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Blog 丨 2022.11.17

Unveiling The Secrets to An Effective Cannabis Brand Website Marketing

A business requires marketing to maximize the commercialization of its products and services. An cannabis brand website helps create an online presence for a business, which can communicate its values to potential customers. Therefore, it is a top priority to create an attractive website and do the website marketing. How can these help a business thrive?

#1 Establish a superior first impression

An attractive website will give your business a chance for people to understand your value proposition and leave a positive impression on the brand. You can imagine a website as a virtual representation of your storefront! Let’s say people are presented with a distasteful storefront. They will likely judge only based on that point of view and neglect the possibility that this business can produce high-quality products and services. Isn’t it a horrifying turnaround?

cannabis vape brand website

#2 Attract target customers

Undeniably, people are naturally drawn to admiring websites. When people visit your business website, you want to avoid them scrolling through and exiting in a blink of an eye because the website is disorganized or badly cluttered. You must ensure that customers stay long enough to absorb all the information on the website. This will allow them to come up with a purchase decision faster.

#3 Build trust for your brand

Creating a business website is not enough! You should go above and beyond to construct an attractive website to help you build your brand’s trust. An effective website is capable of helping you properly “show off” your products and services to convince people that your business is all about customer prioritization. Meanwhile, when you leave your business website laggy and visually unappealing, it will become a backlash as it may reflect poorly on your effort to serve your customers.

#4 Stay ahead of the competition

Viewing from the customer’s perspective, they tend to compare one brand and another before they select the perfect match for them. Therefore, launching an appealing business website will become a plus point that can make your brand stand out among your competitors. This way, you can expect more leads to come your way.

How to build an attractive cannabis brand website?

After we find out the importance of having an attractive business website, how does it actualize in a website for a cannabis brand? Like in other businesses, you need to highlight the unique parts of your cannabis products. You can explore your creativity using different formats, including videos, static images, animation, and texts. Ensure that you deliver quintessential content that communicates your value to cannabis consumers! Now that you understand the objectives of constructing a great website, Cilicon curates some tips to optimize your cannabis business website to reach its maximum potential.

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#1 Incorporate a unique brand name and logo

The brand name you choose can showcase how you want your cannabis products to be perceived in the market. Finding a catchy name is mandatory, but you still need to consider its relatability with your target cannabis consumer category. When you put your brand name on your website, ensure that it is represented by a cool logo that can urge your target audience to lay their eyes on it and ultimately remember your cannabis brand.

#2 Create a masterplan to elevate your brand presence

When discussing branding, it is always advisable to find out what you should or should not implement to attract the right audience. Particularly for cannabis brands, you are restricted from using cartoon-like characters in your promotional material as it may attract children.

Instead, you should stick with mature material that is not cringe-worthy or shallow. We aim to stop the perpetuation of the stigmatization that cannabis is making people dumb. Another suggestion is to stay consistent in presenting your cannabis brand to the public. We encourage you to become a storyteller and reflect your story in all the content featured on your website.

#3 Utilize SEO to boost your cannabis brand visibility

To begin with, what exactly is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization, which job is to improve the chance of your website to appear first in the consumer’s search result while putting keywords in a search engine.
The question is, how can you optimize your cannabis brand website? Different strategies can be pursued to achieve this objective, such as:
● Register your cannabis business to a free listing, like the Google My Business (GMB). This particular platform is dedicated to local businesses. It will show your cannabis company’s name, address, and phone numbers to those consumers who search for queries related to your business, such as “cannabis vape shop near me.”
● Get your cannabis brand listed in a reputable cannabis-related directory. This way, you can promote your brand in the perfect spot with your target audience flock together.
● Utilize social media to engage with cannabis consumers. You can aim to be the top of mind in the cannabis industry by showing expertise through your social media content. Do not forget to put relevant links in your account’s bio to generate traffic to your website!
● Write your blog articles to become a thought leader in the cannabis industry. An excellent cannabis blog article has a clear headline and paragraph structuring, focuses on being informative instead of hard selling, utilizes popular keywords, and contains 450 up to 1,000 words.

#4 Distribute value-adding content

While having a robust content calendar is essential, refining the idea for each content to fit the cannabis consumers’ needs is a top priority. First, you need to dive deep into how your cannabis-related content can help your target audience tackle their cannabis pain points. As a starting point, you can identify the multiple reasons your target consumers consume cannabis. Then, whether it is medical, recreational, or the mix, you can start crafting your content with that baseline.

There will be many more unique characteristics you can dig out of your target customers as you engage with them through your platform! For instance, you can launch a survey to find out your audience’s preferences before your new cannabis product’s launch. You can even launch a simple poll on Instagram to see how they react.
Another angle to pursue is to collect feedback on your content, such as blog articles, by enabling a comment section. Finally, for your cannabis product page, you can give a chance for the customers to leave their reviews to make your cannabis brand seems transparent and credible.


#5 Straightforward yet reliable

A great website should be effortless to navigate. To achieve this goal, you can start building your website with website builders, like WordPress or Shopify, where you need not worry about the nitty-gritty coding. These builders offer various templates that you can utilize to construct a responsive website quickly. However, if you are unfamiliar with design, you can always delegate this task to a reputable website developer. Find one that has a fantastic portfolio!
Although it is visually appealing to have those animated images on your cannabis website, you can set that aside for your first launch and focus on establishing an insightful customer’s journey on your website. Not to mention, you must watch out for your site speed when you put out too many animated elements. Another way to approach this is to discover a reliable web host provider that can ensure your cannabis website is accessible at all times.

Internally, we also suggest integrating your cannabis website with a CMS (Content Management System) to monitor and update the pages on your website whenever appropriate. Some add-ons in a CMS system can even provide you with analytical data you can utilize to improve your website performance.

Cilicon Brand

Cilicon as your end-to-end cannabis vaporizer business partner

We have revealed the secrets to achieving an impressive cannabis brand website and marketing. If you want to shortcut your way into this goal, you can reach out to Cilicon! We provide superior cannabis vaporizer products and a consulting session on how you can achieve your sales target with our vape products. With the marketing materials that come along with our partnership, you will have all the information you need to build insightful content that will win your potential customer’s heart!

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