate Types


There are various species of Marijuana like Sativa and Indica. Each Cannabis plant contains over 100 Cannabinoids components that can be differentiated into phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids. These are known as active ingredients. THC, just like cannabidiol or CBD, is one of the active ingredients obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is mainly used for medical purposes, whereas THC is a phytocannabinoid that vapers use during social events to create psychoactive effects for humans. The reactions will be different from one person to another. For instance, some people may undergo a euphoric retort, but others may suffer from the after-effects of anxiety after consuming THC. Now, let’s compare Wax vaping to cannabis oil vapes!


Many types of cannabis create various kinds of Wax extracts depending on its marijuana’s species and extraction method that differentiates its active ingredients and texture during the manufacturing process. Based on the blog A Beginner Guide to Vaping Concentrates, Ashby has mentioned that Wax mostly comes in a softer form that looks like resin but in a semi-solid texture, but solid form exists too. Wax extracts can be known as Crumble, Shatter, or Honeycomb, and Wax is the cheapest and most accessible type of concentrate, especially suitable for new vaping concentrate consumers. It even has other extract names like sap, live resin, or Budder. All of them will melt and vaporize as soon as exposed to temperatures starting from 350 degrees, and ideally active their cannabinoids effects between 380 and 420 degrees.



Wax Extracts General Knowledges


Budder: It has similar potency and texture as Wax. It offers a more robust flavor due to higher terpenes content, which plays a role in determining the cannabis aroma. It comes in a thin glass structure that physically distinguishes between Wax and Budder.


Shatter: Amber color and has glass transparency, and sometimes translucent. Very fragile and easily brittle. Longer shelf-life quality compared to others. Higher potency compared to Bud due to high concentration of THC and packed with many active ingredients. Purer and cleanest type of extract compared to Budder and Crumble.


Crumble: It has many similarities to Shatter, like its production process. The main element distinguishing it from Shatter is that purged oils with higher moisture are used for Crumble. It is less breakable and potent. THC levels range from 60% to 90%.



E-Juice or Cannabis Wax?


Cannabis wax offers a more substantial effect for consumers than vaporized vaping liquid. This substance is produced with a particular procedure called extraction, in which THC is compacted into a solidified matter. The method utilizes solvent (usually butane) to extract THC from the cannabis plant. Then, the remaining solvent will be washed away through an evaporation process by exposing the resulting substance to a high temperature. The cannabis wax can contain up to 80% THC, depending on how the process goes. Consumers will get a stronger hit because it is the thicker form of cannabis compared to liquid e-juice. As explained, cannabis wax contains a high concentration of active ingredients (such as THC) that consumers can enjoy. This elevated potency also translates to a pungent flavor for the consumers as no other elements impede the taste. Moreover, wax vaping is the subtle approach to consume cannabis more intensely without leaving a noticeable smell for other people. As a result, people would not even be aware that you have your dose of cannabis in the daylight. Compared to carrying a dab rig, the small form factor of a wax vaping device is much handier and does not look conspicuous at all. In fact, the wax vape pens in the market are designed to look like real pens.



Cannabis Wax Consumption: Dabbing or Vaping?


There are two common ways to consume cannabis wax: dabbing and vaping. Both methods aim to turn the cannabis wax into a vapor form that the consumers inhale. The dabbing method uses a dab rig, a tool consisting of a glass pipe and a nail attached to it. The consumers will be required to heat the surface to place the cannabis wax before enjoying it. The downsides of dabbing are its operation intricacy and the need to initiate high temperatures, which may endanger the consumers, as Ashby mentioned in her blog post. For these reasons, vaping is the preferred method to consume cannabis wax. The vaping device manufacturers have embodied everything into a tiny wax vaping device that is operable with a single touch of a button or inhalation. The heating coil in a vape will replace the manual procedure of heating the Wax.


The experience of vaping wax is comparable to vaping flower but with a lower temperature to avoid the overburnt taste. In terms of flavor retention, Cilicon Solo Vape Pen features a temperature control mechanism that allows wax vapers to easily adjust the heating temperature to the optimal degree to achieve their preferred vapor taste. Aside from its compact size that makes it portable, it is relatively safe for cannabis consumers as well. Wax vaping can preserve the Wax longer than dabbing. In particular, a tiny bit of Wax can last consumers two to three hits as vapers will only require a small dollop of wax into the oil chamber. This advantage translates to a financial surplus for wax vapers. Not to mention, they do not have to buy the more expensive and chunky glassware the dab rig is.

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Wax Vape’s Market Position


According to Industry Report Shows Massive Growth In Concentrates Market, Despite Safety Concerns from The Dales Report, Siebert mentioned that concentrate-based vape pens had gained much popularity compared to dried flowers. The sales data shows that the demand for cannabis concentrates, including Wax, grew by 40 percent in 2020. However, this increasing trend of cannabis wax has raised some issues, especially related to the risks that come with its production. As stated previously, the butane hash oil solvent’s flammable characteristic creates a risk of explosion. More dangerously, many wax consumers have also been trying to produce cannabis wax at home. Due to the insufficient and improper facilitation, not only does it prone to explosion, but the DIY Wax could also still contain toxic contaminants, such as leftover butane, pesticides, or even carcinogenic properties (Mullins, 2021). Thus, it is advisable to consume Wax from a trustworthy manufacturing partner who has the ideal facility.

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Cilicon is one of the best cannabis atomizer manufacturers that consumers can trust in the cannabis market. Even though most of the vape products that are currently displayed are indeed inapplicable for cannabis wax; yet, if the texture of cannabis wax is smooth and liquified, the kind of Wax is possibly atomized by Cilicon vape pens. Nonetheless, with over a decade of experience, Cilicon can produce any cannabis vaporizer product designed explicitly for Wax vaping through the Cilicon ODM platform that offers customizable solutions. Your requested products are made with precision and high-quality materials, such as using a refined ceramic heating coil invented under Formatrix™ technology with medical-grade stainless steel to heat the Wax optimally to produce consistent puffs. Cilicon can even have products made with a high-precision industrial design, including a fine frosted sandblasted and anodized outer layer. These features are only some of Cilicon’s detail-oriented product refinements aiming to enhance the overall cannabis consumer’s vaping experience.


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