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Bloom – The Original Enthusiastic Cannabis Aficionado

Company: The Bloom Brand

Sector: The Cannabis Industry

City: Los Angeles

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Solution: Cilicon Designed TM




Many people are passionate about cannabis. Unfortunately, not many have the grit and determination to turn mere enthusiasm into a successful venture. Thus, the group of Cannabis Aficionado has decided to establish the Bloom Team to provide consumers with high-quality, clean, safe, and consistent cannabis products and experiences.


Bloom Team describes themselves as the “team of passionate Cannabis users and borderline weed-snobs”. They are not just a group of cannabis lovers to share cannabis with everyone, but they are also capable business practitioners working very hard within the cannabis-growing, trading, bud-tendering, and extraction field. Bloom Team has proven their skillsets in capturing the clients’ needs effectively. This has been made possible as the members of the Bloom Team are also part of the consumer group of the Cannabis market. Therefore, they are equipped with a competitive advantage by understanding the situation from both customers’ and producers’ points of view.


They started from a single warehouse unit in Southern California. However, they have expanded their business to six states in the United States – California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. Based on Bloom’s financial report, the company has reached a revenue of USD 11.4million (Businesswire). Despite the stellar performance in the past year, the aggressive growth still remains within the company. They have the drive to share the benefits of cannabis while staying true to their original root in respecting and honoring the culture of Cannabis plants.


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Bloom Surf



How CILICON Designed™ helps Bloom to realize the product insights to stay ahead?



Bloom’s concept of their business practice has always been “From Plant to Pocket,” and it sets the cornerstone in developing the original taste of the cannabis plant. They use a gentle and clean extraction method that does not sabotage the live terpenes before finalizing them to become the Bloom Live Strains, leading them to success and popularity.


Bloom has been driven to share the knowledge with those interested in learning and understanding the flavorful cannabis resin experience. However, there are two issues when it comes to the cannabis resin experience. First, the issue with the curious and beginner vapers can be intimidated by its complex flavor. However, the issue is apparent to the seasoned vapers as they might get troubled with the finicky variables. Therefore, Bloom has concluded that Disposable Pen is the best overall choice for both beginners and experienced vapers as they are user-friendly devices in general.


CILICON® as Bloom’s partner, has years of product and technology development experience on Disposable Vape Pen designs and solutions to allow Bloom to stay ahead of the rest of the competition. Through CILICON Designed™, our team has assisted Bloom to develop and improve their Bloom Surf in just a span of two weeks. It is the custom-made disposable vape pen introduced through the collaboration of CILICON® and Bloom that boasts the feature of perfect temperature, resistance, and airflow through every ‘hit’.


The Perfect Disposable Vaping Solution is driven by Technology



CILICON® was able to collaborate with Bloom in such as short period due to our experience and innovative technology in customized vaping device products. Through CILICON Designed™, CILICON® provided Bloom with a wide variation of Vaping devices models and many customizable variables in colour, logo, oil chamber, and mouthpiece material, including other industry-standard design aspects to support our clients in succeeding through the competitive disposable vape market.


The Surf was designed based upon the Skateboard ergonomic model, making it portable and sophisticated design matches Bloom’s “From Plant to Pocket” ideology.  The slim-elegant structure coupled with a soft-touch rounded silicone surface allows vaping enthusiasts the optimal comfort and grip. Furthermore, the semitransparent dark grey mouthpiece provides see-through visibility for users to observe the internal structure, and the process of Bloom Live Strains vaporized smoothly. It is crucial to keep in mind that the design is not the most critical aspect for Bloom to choose CILICON as their partner. It is due to CILICON’s expertise in the most advanced vaping technology and detail-oriented product development team coupled with the flexibility we remain to our partners, allowing the best vaping experience to match Bloom Live Strains’ enthusiasts.

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Bloom Live Strain emphasizes the taste of terpenes through the vaping experience rather than vaporizing it for the sake of trend or peer pressure. CILICON® has designed the perfect solution through its patented Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology coupled with the dual airflow Duair™ technology. Formatrix™ Ceramic is made of high-quality raw ceramic material to achieve minimum flavor changes during the heating process. Furthermore, the heating process is faster due to its small size, and it produces dense vapor than many other vaping devices. To match the heating technology, CILICON® product engineers have decided to use a 190mHA battery and improve its electrical resistance to maintain a constant and stable temperature. Hence, the original flavor of terpene can still be retained using the appropriate atomization technology.


CILICON® has always committed to contributing the maximum effort in pushing the boundary to improve the users’ vaping experience from various aspects. The Bloom Surf utilizes the latest CILICON’s breathing actuated technology – Duair™ Technology to solve the persistent clogging issue in many vaping devices from another manufacturer. Furthermore, with this technology, the conventional position of the cotton filter from both sides of the tube has been replaced with the central tube to effectively reduce the oil splashes during the vaping process.

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CILICON Designed™ is the platform that provides robust product customization for Bloom. It is very effective to help the company decide the suitable product design and technology that they would like to apply to achieve the best vaping experience according to the customers’ liking. Therefore, CILICON® has successfully designed a new disposable vape pen – Surf to assist Bloom in improving their product line and penetrating the new market territory. Bloom has maintained their quality and remarkable vision for the cannabis industry since 2014. We are proud and honored to be a part of Bloom’s success in pursuing its core values to reality.