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Technology 丨 2021.11.27

A Subtle V shaped™ Design in Flat Vape Pen: No Waste, No Loss

Help You To Consume The Last Drop Cannabis Oil

Oil waste is one of the main problems in flat vape pen in vaping industry. After successfully injecting the cannabis oil into the flat vape oil chamber, consumers may expect to use up all the injected cannabis oil and enjoy the vaping experience as long and efficiently as they can. However, the problem in a traditional oil chamber is the oil residue on its surface.


The type of oil used in cannabinoid vaporizers is hemp oil that is high in viscosity. In other words, most kinds of hemp oil have a sticky consistency that makes it difficult to flow. When placed on a flat surface, the hemp oil will also move in a random pattern. Another noteworthy characteristic is that hemp oil will solidify when exposed to low temperatures or stored too long. As a result, the injected hemp oil has a high chance of getting jammed and becomes difficult to atomize. Additionally, the solidified oil drop would lead to a sticky and annoying vision effect, which affects the customers’ vaping experience.

V-shape flat vape pen.jpg


A Subtle Structural Design Based On The Gravity

To answer the problem above, Cilicon innovates by introducing the Vshaped™ design. What is it? While the Spacxfill™ technology prevents oil spilling during the injection process, our V-shape design helps to ensure all the injected cannabis oil is used up entirely. The V-shape design is a restructure to the shape of the standard oil chamber by taking the basic principle of gravity to our advantage. Our R&D team brilliantly designed the bottom surface of the cannabis oil chamber to be V-shaped instead of the regular flat surface. This slightly attentive design ensures that when the oil Is heated, the remaining oil will naturally flow into the intake hole by following the sloping shape of the surface. We take pride in stating that we have solved the hemp oil residue problem that troubled many consumers in the past. Since the introduction of the Vshaped™ design, people will enjoy all the cannabis oil to the last drop.

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In short, the Vshaped™ design of the oil chamber offers two main advantages. Firstly, the sloping shape of the oil chamber surface allows the cannabis oil to be atomized optimally. The consumers will be left with a residue-free oil chamber. The ability to drain the cannabis oil completely will increase the consumers’ satisfaction by not being tricked into buying atomizers frequently. Last but not least, the consumers will be able to enhance their vaping experience altogether. The smoothness of the oil displacement is felt even when the cannabis oil is about to run out.


Turning the vision into reality, Cilicon has applied this revolutionary VShaped™ design of the oil chamber to two of our new disposable vaporizers called VISIONand SOLO.