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News & Events 丨 2022.08.15

The Cilicon – Vape-Jet Partnership: A Matchmade in Innovation

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An Exciting Partnership


Today, Cilicon® is delighted to announce our official partnership with Vape-Jet, a U.S. based company of vape cartridge-filling technology and device. As a global provider of cannabis vape hardware, our team has strived to bring to the industry the best that vaporization technology, design, and manufacturing has to offer. By joining forces with Vape-Jet, Cilicon® wants to take our commitment to innovation to the next level. This partnership will deliver a smart integrated product solution that saves our customers time and cost while providing them with top-notch service.


Our Shared Mission and Commitment


At Cilicon®, we are dedicated to cannabis vape technology development and hardware manufacturing, with over 13 years of R&D experience and 700 patented technologies under our belt. Combining a robust technology platform and customer-centric market trend analysis, we aim to empower cannabis brands with diverse and innovative hardware solutions that will set them apart in a highly competitive market.


Vape-Jet’s mission to provide their customers cutting-edge, transformative solutions match our own. Since their founding in 2018, Vape-Jet has managed to achieve this through rapid product development and software-driven design. Their premier vape-filling automation technology is complemented by proactive product support and data analytics.


Work Smarter by Working Together


Both Cilicon® and Vape-Jet recognize that in the cannabis vape industry, our customers’ needs are varied, driven by constant shifts in market trends, policies and regulations, and purchasing patterns. Through our partnership, we hope to work smarter by working together, addressing these needs in our one-stop solution.


What our customers can expect:


• Perfect Synergy

By combining Cilicon’s and Vape-Jet’s areas of expertise, we will bring an end-to-end vape cartridge services from hardware to vape-oil filling and capping process. Our direct partnership ensures the most cost-effective manufacturing solution, minimizing delays and unnecessary red tape.


• Customization in Every Step

Thanks to our partnership, our customers have greater control over hardware design and vape-filling technology. You can opt for the OEM mode of Cilicon-designedTM hardware or the ODM mode of Cilicon customization to maximize product exclusivity. Then, Vape-Jet offers the choice between a fully-automatic Vape-Jet or semi-automatic Jet Fueler vape filling to fit your needs.


• Focus on Customers’ Needs

Through the alignment Cilicon® and Vape-Jet’s market analysis, continuous innovation and targeted product services, we can cater to your production conditions and manufacturing needs, anticipate possible issues and come up with the most efficient solutions.


• Our Hardware Guarantee

Thanks to our teams’ joint effort, our customers can rest easy knowing they are guaranteed full hardware compatibility and standardized operating procedures.


“The partnership with Vape-Jet is a brilliant strategy to provide a well-rounded product solution for all cannabis brands. We offer the industry’s not only most innovative vaporizer product design and manufacturing, but we also supply clients with powerful data-backed oiling equipment and operating systems to reduce the time and financial budget for industry practitioners.”Chris Lin, CMO of Cilicon®


Our Success Story: Fernway’s Traveler Collection



Fernway Vape.jpg



The partnership between Cilicon® and Vape-Jet have already resulted in a real-world success story, with this month’s release of Fernway’s new Traveler Collection.


Fernway, a Massachusetts-based cannabis oil and hardware provider, wanted to launch the first recyclable all-in-one cannabis vape in the state. As a loyal Vape-Jet client, they reached out to the vape-filling technology experts to help deliver the ultimate hardware. Vape-Jet then enlisted Cilicon’s renowned design and manufacturing capabilities in the project.


Cilicon® and Vape-Jet teams brought our A-game to this endeavor, designing and producing a custom filling solution that allows Fernway to fill the new form-factor devices just as efficiently as the standard 510 cartridges. Better yet, the partnership managed to save on delivery time, allowing Fernway to shorten the launch schedule of the Traveler Collection by 6 weeks.


Fernway has raved about Cilicon® and Vape-Jet’s partnership, singling out our excellent customer service for “proactively working with us to improve our product and processes.” They also praised our swift, technology-driven effort to diagnose and resolve new issues.


Our customers can rest assured that we will bring the same customer-focused innovation and smart integrated solution to your products.  We at Cilicon® and Vape-Jet look forward to our continued partnership and what it can bring to the cannabis vape industry.


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