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To Do or Not to Do Reusing The ‘Un-reusable’ Disposable Cannabis Vaporizers

Updated on December 25, 2023

To Do or Not to Do Reusing The ‘Un-reusable’ Disposable Cannabis Vaporizers

Go Against The Nature of Disposable Cannabis Vaporizers

Disposable cannabis vaporizer is one of the contemporary forms of cannabis vaporizer. As it is named, the disposable cannabis vape device is only intended for one-time use. Meaning it is not designed to withstand long-term endeavors. Cannabis vapers are expected to drain the cannabis oil inside their disposable cannabis vaporizer’s oil tank and toss it away. Despite the crystal-clear product’s instruction, many cannabis vapers reuse their disposable cannabis vaporizer numerous times. Why do these cannabis vapers reuse their supposedly un-reusable cannabis vaporizers? Let’s comprehend the situation!

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#1 Waste No Single Drop of Cannabis Oil

The operation length of a disposable cannabis vaporizer depends on several factors, such as the battery and oil tank capacities. The most significant issue encountered by cannabis vapers is when their disposable cannabis vaporizers run out of battery before finishing off the cannabis oil stored inside the oil tank. This frustrating condition inspires some cannabis vapers to disassemble their disposable cannabis vaporizers and conduct some D.I.Y repair to stretch its lifespan. The primary objective is not to waste a single drop of valuable cannabis oil!

#2 Strive to be Frugal and Eco-Friendly

The most recent disposable cannabis vaporizer has been equipped with a charging port to address the battery issue stated in the first point. Many cannabis vapers utilize this rechargeability feature to turn their disposable cannabis vaporizers into ‘reusable’ cannabis vape devices. Instead of purchasing an entirely new disposable cannabis vape device, they only procure the cannabis oil to refill their disposable cannabis vaporizer’s oil tank. It’s as if they have killed two birds with one stone! These cannabis vapers believe that they can economize on the device repurchasing costs and be environmentally friendly by preventing waste creation.

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Is Reusing Disposable Cannabis Vaporizer Worth the Risk?

The above motives may seem rational and acceptable from the cannabis consumer economic and environmental standpoints. However, Cilicon does not recommend reusing disposable cannabis vape devices for two primary reasons, which are:

#1 Performance Deterioration Reduces Cannabis Vaping Experience

Although the manufacturers may have sourced supreme materials to fabricate their disposable cannabis vaporizers, these materials are still only meant for short-term use. The components, such as battery, heating core, or gas circuit, are not designed to withstand prolonged usage. Once the heating element passes its expected lifespan, it may begin to malfunction and inappropriately expose the cannabis oil to non-optimal temperature. Not to mention, the ceramic core will inevitably experience quality degradation and affect the vapor taste. After being used repeatedly, the disposable cannabis vaporizers may break down at an unexpected time.

#2 Reusing Disposable Cannabis Vape Devices Comes with Health Risk

Besides the cannabis vapor taste, the inconsistent temperature radiated from a degraded heating core may also alter the ingredients of the cannabis oil. This exposes the cannabis vapers to unpredictable health impacts. Another concern appears when the cannabis vapers forcefully remove the disposable cannabis vaporizer’s seal to inject the cannabis oil. While it may seem as if they can reseal it properly, there is no assurance that it is airtight enough to avoid free air flows into the cannabis oil tank. The chemical interaction with the outside air may oxidize the cannabis oil and spiral into a toxic substance. The misfit seal may also give rise to the cannabis oil leakage issue, which is not aligned with the eco-friendly purpose of reusing a disposable cannabis vaporizer.

All in all, let’s encourage all cannabis vapers to stop reusing disposable cannabis vaporizers! Cannabis vaping shall not be a risky activity but is meant to be a splendid experience that offers comprehensible health impacts.

Invest in Quintessential Disposable Cannabis Vaporizer to Ensure Short but Memorable Vaping Experience

It is time to invest in Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vaporizer series to ensure a short but sweet ride. Our disposable cannabis vape devices are designed with the perfect precisions to ensure otherworldly cannabis vaping experience. What are the contributing factors to its greatness?

#1 Rechargeability is A Standardized Feature

All Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vaporizers are rechargeable. The cannabis vapers can rest assured as they can empty their cannabis oil tank at their own pace. This rechargeability feature makes it highly convenient and user-friendly. They no longer need to compete against time and relive the best cannabis vaping experience!

#2 High-Quality Ceramic Core for the Most Luscious & Consistent Cannabis Vapor

Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vape devices feature a microporous ceramic heating core with a temperature control function. The micropores absorb an appropriate and consistent amount of cannabis oil to be vaporized and released uniformly to avoid an overburnt incident. Meanwhile, the temperature control function ensures unvarying vapor taste and avoids over burning.

#3 V-Shaped Oil Tank: The Ultimate Solution to Drain Every Drop of Cannabis Oil Effortlessly

Let’s bid farewell to wasted cannabis oil! The V-shapedTM design of Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vaporizer’s oil tank is revolutionary. The slanted surface ensures that the cannabis oil leftover in the tank will smoothly flow down into the oil inlet without any challenges, making your oil tank spotless.

GLIST 1 Disposable vape

#4 Designed Exquisitely for Maximum Portability and Sleekness 

Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vaporizer looks magnificent on and off the table. For those discreet cannabis vapers, they can slip the compact Cilicon’s disposable cannabis vaporizers into their pockets or even conceal them at the palm of their hands. On the other hand, the alluring design will also stand out among the cannabis vapers crowd!

#5 Environmental product design motivated by Cilicon’s ethics and sustainability

Nowadays, Various industries is moving towards carbon neutrality by using sustainable energy and recyclable materials. It is well known that one disadvantage of disposable product is that they are not environmentally friendly. Cilicon that has environmental responsibility insists to minimize environmental impact as much as possible. In fact, Most of Cilicon’s disposable vaporizers currently employ the material of 100% recyclable aluminium alloy to make the battery housing. And we are going to develop and introduce a high-quality plastic material with 100% recycling possibility as the accessories manufacturing of vape devices in the future. Cilicon will always insist the design for recyclability as an efficiency way to improve the environmental performance of products.

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Climb Up as A Leader in Disposable Cannabis Vaporizers Market

The cannabis vaporizer companies shall put a stop to reusing a disposable cannabis vaporizer trend to ensure the wellbeing of all cannabis vapers. The first and foremost step is to educate the cannabis vapers of all the risks. Next, you can reassure them with a remarkable and safe disposable cannabis vape devices that will blow them away with its brief but breath-taking cannabis vaping experience. With Cilicon’s astonishing disposable cannabis vaporizers and all its goodies, satisfying your customers will be a breeze!

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