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Blog 丨 2023.01.17

Unveiling Pertinent Factors Influencing THC Vape Consumers’ Purchase Decisions

The cannabis vaporizer industry has constantly been developing since the legalization of cannabis in multiple states in 2018. The impact of this milestone is the increasing number of demands on cannabis consumption, which directly impact cannabis vaporizer purchase quantity. As one of the modern tools to effortlessly feast on cannabis, the cannabis vaporizer has won many consumers’ hearts. The way it transforms cannabis oil into vapor with a touch of a button and direct inhalation allows cannabis users to skip all the upsetting parts of preparing their cannabis before consumption. Cannabis in vapor form also works like magic for those seeking instantaneous experience. Inhale and feel the desired impact in the blink of an eye! The compact body of cannabis vaporizers is also an all-time favorite characteristic as it puts the cannabis consumption lifestyle in discreet and portable mode.

From the perspective of a business owner, the potential of a cannabis vaporizer brand can be tempting yet full of challenges. The competitive nuance in the cannabis vaporizer industry can only get harsher and harsher. Therefore, it is essential to answer this question: ”how can I come up with a strategy to attract cannabis consumers to go for my cannabis vaporizer brand?” Understanding this fundamental aspect, Cilicon aims to help you build your brand presence by diving deep into the factors influencing the consumers to land their hands on your cannabis vaporizers, including their repurchase decisions!

#1 THC Vape Price

Price is one of the most important factors that influence one’s decision to purchase. However, depending on the categories, each consumer segment possesses different behavior against price. For experienced cannabis users, the price is relatively inelastic, meaning that the demand hardly changes due to the increase or decrease in price. Meanwhile, when it comes to cannabis vaping rookies, they are more sensitive to price. This also applies to youngsters with less income than their older counterparts.

Another factor related to price is the reason for purchase. The cannabis vapers who aim to gain medical benefits from consuming cannabis will be more eager to purchase cannabis vaporizers despite the cost. On the other hand, recreational or hybrid users may hold off buying when the price gets too high for their budgets. It is imperative for you to keep track of your target market behaviors and the changes as you launch your cannabis vaporizer products!

#2 THC Vape Quality

We may all agree that high-quality products are everyone’s cup of tea. While it is ideal, does it mean that all consumers are willing to spend all their cash on high-quality products? The answer is it depends on the quality levels and how cannabis users define the quality of a cannabis vaporizer. Research suggests that medium to high-quality cannabis vaporizers are purchased in greater quantity than low-quality products when the price is constant. This means that keeping your product at a proper standard can be beneficial for your brand. You should avoid your cannabis vaporizers being compared with counterfeits that cannabis users may find in the black market! Failing to maintain your cannabis vaporizer’s quality makes your brand less credible in the eyes of potential customers and may also enact doubt in your loyal customers.

One thing to note is how you identify what your customers are looking for in a quality cannabis vaporizer. Exemplary characteristics that define a cannabis vaporizer’s quality level encompass its features and cannabis oil quality. Cannabis users, especially the experienced ones, may expect their cannabis vaporizers to possess some technological breakthrough to help elevate their cannabis vaping experience. For instance, we can see many recent cannabis vaporizers to embed temperature and dose control technologies, as well as some design innovations to avoid typical cannabis problems such as oil spit-back or leaking.
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While having the additional features can be a major differentiator for your cannabis vaporizer brand, the cannabis oil quality and vaporizing performance are what make customers stay! The suggestion is to discover your customers’ needs and source a unique cannabis strain. Each cannabis strain has different potency that you should consider before pouring them into your cannabis vape device’s oil tank. The ratio between THC and CBD content also plays a significant role in this department. In terms of vaporizing performance, ensure that your cannabis vaporizer utilizes a premium heating core material that can achieve optimal heat. Avoid overburning the cannabis oil as it may ultimately ruin the taste and potentially harm the cannabis vapers in the long run.

#3 Social influences

As you deliver your cannabis vaporizers to the market, you must be aware that not everyone will dig your product! Some may leave spiteful comments, others may cherish your products, and you will also encounter positive criticism. After all, word of mouth is a powerful determinant to initiating new customers to purchase your cannabis vaporizer and reassuring your existing customers to linger. Therefore, you must consider the constructive suggestions from those reviewers or regular consumers whenever necessary. Another important factor is not letting the negative review get to you and focusing on innovating to improve your cannabis vaporizer’s important qualities!

#4 THC Vape Packaging

It may not come as a surprise that THC Vape packaging can influence people’s purchase decisions as the first sight for every product. The design is determined by several considerations, such as branding method, warning labels, creative design, and useful information. Research suggests that a fully branded cannabis vape device packaging appears more attractive to consumers than the plain one. Meanwhile, the importance of design also decreases in line with the increasing age. For warning labels and essential information, cannabis consumers are generally more attracted to those text warnings and information than graphics, which makes it more natural and professional. For instance, medical cannabis users prefer the text version, and recreational users are interestingly inclined toward graphic warnings.
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Get your first order and build your loyal customer pool with Cilicon

Cilicon’s understanding of the crucial factors influencing customers’ purchase decisions makes us your credible cannabis vaporizer manufacturing partner. As a result, we deliver high-quality cannabis vape devices with top-notch materials and features.

Cilicon’s default products are constructed with premium materials. We ensure maximum vaporizing performance by utilizing a special microporous ceramic heating core that can deliver a more energy-efficient heating process with moderate heating temperatures. These sophisticated ceramic technologies can retain a better degree of flavor and are less likely to overburn. Another notable feature is our Oil Isolation™ Technology which relocates the position of oil inlet holes away from the oil tank so that cannabis oil injected into the tank has no entrance to leak. After the capping process is completed, the air inlet holes push through the silicone seal around the bottom of the center tube before it reaches the oil tank to allow the cannabis oil to establish a contact within the ceramic material.
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Are you also looking for a cannabis vaporizer with temperature and dose control functions? We have that available for you! Are you seeking to design a cannabis vaporizer product line that matches your target market? We also have our original design manufacturing team to help create a unique cannabis vaporizer design for your brand, including the packaging ideas fitting your brand identity. Not to mention, we also provide marketing support and materials, ensuring that you commercialize your brand properly and avoid unnecessary backlash. So, let us join hands, and together, we will walk the path to the top of the pyramid!

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