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Blog 丨 2022.06.07

Clog-Free Pod-System Cannabis Vaporizer is No Longer a Mere Vision

Settle with The Best Cannabis Vaporizer Airway Design, Choose Wisely!


There are two main device activated ways: button activation and inhale activation. Button activation is easy to manipulate and it is one of the most classical ways of a machine to respond to consumer commands. However, for the cannabis atomization industry, inhale activation seems to be simpler and more convenient. It is convenient to integrate the product design without the need for an additional button on a compact body. Inhale activated devices are more economically efficient to manufacture than button activation ones.


One of the most crucial cannabis vaporizer’s components is its airway tube. It is the pathway where the vaporized cannabis oil flows from near the heating core to the cannabis vaper’s taste buds. The competitive nuance in the cannabis vaporizer industry has demanded the initiatives to diversify the airway tube component in a cannabis vaporizer. Let’s discuss the three primary air pathway designs dominating the cannabis vaporizer market! Each airway mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages that you want to consider while determining the design choice of your cannabis vaporizer.

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1. The Conventional Single Airway Design


Single airway design has the most straightforward mechanism, in which all the air or vapor in the pod-system cannabis vaporizer flows only through one central tube. You can effortlessly find heaps of cannabis vaporizers from various brands in the market utilizing this design, including the eminent CCELL cannabis vaporizers. So, what contributes to its popularity? The design does not require elaborate mechanism comprehension and trouble-free implementation, making it the most affordable airway design. Another upper hand of a single airway design is that it reduces incoming air that confers to producing a rich and intense vapor taste that will satisfy all cannabis vapers.


Despite all the benefits, the single airway design also comes with a downside. The implementation of this design can be a double-edged sword as it merges atomization and activation into a signle channels. It is well-known that the cannabis vaporizer is at high risk of encountering the cannabis oil clogging problem, once the air path clogged, the air cannot circulate and therefore cannot trigger the switch to drive the device, then the cannabis atomizer will not work.


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2. The Deflection Airway Design for An Immaculate Pod-System Cannabis Vaporizers


The deflection airway design is frequently applied in a nicotine vaporizer pod. The tendency does not stop a well-known cannabis vaporizer brand, like Cliq Pod, from employing this mechanism in their cannabis vape device. The primary purpose is to enable an immaculate concept in their cannabis vaporizer’s design. How does this deflection air path complement a cannabis vaporizer’s appearance? Instead of displaying a metallic central post as the focal point in the oil tank, the air channel is moved away to the sides of the pod-system cannabis vape device, creating an uncluttered view.


Although the deflection airway design allows for a differentiated value in product design, the exquisite but asymmetrical design exposes its shortcomings to some plausible scenarios:


As a cannabis vaporizer business owner, you should consider whether the benefits of the deflection airway design outweigh its catch.


3. Your Ultimate Clog-Free Airway Design: The Duair™ Technology


Aiming to promote the cannabis industry efficiently, Cilicon® has orchestrated a cutting-edge technology to solve the cannabis oil clogging problem happened in the atomizing air path. Cilicon® is proudly introducing you to the Duair technology! How does Cilicon® execute this mechanization?


Instead of incorporating a single air pathway, the “Duair” technology features two segregated air channels, the vaporizing and electrical breathing-actuated channels. The primary vaporizing channel only vaporizes the cannabis oil from the oil tank through the heating coil and air inlet before releasing the cannabis vapor via the airway. Conversely, the breathing-actuated channel contains a microprocessor responsible for sending signals to the pneumatic switch to control the on and off function of the cannabis vaporizer. This dual setup has shed light on the condensation-caused clogging problem by allowing the cannabis vapers to activate the secondary Electrical Breathing-Actuated Channel to signal the heating core to heat and melt the solidified oil obstructing the air inlet.


Even though the Duair™ technology implementation is relatively more intricate compared to the other airway designs, Cilicon® is forever committed to aiding you all the way through! The time and every penny you spent will eventually pay off as you actualize your vision of a marvelous clog-free cannabis vape device!

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Be The Cannabis Vaporizer Market Leader with Cilicon’s Duair™ Technology


Every cannabis vaporizer’s airway design has its benefit and drawbacks to consider. The role of a business owner is to determine which design is the best to implement. Cilicon® is confident that our dual airway design will embellish as your holy grail in creating a prodigious cannabis vaporizer that will promote a bewildering cannabis vaping experience! Our recommendation is to go for FLARE X1 and FLARE X1 Pro, our ultramodern and clog-free cannabis vaporizer, which is the perfect touchpoint between portability and sophistication.


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