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Blog 丨 2022.10.24

Public Health Comes First: How to Build a Safe Weed Vaporizer

One of the weed industry’s recent issues is the rising number of counterfeited weed vaporizers and adulterated cannabis oil formulations in the market. These products usually do not pass or even go through the standard procedure for public health safety. The notable concern of this problem is how it contributes to causing vape-related illnesses, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing, and gastrointestinal complications.
However, after numerous research, the disease control center finally concluded that these illnesses are actually attributed to one specific additive commonly added to the counterfeited weed vape device. This finding sheds light on the weed vaporizer industry. The question remains how can weed vaporizer businesses recover their tainted reputations in the public’s face. Cilicon curates you some tips on how to carefully thread through your way to win the consumer’s heart once again and more.

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#1 Be mindful of regulatory changes on cannabis

The cannabis-related business is always correlated with constant change in its regulatory landscapes. Only by adhering to the law that a weed vaporizer business can gain the trust of the public cannabis consumers. The primary factor in determining the safety of cannabis oil can be assessed based on its ingredient list. In fact, the state has mandated some requirements that help to protect public safety, such as passing the toxin testing. The primary objective is to catch if there are harmful ingredients, like pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, molds, or bacteria in a weed extract that the consumers inhale through a weed vaporizer.
However, the development of additive variants poses another challenge to the weed vaporizer industry. We can find plenty of newfound ingredients that have not been under the government’s radar while it may potentially harm the weed vapers when being put into the cannabis extracts. Therefore, it is mandatory for a weed vaporizer business to always be mindful of the changes in regulations, ensuring that they are aware of the prohibitions and restrictions at all times.

#2 Stay transparent

Staying within the regulation is one thing, and being transparent is another suggested action. Just like in any other type of business, transparency is essential to earn trust from not just the consumers but also the community. In a business landscape, the surrounding community should be able to envision how your weed vaporizer brand benefits them in terms of products and job opportunities.
Specific to the weed vaporizer business, transparency means that you reveal all your hard work in passing the government ingredient test. For instance, we suggest disclosing the cannabis test results, certifications, complete ingredient lists, and even your partner in manufacturing and distributing your cannabis vape devices. With this credible safety certification awarded to your selected weed vaporizer manufacturers, you can ensure that your weed retailers and manufacturers are pursuing ethical and best cannabis business practices. This essential criterion can easily help weed vaporizer suppliers secure weed consumers’ hearts and have a chance to become a top-of-mind brand on which weed consumers can rest their heads.

#3 Go above and beyond in protecting the community

Satisfying the weed consumers should always be a priority. This does not only include the well-being of the cannabis consumers themselves but also their relatives, who may be clueless about weed vaping. It is important for a weed vaporizer brand to acknowledge two of the most vulnerable demographic categories in a community: children and adolescents.
Although there are many benefits to weed vaping, there is research that has proven that underaged vaping can be harmful in children and young adolescents as it changes how the developing brain functions and is structured. Hence, finding a weed vaporizer supplier that protects your concern on children-resistant features is one of the significant considerations. For example, Cilicon Lit1, has options for cannabis distributors such as implementing child-resistant packaging and child-lock technology applied to your vape pen. This can give cannabis vaporizer suppliers an upper hand to persuade cannabis consumers to choose their brands over competitors.

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#4 Partner up with the right weed vaporizer manufacturer

The initial step to securing a winning partnership is researching your targeted weed vaporizer manufacturer. The suggestion is to rely on both online and offline platforms. By doing an online investigation, you will be able to catch some preliminary information regarding the credibility of a weed vaporizer manufacturer. You may begin with searching the products and reading through the reviews to find if there is any news or articles regarding the manufacturer related to safety issues. While offline research is a bit more hassle, it can benefit you by providing more comprehensive insights. In addition, mingling with those experienced weed vaporizer businesses will provide you with real-life business experiences.


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Cilicon Steps Up as Your Trustworthy Manufacturing Partner

Acknowledging this escalating issue in public health safety, Cilicon is determined to deliver the highest quality cannabis vaporizer. To provide this value to our customers, we always strive for premium components and devices to provide the best vaping experience for the cannabis vapers.

For instance, we exclusively source a unique ceramic material for our cannabis vaporizer’s heating core. After passing more than 20,000 usage tests, Cilicon is confident of our ceramic core’s vaporizing safety and performance, which can radiate up to 1,200°C of heat to optimally vaporize any kind of cannabis extracts. In addition, the ceramic’s microporous structure also helps create a uniformed heat that prevents overburnt cannabis oil, which can be hazardous when inhaled.

Regarding child safety precautions, Cilicon comes up with various innovations to prevent children from coming close to and operating the cannabis vape device. First, we implement a discreet and seamless design to distort the children from approaching the weed vape device itself. When this first safety precaution fails, we also applied a twist-and-turn design to render the device inoperable for children. This technology works by featuring a twistable locker at the bottom of our weed vaporizer, which can only be twisted open by applying significant force that only adults can exercise.

Cilicon’s commitment to delivering top-notch weed vaporizers embedded with a bunch of safety precaution features becomes the apparent reason why you need to choose us as your manufacturing partner. With Cilicon, achieve your dream to become the leading weed vaporizer brand!