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Vaporizers 丨 2021.10.25

VISION: A Design Challenge

The cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. States across the US have legalized recreational cannabis use, resulting in constant innovations to meet customer demands. One of the most common problems that vaping products users experience is the unpleasant dry burning that occurs when the amount of oil in the device becomes too low. Without a way to track the amount of oil left in the tank, users only realize that they are low on oil after a dry hit has occurred. However, if they can visually observe the amount of oil left in the device, they can replace it before a dry hit occurs. The Cilicon VISION disposable pen addresses this design challenge by implementing a large oil window design that allows users to observe the color, quality, and amount of oil in their device. With this development, Cilicon continues the trend in the cannabis market towards innovation and openness. The VISION is designed to address the changing needs of cannabis consumers who prioritize efficiency and quality over hiding their cannabis use.

cilicon vision disposable vape pen.jpg

Cilicon Vision

VISION: Sparked by Market Insights 

Several market insights support the prediction that VISION’s large oil window design will likely become a significant industry trend. During the early years of the cannabis vaping industry, many consumers prioritized discreteness and privacy. As a result, most devices available in the early vaping market did not contain an oil window. As social attitudes changed and the public became more accepting of cannabis use, some products began to include small oil windows that allowed users to observe the color and quality of the oil. With VISION’s large oil window, Cilicon embraces the emerging attitude that cannabis use isn’t something that consumers need to hide. While others are still hiding, Cilicon chooses to reveal, expressing our perception of a healthy and open cannabis market.


Chief Product Officer Pan Lee sums up how the VISION utilizes Cilicon’s design expertise and market insights to create a product that will have a significant impact on the market:

“The VISION disposable pen is one of the most exciting products in our upcoming slate of new product offerings. Cilicon has combined more than a decade of accumulated technical advantages in cannabis atomization with new market insights to create an innovative unrivaled product on the market. VISION’s oil window design addresses changing customer preferences in a way that is likely to become an industry standard moving forward. The VISION is one of most advanced representations yet of Cilicon’s commitment to innovative technology, user-friendly design, and safe materials to bring consumer satisfaction to levels that are unmatched in the industry.”



Introducing the Cilicon VISION  

The Cilicon VISION device employs transparent PCTG material to create a large glass-like window that allows the user to see the contents of the entire oil tank. This design provides several benefits that improve the atomization experience. First of all, larger oil windows allow users to determine the color, quality, and amount of oil in their device at any time. This ability allows them to note any changes that could indicate a deterioration of the oil and replace it when they notice it gets low. Second, there is an aesthetic appeal to seeing cannabis oil that many users will enjoy. Users of cannabis vaping devices often emphasize finding oil made from premium strains with particular cannabinoid concentrations. The ability to visualize the vaping experience contributes to a holistic enjoyment of the oil product.


Picture a consumer who has just purchased a new vape pen. The pen is filled with a premium Girl Scout Cookies oil blend, and the consumer is excited to enjoy all the qualities of the oil. Before they take their first puff, the user peeks through the VISION’s panoramic glass window at the translucent brown liquid. They observe that the liquid is slightly darker than many other oils that they have tried, making them even more excited. As they close their eyes and take the first puff, they imagine all of the stages that the cannabis went through to reach their vape pen, from the seed to the budding plant ready for harvest to the lovely-looking oil that is now in their pen. The consumer then laughs and thinks, “they did name this product VISION after all.”

vision vape pen.jpg

Cilicon pictured the above scene when designing the VISION as one of the usage cases the device would encourage. The oil-viewing window represents Cilicon’s commitment to a holistic experience, in which visual aesthetics improve the vaping experience without sacrificing efficiency or quality. On the contrary, the VISION’s oil window improves both the efficiency and quality of the device while still providing an enjoyable visual experience. Several other design innovations complement the VISION’s oil window design to ensure a seamless path between visualization and a rewarding vaping experience.



Beyond the Window: Innovation with Every Component 

VISION’s innovative design is not limited to its oil window. First, the device employs  Cilicon’s patented BioBaleen ™ Module to absorb oil splashes from the tank. The module is designed based on insight from the biological world, mimicking how whales filter big from small fishes while feeding. The BioBaleen™ cap combines the traditional cotton filter with a silicone cap to reduce spit-back by over 99% while maintaining the visual clarity of the oil. The BioBaleen ™ Module combines with VISION’s oil windows to provide users with an uninterrupted and visually appealing vaping experience.


Another component of VISION’s design that contributes to an efficient and problem-free vaping experience is its atomizer. The device employs Matrex™ Ceramic Technology for heating, ensuring a bold and uniform hit with each puff. The Matrex™ ceramic heating core also achieves energy efficiency while preserving the oil’s terpene profile by using a relatively small heating area. When the Matrex™ core is combined with VISION’s larger oil window and BioBaleen ™ module, the chances of anything but a perfectly smooth and full hit are almost zero.


A final contribution to VISION’s seamless vaporization process is the device’s V-shaped oil tank design. High-viscosity oil is slow-moving when it is on a flat surface. As a result, users often have difficulty consuming each drop of oil in the tank, as oil gets stuck within the flat surfaces of the tank. VISION’s V-shaped tank design utilizes the force of gravity, allowing the oil to flow seamlessly into the intake holes of the device. This feature allows users to enjoy every drop of oil in the tank before replenishing their supply. With every element of VISION’s design, wastage is reduced while enjoyment is maximized.



VISION: To Reveal When Others Hide

vision disposable pen.jpg

The VISION disposable pen demonstrates Cilicon’s commitment to an open, positive, and inclusive attitude towards the cannabis vaping market. Customers no longer feel that they have to sneak around with their cannabis vaping, and Cilicon has responded to their changing preferences. Cilicon expects that the continued legalization of cannabis across the US and elsewhere will be accompanied by a continued social acceptance of cannabis use in the life of healthy and prosperous adults. VISION’s large oil tank window design symbolizes Cilicon’s commitment to openness by revealing everything and concealing nothing. With each component, from its innovative oil window design to the technological advancements that enable a seamless and smooth experience with each puff, the VISION represents Cilicon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the vaporization industry.


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