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Blog 丨 2023.03.31

Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis Vape Hardware Sales Reps

This is a confession to the cannabis entrepreneurs and brand executives out there: we know how you feel about talking to sales representatives from vaporizer hardware manufacturers. As the people on the other side of that conversation, we understand that it can be long-winded and laborious with seemingly little outcome. The truth is, with a little preparation, talking to vape hardware sales can be a fruitful, collaborative experience. The key is knowing the right manufacturer to work with and knowing exactly how to get what you want from them. If you are unsure on how to do that, we have got you covered—just follow the steps below:

Cannabis Vaporizer Hardware Research

Companies working in the dynamic industry of cannabis and vaping are not a stranger to research. From cannabis market research, technological research, and even vaporizer product research, it is all about getting your hands on enough information in order to make the best decision. Cannabis Vape Hardware manufacturing partnerships are the same—you want to look at the top players in the industry, get familiar with their background, and study their past or existing partnerships. Almost all manufacturers these days have information on their manufacturing process on their website (or at least available upon request). Do not be afraid to ask questions to get a sense of whether their business philosophy and practice match your company’s.

Tips for Choosing Cannabis Vape Hardware Manufacturers and Negotiating Deals

Once you narrow down a few cannabis vape hardware manufacturers, ask yourself what you expect them to do for you—explain their process, provide samples (we will go more into this in the next step), guarantee full technical support, everything you can think of. In cannabis industry, it’s crucial to check the safety and healthiness of each hardware’s material selection after figuring out the standard of qualified material . When you get in touch with the sales representatives, you can communicate—not demand—these expectations or confusions. On the other hand, various technologies on the cannabis vaporizer are available now on the market to solve many common problems like oil leaking, oil clogging, inconsistent flavor and so on. A good sales rep will be upfront about what technologies they have in their products and work with you for your specific solutions.
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Extra tip: do not be afraid to ask for a discount option. If you purchase a high enough volume, manufacturers are usually happy to work out a discount. This is because discounts help build brand loyalty by creating positive experiences that customers appreciate. If you are considering more than one type of hardware or service, ask if there is any bundling opportunities available. Manufacturers love the opportunity to expand their offering and introduce additional products and services.

The Importance of Vape Manufacturer’s Foresight and Market Understanding in the Cannabis Industry

This is a tricky one, but you want to know how good the manufacturer is at predicting what their clients (especially you) might want, perhaps even before the clients themselves know. This means they need to stay on top of market trends, if not directly influence those trends through product innovation. Good manufacturers know changes in demand, consumer behavior, and even social media engagement. They can anticipate potential threats and capitalize on opportunities, retaining or even expanding their competitive advantage. Better yet, they share these insights with your business, advising you on where things may go on the manufacturing side so you can similarly be adaptable. In the cannabis industry, where there is seemingly a new trend around every corner, having the foresight is an invaluable asset.
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The Importance of Sampling Cannabis Vape Hardware Before Purchasing

This might be obvious, but always ask to sample the hardware, preferably in conjunction with your own products. Inspect the battery or power source, the heating core or heating coil (especially what material it is made of), the tank or chamber, the mouthpiece, and any buttons or switches on the devices. Unless you are 100% certain which model you are hoping to purchase, it is a good idea to request a variety of models at an acceptable cost. Evaluate the sample on your criteria, based on what you know about your target consumers’ behaviors and preferences. This is also a good time to identify any potential problems or risks with the hardware and consult the manufacturers on how to avoid or minimize them.

The Benefits of Partnering with Cannabis Vape Hardware Manufacturers and Partnership Offered

These days, manufacturers may offer growing cannabis companies perks, perhaps in the form of training and assistance. For example, Cilicon® has developed the Cilicon® Partner Program, provides exclusive business-building opportunities for our partners. This includes advanced sales and technical training, marketing resources, rewards and promos, as well as access to the most updated products and solutions.
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You can choose whether to be a Distributor Partner, offering products and services as an extension of Cilicon®, a Designed Partner, using existing Cilicon® Designed products to build solutions and services, or Co-Branding Partner, using Cilicon® brand on your products and services. These types of perks can make all the difference to your business—take them into account before choosing the right manufacturing partner.

Cilicon®: A Leading Innovator in Cannabis Vaping Hardware Manufacturing

We are not ashamed to say giving Cilicon® a chance should be at least part of your final step. The following summary should help you have a better idea of our company and get what you want from our own sales reps.

Cilicon® has been empowering the cannabis community with a wide range of innovative vaping devices. The Cilicon® Designed and Cilicon® Partner Program have redefined cannabis vaping hardware design and customization.

What we have:
• 13 years of research and development under our belt to create the most cutting-edge and wide-ranging vaping equipment
• Our resources, including a 50,000+ square meter manufacturing base, 2,500+ skilled workers, and 287+ patents
• Key credentials: Cilicon® passed the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification and ISO 13485: 2020 Medical Devices
What we offer:
• The Cilicon®-Designed Platform, which aims to deliver a cost-effective design solution for cannabis brands
• The Cilicon® Partner Program, which can boost your marketing effort and provide sales and technical training
• Cilicon® adheres to customer-oriented service, strict quality control, evolving production intelligence, and product safety
• Beyond manufacturing and engineering, we constantly integrate design and technology to explore uncharted territories in the cannabis market

So now you do not have to be worried about your next conversation with a cannabis vape manufacturer sales rep, least of all ours! Want to know more about Cilicon®, please go to:

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