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Vaporizers 丨 2021.10.22

CILICON LIT: The New Kid on the Block

Cilicon proves its resolve to continue innovating in the disposable pen market with the new product LIT.  Currently, the products occupying the marijuana disposable space are characterized by long cylindrical designs.  As the industry strives to meet the demand for larger pen capacity, the cylinders have simply expanded in length, resulting in longer slender stick designs.  From Cilicon’ effort to distinguish its product from the rest of the cylindrical disposable pack, the pocket rocket design of LIT was born.

disposable vape lit.jpg

Cilicon Lit

The Astonishing Experiences from LIT


The forte of LIT’s design does not merely lie in its novelty factor, but rather in the practical benefits that consumers will enjoy.  The first is how discreet and understated the product can be.  Unlike the usual long cylindrical disposable pens, LIT is much smaller and more portable.  Consumers can easily conceal their LIT by holding it in one hand.  LIT would help keep prying eyes away, leaving others to wonder what the consumer is vaping.  And once they are done, they can quickly and easily slip their LIT into their pocket thanks to its petite rocket shape.

smaller and portable Lit.jpg

The second advantage of the LIT design is a superior vaping experience courtesy of its state-of-the-art atomization process.  LIT’s distinct shape allows for a lower airflow sound during suction while retaining the smooth and delicate quality that Cilicon products are known for.  The consistency of the suction is particularly notable, allowing for uniformity of flavor and taste from the first bite to the last.  LIT comes in a variety of sizes to suit every consumer’s need—in addition to the 0.5ml version, the 1/1.5/2ml versions all come with a USB charging port to ensure that the atomization capability is sustainable.  Each LIT is equipped with a 400 mAh battery which guarantees sufficient power.  Fuel is efficiently contained in each device, reminiscent of a rocket engine.  This allows for a large amount of smoke to be produced upon inhalation, which then rises quickly when exhaled.  The cylindrical shape of the suction nozzle and central tube, combined with the rocket-like momentum when the vapor is pumped, makes for a superbly refreshing experience.


Another advantage that LIT offers consumers is in its efficient use of cannabis oil.  The LIT design involves a slight curvature at the bottom of the oil tank, guaranteeing that not a single drop of oil would be wasted.  LIT also uses an expanded version of the Matrex™ ceramic heating core.  The larger the ceramic volume, the greater the amount of oil stored and the less likely that oil would leak, again keeping the flavor and amount of smoke consistent.  Not to mention, there are four oil inlet holes at the bottom of LIT’s central pipe, as opposed to the two holes normally found in traditional disposable designs.


Finally, Cilicon prides itself on providing customers with customizable features and LIT is no different in that regard.  The LIT design allows for a multitude of nozzle types, easily customized to create as many as 510 products.  The battery pole can also be modified to a stainless-steel battery pole for increased durability.  The consumer experience can be siilmarly personalized, as the large oil window design allows them to observe and control the changes in their cannabis oil in real time.

Lit oil tank.jpg


What Customers Have to Say About LIT


A few of Cilicon’ top customers who had the opportunity to try LIT raved about the product’s design and performance.


One customer has sampled many different disposable pens and said LIT was among his favorites.  According to him, the “pocket rocket” had “excellent vapor production; great taste for distillate and botanical terpenes.”


Another customer, a professional product tester, used LIT with a THC extract which “was very VERY thick, and it worked very well.” He praised LIT’s ability to successfully atomize a “very difficult oil” and said the device “shows promise”.


These reviews highlight the superior vaping experience that LIT can offer as yet another innovative product in Cilicon’ line of disposable pens.


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