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Blog 丨 2022.03.01

Pod Vape: Your Compact and Simplistic Vaping Device

Do you feel like your cannabis vaping device is too big and troublesome to carry around? To address this issue, many vaping device manufacturers have been pursuing the pod vapes market. The primary difference between this type of vape and others is its compact size, which provides ease and convenience. The minuscule size comes with the benefit of low vaping oil consumption that results in less vapor production. This characteristic is especially suitable for those cannabis vapers who just started or wanted to avoid an excessive vaping lifestyle. The pod vapes are usually less complicated to operate and maintain for day-to-day use.


The notable drawback of pod vape is the smaller battery capacity that comes in line with its tiny size. The modest oil chamber on the vaping device may also result in more frequent purchases compared to the tankier model. If we see it from a different point of view, the pod vape can help brands improve the customer loyalty. It creates that the need to replace more often will urge consumers to buy more pods.

FLARE X1 : The Pod Vape that is Full of Features

Cilicon+ always aims to fulfill the needs of every consumer. Cilicon+ designed FLARE X1 for those consumers who love compactness, simplicity, and thrive for unbridled vaping behavior. However, what makes FLARE X1 your perfect pod vape? Cilicon’s product research and development department has meticulously embodied FLARE X1 with high-quality materials and features that will give the consumers the best vaping experience.

The Solution to Maintaining Cannabis Flavor and Reducing Oil Waste

A truly marvelous creation by a group of ground pioneers, FLARE X1  is equipped with an oil isolation technology that will prevent oil leakage occurred from oil inlets and maintain the terpene profile in CBD oil. During the vaping device assembly, although the oil inlet is sealed off by outer heating system, the assembler possibly encounters failure in the oil filling process because of the exposure of oil inlets. In addition, the oil inlet will be a bridge to connect the outside oil tank and the inside central tube, which may lead to excessive air flowing into the oil chamber. The chemical in the air may alter the CBD oil’s chemical composition.


The oil isolation technology solves the issue by isolating the oil inlet from the oil tank, which places the oil inlets in the bottom of oil tank to thoroughly avoid the oil leakage happened in oil filling process. The new design separates the device’s inlet hole from its CBD oil chamber, stabilizing the internal air pressure. As a result, the assembler will be presented with more time to fill the CBD oil chamber without worrying about a oil leakage occurred from the oil inlet. Not only does this technology preserve the CBD oil’s quality, but it also prevents the CBD oil from leaking or spitting out of the chamber due to pressure change. It is all known that the oil waste will increase the variable costs and become more hassle when it comes to cleaning it.

vape pod flare x1

Special Heating Material for A Special Vaping Experience

The heating coil in Cilicon’s vaping devices, including FLARE X1 , is made of high-quality ceramic materials paired with a medical-grade stainless steel heating wire. Cilicon+ called it the Microfeel Technology that allows a more efficient energy consumption and optimal heating temperatures that spread out evenly to vaporize the CBD oil. As a result, the consumers will enjoy a uniform amount of vapor that tastes premium at most times as the stabilized temperatures will also prevent the CBD oil from being overburnt. Combined with the oil isolation technology, the consumers will be surprised by how consistent the flavor they will taste each time they take a hit on this pod vape.

Precision is The Key to Maximum Customer Satisfaction

The small form factor of FLARE X1  is designed to be ergonomic so that the consumers can hold and operate this vaping device with maximum ease. FLARE X1  features two ways of activation, either through direct inhalation or with a touch of a button. What if the consumers forget to tap the power button off while getting away for a while? Cilicon+ has contemplated this issue and equipped FLARE X1  with an auto-off feature. Not only does this feature help the consumers to preserve their vapes battery, but it also prevents children from inhaling the vapor that may have accumulated during the time the user left their vapes on inadvertently. FLARE X1  is also visually pleasing for anyone as Cilicon+ offers a broad spectrum of color choices for those who love popping colors, like gold, or neutral shades, like black or white.


Each part of this pod vape is carefully thought of to ensure the consumers’ supreme quality of vaping experience. Cilicon+ believes that every little detail adds values that build complete customer satisfaction. FLARE X1  is definitely the perfect blend of an elegant design and user-oriented features.