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Blog 丨 2022.12.16

Why Should You Choose A Cannabis Vaporizer with Mesh Heating Coil for Live Resin & Live Rosin?

Cannabis vaping has been showing a rapid growth in the last few years. Vapers seek more than just a cannabis vaping device to achieve the mere goal of discreetness and convenience. They are more obsessed with cannabis vaporizers that can render various purest flavors along with a comfortable vaping experience. As Brian MacIver, a senior cannabis insights manager for Chicago-based analytics firm Brightfield Group, states, “These consumers are looking for more potent products and are willing to spend a premium for them.” Cannabis vapor that contains more terpene, cannabinoids, and other active ingredients enables people to experience a more authentic and pristine taste from cannabis oil. And that’s why live resin and live rosin – the foundation of producing the most natural and flavorful cannabis concentrates have become a desirable trend recently.

live resin and rosin

Nowadays, people expect a higher quality and potency cannabis extract as the essential requirement of consumers’ pursuit of natural flavor and the actual effect of consuming cannabis. Both live resin and rosin preserve the intense amount of resin from the cannabis plant as their buds are frozen right after harvesting from the soil. The careful process aims to retain all effective molecules from the original cannabis plants so that people can genuinely feel them by pairing them with a suitable cannabis vaporizer. On the other hand, a perfect cannabis vaporizer that could completely transmit those molecules while fully restoring all their flavor and aroma from the precious live resin and rosin is crucial. Otherwise, it will be redundant to consume the two kinds of costly cannabis extracts without achieving their optimal flavor and aroma potential.

Inserting Exclusive Mesh Heating Coil – Elaborate and Functional

Therefore, which part of the cannabis vaporizer is essential for transmitting and recovering the original effect and flavor from cannabis oil? Or how do we pick the right cannabis vaporizer to match the live resin and rosin perfectly? A cannabis vaporizer with proper internal structure and other ideal components can offer an unimpeded and comfortable vaping experience to help elevate the taste of the cannabis extract. The heating element in the cannabis vaporizer is the heart which controls the flavor and potency level of the cannabis vapor. In short, a lower temperature within the heating element will result in a more flavorful and quicker vaping experience. On the other hand, the larger area of the heat source (the heating coil) within the heating element, the more consistent flavor it produces.

practicle ceramic

A mesh heating coil, as the heat source from the heating element, requires a lower temperature and possesses a more extensive heating area to vaporize all the effective molecules for any cannabis oil perfectly. The matter meshes heating coil is in line with popular cannabis extracts like live resin and rosin. They need a well-engineered heating element to achieve their natural flavor and valuable potency.

Now let us break down why mesh heating coil can boost vaping quality and help release all the active ingredients more efficiently.

Full Vaporization Level Up the Flavor Consistency

Burnt taste is a common phenomenon that vapers often suffer from flavor inconsistency. A burnt taste is caused by heating elements overburn the cannabis extract continuously under high temperatures. This issue gives customers a burnt mouthfeel and flavorless sensation, irritates users’ throats and mouths, and finally obliterates the original terpene elements in live resin and rosin.

A traditional helical heating coil is embedded in the ceramic conductor. It performs a robust heating method to heat the entire ceramic, which has a higher chance of overburning the ceramic conductor if there’s no sufficient cannabis oil in it. In contrast, the mesh heating coil has a contrasting method to thoroughly heat the ceramic heating component and make the heating process faster.

reoregin vs. Traditional

The mesh heating coil is intentionally enlarged and fully welded to two sides of the hollow ceramic cuboid. This revolutionary heating coil is designed to significantly increase the efficiency of heat utilization by making every part of the ceramic conductor evenly heated, allowing the temperature of the outmost surface to emulate the internal surface within the shortest time possible. Also, it assists in avoiding the chance of ceramic embrittlement caused by concentrated heating on the same spot. Most importantly, the intricate mesh heating coil design promotes a flavor-consistent and instant vaping experience.

Low-Temperature Vaporization Achieves the Ultimate Original Flavor

Live resin and rosin value are determined by their potency and the availability of natural active ingredients. The cooler ceramic heating element can help to release their effect and original flavors comprehensively. As the mesh heating coil covers more surface of the heating component, a lower heating temperature – decreased heating temperature by 30% enhances the overall vaping performance with less heating time and retaining more terpene molecules. The unique low-temperature setting successfully achieves an instant and more consistent vaping experience while preserving all the natural flavors from cannabis oil.

Hollow Cuboid Made throughout the Ceramic: Unimpeded Vaping Experience

In the heating component, the solidified cannabis oil and condensations would clog the central post as the ceramic ages after the vaporizer is used after a while. Users are recommended to preheat their device and let the solidified substance dissolve to dramatically influences the comfort of cannabis vaping. However, newcomers often mistakenly consider the phenomenon of clogging a device malfunction, which leads to unnecessary waste of devices and cannabis oil and may also negatively influence brand reputation.


The innovation of hollow cuboids in ceramics successfully overcame these predicaments. The oil molecules in the central post cannot clog the cuboid channel. In the redesigned hollow shape, the oil molecules are unstable when they are adhering to the surface of the hollow cuboid compared to other cylindrical hollow designs. So the cannabis oil molecules are easily broken down when airflow goes through them, providing a smooth and superior vaping experience with robust smoke.

Perfect Combination Brings out Amazing Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology – Cilicon® Takes you to the Next-Level Cannabis Vaping

In order to restore the intense potency and natural flavor of your pricy live resin and rosin, Cilicon® has successfully adjusted the heating temperature on the ceramic to the optimal level – decreasing it by 30% for live resin and rosin compared with traditional heating temperature, and pairs it with the creative mesh heating coil with a very precise heating surface to evenly cover the entire hollow ceramic surface. This incredible engineering avoids ceramic overburning and embrittlement phenomena, which could destroy the terpene elements and inhibit the cannabis oil from bringing out the most original flavor and aroma. Lastly, with the new design of the ceramic heating element, Reoregin™ now has optimized the instant vaping and natural cannabis flavor at an unprecedented level while also extending the device lifespan.

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