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Blog 丨 2023.05.04

Promoting Public Health with A Premium Cannabis Vaporizer Device

Cannabis has gained more popularity ever since its legalization in numerous states. This rising trend allows many businesses to explore limitless possibilities of how to consume cannabis. Some of the most sought-after cannabis products are gummies, joints, and vaporizers. Particularly for cannabis vaporizers, research showcases a high growth rate in usage among adolescent users. Statistically speaking, the number of adolescent cannabis vapers rises six or more times compared to the previous month. So, how do cannabis vaporizers instantly become a preferred cannabis consumption tool?
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The trend of vaporizers began way back before cannabis legalization. In fact, the majority of the current cannabis vaporizer users are those that started with nicotine e-cigarettes. Research suggests that nicotine e-cigarette users are forty times more likely to utilize cannabis vaporizers.

Many cannabis consumers incline toward cannabis vaporizers due to their effortless operation. The cannabis vaporizer works by exposing heat to cannabis oil and turning it into a vapor that the cannabis vapers can inhale. It works wonders for those adolescents who prefer to skip the nitty-gritty of preparing their cannabis before consumption. As an added benefit, a cannabis vaporizer is also the perfect tool if a person wants to limit their cannabis consumption disclosure to the public.
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Due to this rising popularity among adolescents, cannabis vaporizer manufacturers and distributors are required to elevate their endeavors to protect this vulnerable demographic. The only viable option for them to actualize this mission is to release premium cannabis vaporizers with high safety measures. So, what factors make a cannabis vaporizer safe to use?

#1 Harmful ingredients-free
In terms of physical outlook, any cannabis oil may appear similar. However, the ingredient list should be a top priority when a cannabis vaporizer brand distributes its products. For instance, some thinning agents blended into cannabis oil are potentially harmful when heated. They can produce byproducts such as carbonyl, a group of cancer-causing substances. Some common thinning agents in cannabis oil are propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. Both compounds produce hazardous byproducts, like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, when exposed to 230oC heat.

The workaround to utilizing the common thinning agents is done by adding terpenes instead. This ingredient helps thin the cannabis oil and preserve the cannabis taste altogether. Another alternative is to use a CO2 cannabis extraction method that can produce a cannabis oil that is thin enough to be vaporized by a cannabis vape device without additional thinning agents.

While some cannabis oil suppliers can walk these paths, others may still use thinning agents for reasons like budget restrictions. As a qualified cannabis vaporizer manufacturer, we can still minimize the risk by producing a device with a controllable heating temperature, which brings us to the second point.

#2 Smart Heating Control Inclusion
One of the must-have features of a cannabis vaporizer is a smart heating control function. An excessively high temperature may initiate byproducts and make the cannabis vapor distasteful due to being overburnt. So, how does temperature control help protect cannabis vapers?

Smart heating control function makes the temperature soar over the normal voltage, providing an excellent and strong vapor mouthfeel. After stimulating vaping, the temperature (or voltage) will decline to the normal voltage and complete the flavor-consistent puff. It allows cannabis vapers to vape at a safe temperature that prevents the heat from rising above the unexpected level. With this function, a cannabis vaporizer brand promotes safety while maintaining the cannabis vaping experience quality.
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#3 Source premium materials
This factor can be daunting for those cannabis vaporizer manufacturers that prioritize affordability. However, producing a premium cannabis vape device can help a cannabis vaporizer brand to establish a credible reputation, ultimately attracting loyal consumers. These premium materials can be prioritized for major cannabis vaporizer components, such as the mouthpiece, heating core, central post, and cannabis oil tank, that are directly in touch with the cannabis oil. Food grade and medical grade stainless steel are recommended as central post’s material since it is hard to react with corrosive cannabis oil or to be decomposed by constant high heat. Food-grade PCTG is also great material for mouthpieces or some oil chambers. Such material has high stability, too, it resists to high heat and corrosive substances without generating extra toxins. In addition, a premium cannabis vaporizer is meant to be able to prevent contamination during the vaporizing process.
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Cilicon is your trustworthy cannabis vaporizer manufacturer that upholds public safety.

As mentioned, Cilicon provides a top-notch smart heating control function that automates a safe temperature setting that can accommodate cannabis oil with different viscosities. Aside from implementing this leading function, Cilicon prioritizes sourcing the highest quality materials.

For instance, we come up with a breakthrough in the cannabis vaporizer’s heating core by introducing the FormatrixTM technology. This technology amplified the premium-quality ceramic materials we sourced by establishing a compact micropore structure. We execute this phenomenal technology by adding Alchrome (Iron-Chromium-Aluminum) FeCrAl electric resistance heating coil and process the materials with a high-sintering temperature of up to 1200°C. Furthermore, to prove its performance, we conduct more than 20,000 tests to ensure that it can deliver a consistent heat distribution, which promotes a cost-saving ability. With this mind-blowing technology, your 510-threaded cannabis vaporizers will be able to sustain the luscious flavor of the original cannabis oil with low overburnt risk, ultimately establishing a heavenly stimulating cannabis vaping experience.
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Aside from an exclusive heating core technology, we utilize a food-grade material for our cannabis vaporizer’s oil tank, creating a contamination-free environment for cannabis oil. To add to the list of benefits, we also design our oil chamber to provide complete visibility on the cannabis oil level with a premium see-through and corrosion-resistance glass to prevent cannabis vapers from getting a dry hit.

Our cannabis vaporizer’s central post also uses the highest-grade metal, 316L stainless steel. Unlike any other metals, the 316L stainless steel has a higher resistance to corrosion and high temperature, which is a perfect match for a vape device that constantly produces heat. In addition, the letter “L” indicates that it is a low-carbon version of the regular 316 stainless steel, posing less risk for carbon precipitation into the cannabis oil and vapor. Cilicon also goes above and beyond to prove this theory by ensuring that all of our central tube components pass the heavy metal tests.

With a superior temperature control function and materials sourcing, Cilicon can guarantee that our 510-threaded cannabis vaporizer is one of the safest options available in the current market, helping our partners to stand out in their journey to fulfill their corporate social responsibility to protect adolescent cannabis vapers.

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