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Blog 丨 2021.05.20

Before Launch a 510 Vape Cartridge

510 Vape cartridge, also named as 510 thread cartridge, includes all technologies in a tiny package. It looks simple and easy to make but less is actually more.

Why is it named 510 thread cartridge?

The term “510” becomes a general name for vape pens and their parts. 10 thread at 5mm. Just like the spirit of vaping device, 510 thread vape pen is easy to use in the early stage. Now it becomes an industry-standard product. Almost 99% vaping device manufacturer produces 510 thread vape pen.

Why does the 510 thread cartridge be so popular in cannabis vaping settings?

Like the status of US dollars in international trades, 510 thread cartridges just like hard money in the cannabis vaping industry. From Headset, up to 90%, major cannabis vaping brands promotes 510 vape cartridge up to 90%. It can easily adapt an automatic production line to dramatically increase massive products, which provides cheaper and portable CBD or THC 510 cartridges to end-users.

510 Cartridge Mash Z.png


3 MAJOR advantages make 510 vape cartridge so popular in social settings:


The increasing number of legalized states and countries changes part of traditional stereotypes about using cannabis. Still, many people have an old image of cannabis use.

510 thread is originally from e-cigarette but well developed with appropriate ceramic heating coil instead of cotton or wick. The cannabis vaping activities and influence can be concealed by a little smart device.

With a model vaping device, cannabis users can secretly use cannabis extracts without affecting others. It generates odorless but high potent cannabis vapor and also most are able to fit in a pocket.


2.Cross Device Compatibility

Different from a disposable cannabis vape pen or pod system, 510 vape carts can commonly adapt with any kind of 510 thread battery. Especially for cannabis daily users, many 510-batteries are indistinguishable from e-cigarettes. They can use one 510 battery to use countless different flavored 510 cartridges.


3.Dose Management

When you are using a 510 cartridge vape pen, it generally has a transparent window to show the cannabis oil volume. Users can immediately know how many milligrams are left. Besides, when it goes with a timer dose control battery, patients can easily prevent over dose by a timer.


How to select a best 510 cartridge for your oil?

Cannabis oil varies by different extraction methods. A suitable 510 cartridge is the key to gain a brand impression. There are few key factors you have to know before selecting a trustworthy 510 cartridge.


1.Ceramic heating coil 

Not like nicotine vape, cannabis oil is much thicker in current. The ceramic heating coil has better performance in high viscosity cannabis oil. It captures expensive oil without leak and generates high flavor reducibility.

Ceramic heating coil.png


2.Different Shape 510 Cartridges

Since 510 thread cartridges are almost the same in outlook, it doesn’t respectively present your brand image to end-users. Choosing a different shape 510 cartridges can differently recognize your brand from the crowd.

510 thread vape cartridge

Cilicon Cartridge List

3.Reliable 510 Vape Cartridge Manufacturer

As mentioned above, 510 cartridge is easy to manufacture but it is also the most difficult to produce. One of the major reasons is that it is too simple and the manufacturer has to put their technology in standard form. Working with a reliable cartridge manufacturer is the key to gain success. Expect for cartridge, if you want know how to choose the right cannabis vape pen, please check  my previous blog  the ultimate disposable cannabis vaporizer guide .

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