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The Dangers of Counterfeit Cannabis Vaporizers

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 14, 2024

counterfeit cannabis vapes

Have you ever purchased any counterfeited cannabis vape? Or it is even possible that you did not realize that you have bought a counterfeited product. The question is, what are the drawbacks of using counterfeits? How to spot the counterfeit cannabis vaporizer? Many people may think that the product works the same to vaporize the CBD oil based on the physical indication. However, people do not expect the dangers that come with it.

counterfeit cannabis vapes

The Dangers of Counterfeit Cannabis Vaporizers

1.Component’s quality of counterfeit cannabis vaporizers

The primary problem with a counterfeited cannabis vape is the components’ quality. This questionable quality makes the vaping device more fragile and more likely to break faster. For instance, the crucial part, like the heating coil, may not last as long as it claims and malfunction without the vaping consumers realizing it. The poor-quality metal used to build the heating coil and lead soldering make the device dangerous when exposed to high temperatures. The lead solder will produce toxic chemicals that will risk the cannabis vapers’ health. The heating coil breakage may as well cause the device to explode. Concerning the risk of explosion, a lousy battery contributes to this risk. When it does not come to it, a rechargeable vaping device with a low-quality battery may stop working as it does not chargeable anymore. There is also a risk of unstable temperature during usage that may burn the CBD oil more than the cannabis vapers expect. This condition could be harmful to those who want to consume less cannabis under health issues (Vaporizer Chief, 2021).

2. Health Risk from the counterfeit cannabis vaporizers

Another risk for the cannabis vapers who use counterfeited devices is the CBD oil ingredients. Based on research done in 2020, the counterfeited cannabis vapes contain multiple respiratory toxicants in the CBD oil. The toxicants include a solvent-based chemical found in pesticides, metals, and biodegradable polyester. Scientists stated that continuously inhaling this chemical may cause health issues, such as chest pain, nausea, diarrhea, and other lung injury-related effects. In more severe cases, the chemical will negatively impact the cannabis vapers’ central nervous system (Kix, 2021).

The grave dangers above drive Cilicon to remind all cannabis vapers to be cautious of counterfeited cannabis vaporizers. Hence, there are some tips to identify counterfeited products as these products may not be visually distinct from genuine ones.

How to Spot a Fake Cannabis Vaporizer?

The cannabis vaporizers manufacturing industry is also aware of this problem. Therefore, many manufacturers print out authenticity codes on their vaping devices’ outer packages. The cannabis vapers could quickly put the code on the manufacturer’s website to confirm its authenticity. If the code shows up, consumers can safely assure that it is not a counterfeit. However, it becomes a red flag when the code has been checked more than once. There is a possibility that the code has been replicated. Aside from focusing on authenticity codes, cannabis vapers could also attentively walk through the packaging to identify any oddity. There is a slight chance that consumers notice typos and inconsistent content between the packaging and the device. The cannabis vapes are probably assembled under unrigid construction, have unaligned stickers, and suffer from other quality issues (Vaporizer Chief, 2021).

Avoid Unrealistically Cheap Cannabis Vape in The Market!

The pricing aspect is also essential to discuss. The unrealistic pricing should alert cannabis vapers to avoid a product. There is a big chance that this super cheap product is a counterfeit. It is common in many industries that manufacturers usually set a price floor for their products. This regulation is to avoid unfair competition between one distributor to another. Cannabis vapers are urged to compare the price on the manufacturer’s official website if they don’t get the cannabis vapes directly from them. Nevertheless, it comes to another point that it is always advisable to get the cannabis vape from official retailers. Consumers should always research the seller they buy their cannabis vapes, including its online reputation among the vaper’s community (Vaporizer Chief, 2021).

Know Your CBD Oil

Cannabis vapers also need to look at the content of their vaping devices, which is CBD oil. A good-quality CBD oil should have high viscosity and be gold-colored. If the CBD oil is orange or darker, the CBD oil may be fake or has a poor quality that is not standard. The vaping device is also likely a counterfeit if the CBD oil moves too fast inside the CBD oil chamber. A fast-moving oil means a low viscosity, which should not be the characteristic of CBD oil. Another important aspect is that there is no moving bubble within the CBD oil. The CBD oil should have static bubbles instead of dynamic ones (Perfect Vape, 2019).

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Where to Get Authentic Cannabis Vapes

The best way to avoid counterfeit cannabis vaporizers is to source cannabis vaporizers from trustworthy vaporizer manufacturers with ISO Certification who are committed to the highest level of quality practices. Their cannabis vaporizers go through ISO quality management standards in most critical business processes like manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution, information security, safety, environmental, laboratory testing, and customer service to ensure the quality of cannabis vapes manufactured. Cillicon is pleased and confident to present the market with the finest authentic cannabis vaporizers compared to non-certified ISO manufacturers.

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